Long narrative prose in literacy is called a novel. A writer creates a novel with imagination and experience. If the experience is the sketch then the writer’s imagination gives it colour. 

Today we are going to discuss a novel, which is all time favorite among readers. It is ‘My Necromancer Class Novel’.


When it comes to readers’ preferences, Adventure, and thrill stories are readers’ favorite choices of all time. My Necromancer Class Novel is the kind of novel, which makes equal feelings and space in the reader’s hearts. The magical elements, suspense, and thrill make the story more interesting. In this brief article, we are going to discuss the novel. Here you can find all the important information about My Necromancer Class Novel that you should know before you read the novel. So that, you can understand if this novel is for you or not.

Author of “My Necromancer Class Novel” 

 An Australian author named Aero Revian wrote the novel My Necromancer Class. Aero Revian is mostly famous for his dark fantasy stories. In Aero’s writing, we can see elements like black magic, magical realism, fantasy, monster, etc. Aero Revian is also known as, Aero182. Aero Revian’s other popular novel ‘A Vampire Visits’ is also popular among readers.

The Story of “My Necromancer Class Novel”

The novel written by Aero Revian ‘My Necromancer Class Novel’ is an adventure thriller novel. The main gem of this novel is its lead character Jay. Jay struggles to complete his mystical journey, he faced many difficulties. He wanted to establish himself through all the odds. When Jay turns 18, wants to achieve the mana conduit, but in the adventurers guild, Jay could not approach the mana conduit. He failed to touch the magical stone. Throughout this time, he realized that he have some abilities. He is a necromancer. He can raise the dead and make them fight on his behalf of him.

Eventually, Jay meets Anya. The daughter of Michale. She becomes Jay’s partner in his adventurous journey. Jay gives training to Anya. With the guidance of Jay, Anya becomes powerful and skillful. Both of them fight many battles with many dangerous monsters and win. Through his journey, Jay becomes more powerful. He gained more other abilities through many fights. 

In course of time, Jay realizes that he is the biggest threat to the entire world. He realized his power, raise the dead and command them to fight for him. When he wants someone to be dead so that he can owe them under his control, he became the villain in the story. His envy for one nation becomes a threat to the rest of the world. His aggression for more power and magic will destroy the world.

The novel tells us, how someone becomes blinded by power and be a threat to the world. This novel is about an adventurous and thriller story. It is a story, of how a weak boy becomes a strong powerful man, in the journey of his life.

The main characters 

Many characters appear in the whole novel My Necromancer Class. Some characters’ roles are very little on the other hand several characters’ roles are extremely important in every part of the novel. Here we are gonna discuss some of those lead characters in the following –

1. The heart of My Necromancer class novel ‘Jay’ 

Jay Hart is novel’s the center of the novel, the focus always keeps our excitement tightened. He was an orphan. His parents abandoned him when he was very young. He was raised in a small town, as a butcher. At the beginning of the story, he wants to end his butcher’s career and become an adventurer. He was always focused on taking the class of swordsman because till he was young, he spent a lot of time with sharp knives. He is used to it. As time passes, Jay became stronger. He wanted to follow his passion in life in this direction. But things in his life did not happen the way he wanted them to happen.

At the adventurers guild, Jay could not touch the mana conduit. After failure, he learns that he is a necromancer. Who can raise the dead and make them fight for his command? Because of his power, we can see all over the novel, Jay is surrounded by many dead animals. As time passes, Jay gained more abilities like power restoration and healing. 

2. The second lead character ‘Anya’ 

Anya is another character from ‘My Necromancer Class Novel’. Anya Jay’s partner is an adventurer like Jay. Anya is the daughter of the adventurers guild master, Michale. 

Anya is a pretty, intelligent, and beautiful-looking girl. She is skilled in the crossbow. Anya gets her training from Jay. At first, Jay could not rely on her, but soon after she wins Jay’s heart. Anya always stands for Jay in every battle and fights with monsters. She even helps Jay with her skillful fighting styles and valuable advice.

3. The merchant ‘Bertram’ 

Another character is Bertram. This man is a merchant of weapons. He is an old man and he is a great foodie.

Bertram sells useless weapons. And he sells those for a very high price. Bertram keeps many magical and valuable swords and weapons. But he didn’t sell them. But our lead protagonist Jay finds out about this, Jay finds the real valuable weapons and takes them from Bertram. 

Bertram has a servant, Hess, whom he owned for his lifetime. Hess serves Bertram, he is bounded by the quintessence of contact with his soul. Hess can not escape from this agreement from his entire life. Even if he commits suicide, he has to serve Bertram in life. 

The books/parts of ‘My Necromancer Class Novel’

Aero Revian’s novel, My Necromancer Class is an adventurous and thriller novel. All time a favorite among readers. After the release of the first book of this novel, the reader’s positive response makes the author come to more chapters of this novel. The author named the first part of the novel My Necromancer Class – A Born Threat.

My Necromancer Class Novel included 9 parts in total. Here are all the parts mentioned in the following – 

  • Part 1 – A Born Threat.
  • Part 2 – The Fated Monster.
  • Part 3 – Undead Craft.
  • Part 4 – Vile Experimentation.
  • Part 5 – Lamp Carrier.
  • Part 6 – Alone.
  • Part 7 – Infestation.
  • Part 8 – Captive.
  • Part 9 – Hungering Depths.


Aero Revian’s My Necromancer Class Novel is a world-class creation. All over the world, readers love this novel. This novel completes all the needs a reader wants from a novel. There are adventures, and suspense that give the readers thrill and the magical realism and dark fantasy make the story much more interesting. There are so many action scenes, that the author describes very beautifully, that one can engage with the characters of the novel. The dark magic, fantasy, thrill, and adventure make the novel ‘My Necromancer Class novel’ so much different from other novels. Every mystery and adventure makes the story more interesting. If you want to taste some different kinds of novels you can look for My Necromancer Class Novel.