The latest chapter of ” the demon prince goes to the Academy chapter 2 “ is written by Author Ludwig. It is a Korean web novel. Through this novel, the author has presented his imaginary power to us, and also in this novel he mentioned the magical power with so many twists and turns. In this article, I am going to give a short overview of the novel. 

So, for whoever does have not enough time to read the whole novel, this is the exact article for them. Let’s start the story without wasting time.

Ludwig’s characteristic

Author Ludwig’s writing ability is remarkable. He is very focused on his novels. He always tries to maintain fantasy in his whole writing, but there are some ups and downs somewhere. This is a common thing to even a person. Without ups and downs in life, no one can become the hero of his own life story.

Emotional breakdown of the author

Ludwig has shown his cleverness in the characterization of this novel. Every character is very vivid there and this is such a commendable work by the author. 

But in the end, the author Ludwig was unlucky somewhere. He did not expect that something worst like this can happen in his life. He received such a bad comment about his writing. After receiving criticism from his audience, he was unable to control himself. Besides it is his blood pressure started to fall and rise for those bad comments. His body was unable to take this level of pressure and he died at that moment due to high blood pressure.

Turning point of the story

After the death of the author,  the story takes a new turn with new suspense. The mystery starts from here. The author died in real life but he was not ready for it. Now he wants to live his life in his novel. The supernatural things of the novel give him a chance to come back. From here he appears to his knowledge about paranormal activity in his novel. 

the demon prince goes to the academy, chapter – 1 storyline

At the beginning of this chapter – 1, where stated that after death those who commit sins go to hell. They will be punished for their action. Ludwig thought about his death. The reason for his death was elevated blood pressure. At that moment he fills helpless with a few negative comments. He didn’t control himself. After this situation, the author wants to come back and survive in his novel. From here he wants to manage his life until he gets ready to go to heaven. Reaper allows him to go to the demon’s kingdom that one of his novels. Where the demon king is dead already. 

the demon prince goes to the academy chapter – 2 storyline

  • The characters 

Especially in chapters 3 to 5 there are met with many various characters. Like –

Reaper, Reaper’s associate,  Princess Charlotte, Sir Francis,  Darius, etc.

  • Character’s description

Every character is very lively in this story. Ludwig is a novelist. He decides to end his life to read some harmful comments about his writing. He dies because of cardiac arrest due to high blood pressure and he lives as a demon prince Valier Junior in this novel. And the demon king was King Valier. His character of a hot-tempered boy. The character of the Grim Reaper Kim has an important role. Reaper is an agent of paranormal activity. Who wants Ludwig to get his punishment in his for his wrong action own novel. His work is to manage hell’s souls. Who helps Ludwig to live in the demon’s realm as a demon prince. He has a junior assistant also as a helping hand. 

  • The story 

In this chapter of the novel, the author gets a chance to survive in his novel with help of Reaper, who was his friend and assistant of his. The author continues surviving after his death. Ludwig (the author) is the demon prince in his stories but he wants to continue as a normal character. 

He started blaming Reaper for that. The demon king Valier is already dead in battle. There he can’t find any way. Now he is the prince in the demon realm. The king of demons passed away just a day and in his mind, he is looking like a demon now. He has a pair of horns now, wearing fancy royal clothes. And always he used to think that what will happen if the human army caught him now? Because in his novel he ends the story with the demon king dying and the humans’ victory. This paranormal world gives him another life to survive. He tries to learn some black magic to get out of there. The reason was there he was known as the demon prince Valier Junior whom he does not like anymore. 

Reviews and Ratings of the Novel

Readers took this novel in a very punitive way. At the starting episodes,  like – Episodes 1 to 5 of this novel, readers rated this novel “7.3 start/ rating” and they also gave an overall great review. 

In the middle parts of the novel readers started losing interest. But they knew that the author is a Masterpiece in writing. So, they keep patience for the next episodes.

This novel has 180 episodes. In the ending episodes of the novel the ratings also grow higher. In the 180th episode, the ratings touched the bar of “9 stars/ rating”. This is the biggest achievement of any writer’s life.

How to read the main novel? 

Reading the original novel “the demon prince goes to the academy chapter 2”  is too easy for readers. Because the main novel is available online with all chapters clear and serial-wise. The biggest advantage of reading this novel online is that this novel is free to read for all readers. You do not have to pay for it or buy any subscription for it.


The novel ” the demon prince goes to the academy chapter 2 ” is a story, full of suspense and mystery. Ludwig shows his imagination ability in this novel. He gave life to every character with his imagination power. Readers will enjoy reading this novel. It is full of adventure as well as action, and mystery. Ludwig has provided good information about the supernatural world and paranormal activity for readers. I hope this article fulfilled our reader’s queries. If you want any other details information plz let us know by comment.