Meredith Bagans is the elder sister of  Zak Bagans who is a famous American actor. She was not so popular; actually, she has fame because of her relationship with her brother Zak Bagans. She is very friendly in nature and an extrovert woman. Through her younger brother’s fame, she has earned most of her followers.

Who is she?

Meredith Bagans is not a highly popular celebrity mainly because she became popular for her relationship with her brother Zak Bagans who is an American actor. She is a bold and beautiful lady who is attracted to showing her beauty and humility. She tries to keep her professional career. She is now 49 years old. Her birth city is Washington D.C. 

Information about Meredith Bagans’s birth

On 4th June 1974 Meredith was born in Washington D. C. in a respectable family. Her parent has 2 children and she was the older one. She always enjoyed her childhood days with her younger brother. Their bonding is pure and sweet. They grew up emotionally attached and also shared lots of love.

Parent details of Meredith Bagans

Meredith Bagans parent’s love helped her to move forward in her life and achieve all her goals. Larry Vegans father of Meredith Bagans who worked as a salesman in the marketing field. Her mother Nancy June she also a working woman who was a professional interior designer. Her parent always support her which helped Meredith to succeed in her life and career.

Once upon a time Meredith Bagans also faced the separation of her parents. They had a legal mutual divorce, and for this reason, they had a separation between their relationship and their romantic life. Later in this mutual divorce, her mother was married to Thomas Knap. For this marriage, Meredith got her two step brother Sky and Phil.

Educational details of Meredith

Meredith Bagans always try to keep secret all of the details about their education, so that reason her fans do have not enough information about her education. According to some sources we have information that she completed her schooling in Illinois. According to some sources, her secondary education was completed at Glenbard west high school. She was always ignoring the discussion about her previous education with his neighbors and also TV anchors.

The profession of Meredith

Because of her ignorance to discuss her profession and education her followers have no information about her profession. In these matters there she always creates a mystery. She always tries to maintain her Privacy.

The relationship status of Meredith Bagans

Meredith Bagans has a happy family. She lives her life with a beautiful matrimonial relationship. The name of her husband is Michael Mixer. Because she gets herself private therefore they have no information about her marriage date or place.

Motherhood of the Meredith Bagans

Meredith Bagans and Michael Mixer have two beautiful children named Maddox and Morgan. They are very sweet and lovely. As a mother, she also detaches her children from the media.

Net Worth

As for her professional life, she is not a model, not a TV personality also she is not made of a big company. Some sources also inform that she owns $100,000 now.


Meredith Bagans is a family girl and also a family woman. She is always busy taking care of her own life and family. She fulfills all of her responsibilities and does it very well. She has fame because of her brother. She is also a caring mother as well as a good wife. As a person she always tries to keep all her personal information secret.


Who Are the Relatives of Meredith Bagans?

Meredith Bagans hardly talked about her loved ones.

What is Meredith Bagans’ educational background?

It is possible that Meredith attended Glenbard West College with her brother Zak.

The Meredith Bagans family?

The famous sister Meredith Bagans was conceived in Washington, D.C., USA, on June 4, 1974.