It is about a very interesting novel named Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler. People mostly like this story and prefer to read dramatic and Romantic Stories. In this novel, there are so much drama and mystery from her family but still, there is a romantic story about her relationship. We are looking into this story about Princess Renia, who struggles with her mental Issues at a point but still, she is very focused on success in her life. So let’s get ready to start her story and hope you like it and read it till the End to fulfill your queries.

What about the Novel?

The novel “Crazy princess Renia spoiler” is an imaginary novel.

  • First time published in 2019.
  • The Novel have 6 folders with details.
  • There are 20 chapters in the Novel.
  • The author of the novel is Asura Lin.

Those points are giving scenes that, the Novel is too long to read. So, if you do not have enough time to read the whole Novel then u can read this article to know thoroughly and in detail the main concept of the Novel in short.

Biography and Family members of Princess Renia

The story is about  Renia who was a princess of her Kingdom which was on the first day of the new Century. Renia was born gifted with beauty, power, and a wealthy family. She is the daughter of King Mushroom and Queen Lenia Genovese.  She has a brother named Prince Philip. princess Reina’s aunt’s name is Lydia and her Husband (princess Reina’s uncle) is named Colonel Roelkar.

The most secret twist of Renia’s life

Our heroine discovered a most secret plan in her childhood and in that situation she had no idea how to deal with that. In confusion, she exposed the secret plan to the king (her father) to save him.

The mysterious plan

Her mother planned to throw out the king of his power and take it to her.

As a result, after exposing this, princess Renia started to rule the kingdom with her father. Every people loves Renia but is still afraid of her Craziness.

  • To know about the reason why people were afraid,  keep reading.

Some more special pieces of information

Princess Renia shows weird behavior sometimes. She can be unbelievably passionate which is attributed to people. She was annoyed at her abnormal thoughts. If You are interested to listen about her strange behavior, then please read the following are given below.

 Relationship Status

Renia has such very bad luck in relationships. She tried to get connected with some people but every time she failed. She tried several relations but not a single relationship worked for her. Every time it seems that no one stayed for the rest of her life. She just wants a romantic relationship which can complete her.

After getting so many failures, she thought that she has been cursed and that’s why she is not able to find a permanent person for her.

But still, there is a twist. She found her king in an Unexpected situation. To know how and when keep reading.

The journey of princess Renia

Renia started to find the main reason for her mother’s death. She always knows that her mother did something wrong but she wants to find out what her mother did and to whom.

When she was on her way to find the reason she met with many various people, some of whom were such a blessing. She found an interesting and strange person who is a magician, named Asura but also many people were a true comparison to the devil.

In her journey when she grew up, her feelings for Duke Clovis were also growing. He had spent quality time with the most beautiful princess in his eyes. That were such beautiful memories for her. This story is bounded by many turns, twists, and reveals. Princess Renia wanted to marry Duke Clovis. She thoughts that will be a peaceful memory in her life.

Why our princess Renia was suffering?

Her Story begins when she was so young and she was brought up in a well-developed family. Princess Renia had tolerated intolerable suffering for her mother’s death.

After that, she started a new journey to find peace with her mother’s memories. This story is full of Romance and suspense. Renia discovered her identity and she found that Duke Clovis tried to kill Lenia Genovese. Duke threatened to marry her at one point. Lenia Zenov also met with Asura Lin and then she discovered some facts about her life.

Crazy princess Renia also suffered from some mental issues. Princess was born on the first day of the First century in her Kingdom, and this story is about emotional and also an exciting story. She had a very rich powerful family and It will be a very irreplaceable fortune in her life. She still has intolerable trouble tolerate for her mother Lenia Genovese. In a situation, the little girl went out to prove that her mother was innocent, without knowing anything.

Why our princess became a “Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler”?

Let’s see, who is Princess Renia Spoiler?

Renia is the princess of the fontina Empire. She had some mental issues but she was not bored by her strange habits.

She married Duke Clovis. After marriage, she thought that finally, she will be happy but her she had some mental stress and she was mentally suffering every day. She started to overreact with anger and frustration.

She was called the Crazy Princess Reina Spoiler because of behaviours of her which was so much disgusting. She started bullying other people and harassing them about their weight gain and defects in their bodies. Even she started commenting on people’s disorders. Whenever she harasses people, she became very happy.

She is not realizing that her behaviors make her a cartoon character “Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler”.

Two different sides of princess Renia

  • The “Bad Side”

Princess Renia was a very uncommon princess in any other kingdom. She had various nicknames But she was Truly crazy, that various reasons from her story. Her reactions of anger like throwing clothes, shoes, etc. that the princess could not control.

  • The “Good Side”
  1. Her beautiful habit was she can Cooke very well.
  2. She loves to cook for her friends and her pet pig.

The oddest Behaviors of Renia

At some points, some odd behaviours that sight of which kept everyone scared and worried, like she had pants on her head often and eating bananas from her ear, this was such endless and weird behaviour going on.

The evil motive of the princess and her brother

There are many creatures in the kingdom of Princess Renia, but they are not more strange than the behaviour and actions of the princess herself. Her brother named Prince Philip is the most important character in the story. Whoever helped to bring down his sister, the princess always support her.

 Their evil motives were to bullying people and make the insecure about themselves and knock down their confidence.

Which Creatures can be found in the kingdom?

Crazy Princess Renia was famous for her love of animals and her kingdom. She has a group of strange creatures.  Here are the most important and famous of these animals in the kingdom of the crazy princess.

  • The Three-Headed Dog

Princess Renia has a three-headed dog. The size of the dog was as same as an elephant and the dog has 3 heads. The dog is too loyal to Princess Raina like a best friend and considers to be her guard. He attacks everyone, who tries to harm her.

  • The Fire-Breathing Dragon

The Dragon is another loyal friend of princess Renia. It has a power of fire with breadth. This power is enough able to melt any steel. This is such a dangerous animal. The dragon always likes to fly around the three-Headed dog. This was one of the most powerful animals in the kingdom.

  • The Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is one of the giant sea creatures.  This Giant animal lives in the kingdom of the crazy princess. The giant squid has very strong power that has a superior ability to crush any ship easily and it is the size of a big whale.

The story of  “Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler”

  • Childhood Journey

Princess Renia was from a wealthy family. So she had no shortage of anything from the beginning. In her childhood, She found her mother’s evil motive. After that, the sudden death of her mother shocked her. She was mentally imbalanced at that time. She tried to find the reason for her mother’s death. She just wanted to prove her mother innocent at any cost.

  • Teenage journey

Her relationship status was not so good. She was very unlucky in relationships. She gave so much effort in every relationship but still, no one stayed to the end. Her failures were making her so disappointed.

After growing up she has fallen for Duke Clovis. She married him and expected that finally there is the end of her struggle. But her mental issues were also growing with her day by day. She became crazier and she started abusing people so badly.

After the whole story, princess Renia is such a strong girl who can deal with everything. Even she is so comfortable with her issues and able to find herself in every situation no matter how bad it is.


This story is absolutely for every people, who love innovation and want to discover new worlds without leaving their comfort zone. Crazy Princess Renia is a cherished e-book that offers a delightful perception of Princess Renia’s life.

I enjoyed Renia’s crazy life story and I hope our readers will also enjoy her craziness and the fun parts of this article.