Gossip surrounding celebrity couples is fascinating to many. Famous personalities often prefer to marry in secrecy, and so is the case of their separation. The difficulty of leading a private life when you are a known public figure prevails. Therefore, to avoid getting scrutinized over every single detail of their lives many celebrities prefer to lead a private life. 

However, privacy in the life of public figures also raises numerous questions, and gossip mongers tend to assume outlandish facts to quench their curiosity. Such is the case of Mike Fratello and rumors regarding his marriage with Stefani Schaefer. The question surrounding these public figures is, Is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello?

Is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello?

Coming to the rumor about the romance between Mike Fratello and Stefani Schaefer, “Is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello”? A legitimate answer has not been given by either of the public figures. However, it should be mentioned that both Mike Fratello and Stefani Schaefer are happily married. The speculations regarding the rumor are baseless.

Rumor about Mike Fratello

A lot of information is not found about Mike Fratello’s personal life. However, it is known that he is married to a woman named Stefani and has two children with her, named Marc and Kristi. However, despite having a family, Mike Fratello is surrounded by rumored romance. Is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello is a question that the sports analyst has to face regularly.

Who is Mike Fratello?

Mike Fratello is one of the most renowned personalities in the field of basketball having been involved in the field for over 30 years. He has been serving the baseball field both as a coach and analyst.

One of the numerous qualities of this former NBA coach is that he has an eagle eye when it comes to basketball. His sharp knowledge of the game and grip on the intricate tactics of basketball makes him an expert coach. 

Furthermore, his attention to detail regarding gameplay, makes him an excellent coach. His power to motivate players has been proven influential in numerous games. The sports analyst is working at FOX Sports, Ohio. 

Coaching Career of Mike Fratello –

Other than knowing, is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello, the interesting coaching career should be discussed while discussing his life. Following are the teams that Mike Fratello has coached –

  • Fratello started his coaching career at the University of Rhode Island as a graduate assistant assigned to head coach Tom Carmody. 
  • Further, he has taught the University of Rhode Island freshman basketball team. After teaching University of Rhode Island, Mike Fratello coached as an assistant coach at James Madison University.
  • In 1983 Mike Fratello started coaching at the Hawks for seven seasons. Mr. Fratello made a record of 324–250, which made the postseason playoffs five times. 
  • Further, winning the Central Division in 1987 with 57 wins made his contribution important to the team. 
  • Other than that Mike Fratello was named Coach of the Year for his NBA season. 
  • During the six seasons he has coached the Cleveland Cavaliers, he made a record of 248 wins. 
  • However, the highest record of losses during his tenure was 212. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Mike Fratello took the Cavaliers to the playoffs four times.

Mike Fratello was the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, wherein his tenure with this team was till 2006. However, during his short tenure, he made sure of colossal positive changes in the team. This helped them to win 40 games and advance to the playoffs. 

Additionally, Mike AFratello was able to build a record the following year. He won 49 games and returned to the playoffs for a second consecutive season.

In 2011, Mike Fratello officially started coaching the Ukraine national basketball team, wherein he was made the head coach. Further, after the successes Mike Fratello made sure of, for Ukraine, including the first-ever FIBA World Cup appearance, of the team.

Who is Stefani Schaefer?

Stefani Schaefer is one of the most well-known female figures in basketball. Stephanie is a sports broadcaster, who is rumored to be having an affair with Mike Fratello, the former NBA coach. However, no evidence has surfaced to confirm this alleged rumor.

Stefani Schaefer is not someone who shares a lot of her details with the media. Her appearance in the public eye is limited within her field of work. Hence, much light cannot be cast regarding her private life. Similarly, the question is Stefani Schaefer marrying Mike Fratello has not been answered by this sports broadcaster.

It should be mentioned that the media is aware of Stefani Schaefer’s marital status. She is married to Roger Schaefer. The couple took marriage vows in 1998 and still are together. Roger Schaefer and Stefani Schaefer are blessed with two children. Sena and Race are the names of the lovely offspring of the sports broadcaster. 

Professional background of Stefani Schaefer

Stefani Schaefer is popular as an anchor. The Morning Show is the best assignment of her life and she gained maximum popularity. Here is a brief note about her professional career:

  • She got “Ohio’s Young Woman of the Year” award
  • Stefani Schaefer worked with FOX8 since 1992 and took a break after some time. Again she returned in 2005.
  • Presently she is hosting the FOX 8 News show, The Morning Show
  • She was also a host of different fashion events
  • In Universal Studios in Orlando, Stefani hosted a national show


To conclude, the alleged rumor is Stefani Schaefer married to Mike Fratello is farce and does not hold any genuineness. Both the public figures are happy with their family life and hold a professional relationship with each other.