In this article, we will know about one of the most successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons Mr. Eric Weinberger’s Wife. We will know her name, biography, relationship story, career, and as much as possible. So, don’t miss the flow of this article if you are really curious about Mr. Eric Weinberger’s Wife but the most interesting part of this article is you will get to know about Mr. Eric Weinberger also through her wife’s biography. On the other side, it seems quite natural that the lady is in the spotlight because of her marital status. 

If she hadn’t married Mr. Eric Weinberger then she might have successfully created her own spotlight through her ability but for now, we have curiosity about her only because of her husband for sure.

Who is Eric Weinberger?

This question is still unknown to some readers. So let’s take a quick look at Mr. Weinberger’s life.

Nowadays one of the most popular public figures is named Eric Weinberger and he was born and brought up in New York but as his family background, he is Korean.

For his career, he chose to work as a sports media executive producer. His love for sports as well as journalism since his childhood. His main contributions to journalism are- storytelling, live producing, and leadership in the media house. 

Name and presence of Eric Weinberger’s Wife

I know you all have a question in mind Who is Eric Weinberger’s Wife? Don’t worry I’m going to define it.

Mr. Eric Weinberger’s wife’s real name is Alexandra Kreisler and by profession, she is working as an accountant supervisor and senior associate for now. 

As we believe that “Behind every successful man there is a woman” like that in the journey of Mr. Eric Weinberger’s success, his wife Mrs. Alexandra Kreisler Always supports and also tries to be a supportive wife to push her husband one step closer to achieving more success. This shows that her presence in Eric Weinberger’s life is incredible.

Biography of Alexandra Kreisler

Let’s take a detailed look at Mrs. Alexandra Kreisler’s lifestyle, like her birth, education, career, profession, passion, relation, family, etc.

  • Birth

Mrs. Alexandra Kreisler, Eric Weinberger’s Wife was born in the heart of New York City, located at the mouth of the Hudson River on 

15th of April, 1972. So, in April of 2024, she will complete her 52 birthday with many shining experiences that made her stronger than the last year. 

  • Education 

Alexandra Kreisler started her educational journey from The Dalton School located in New York City, United States (US). From the beginning of her academic journey, she was such an excellent student. 

After that she completed her graduation from Cornell University, in 1990 with literature, mentoring in English, and minoring in History. 

  • Hobby and passion 

When she took admission for her early education, since that time she realized her attraction for literature and journalism. 

At the starting phase, Eric Weinberger’s Wife joined the editor of her school’s paper and as a brilliant student, she was also chosen as a leader for the debate team. From here her hobby turned into her passion. 

In her college life, she chose to go ahead by following her passion. So, by showing her love for writing and journalism she became a force in the Cornell  Library and the Cornell Women’s Network at Cornell University. 

  • Parents 

Eric Weinberger’s Wife, Alexandra Kreisler was born in a legal luminaries family. Her parents are Richard and Susan Kreisler and both come from LLB (Law) backgrounds it’s means Mrs. Alexandra Kreisler’s parents are lawyers and they both were very strict maybe because of their jobs. 

  • Career 

In the early life of Eric Weinberger’s Wife, Alexandra Kreisler started her career with Senator Edward Kennedy. This was her first working experience. Here she was appointed as a press assistant. 

After gaining experience she changed her job from press assistant to accountant supervisor and senior associate in Burson-Marsteller. This job helped her to manage numerous accounts of employees in different domains, like – healthcare, entertainment, and technology. Her early experience and passion helped her to make strategic communication. 

A quick bio of Eric Weinberger’s Wife

Name Alexandra Kreisler
Birthday date 15th April, 1972
Father’s name Susan Kreisler
Mother’s name Richard
Aga 52 (as of 2024)
School’s name The Dalton School
University’s name Cornell University
Date of marriage 18th October, 1997
Husband name Eric Weinberger
Kids two 
Son’s name Max
Daughter’s name Zoe
Relationship status Married 

The love story of Eric and Alexandra

In 1996 Alexandra and Mr. Weinberger met through their common friend and they felt love at first sight. The couple took one year to make them more compatible and after realizing the magic of the bond they are sharing together, they decided to tie the knot with wasting time.


After continuing the relationship for one year they held each other’s hands for lifetime, on the 18th of October, 1997.

As of October 2024, they are going to celebrate their 26th anniversary through facing many rough and tough journeys with so many blessings. 


Now the couple are truly blessed with their two kids, one son and one daughter. The boy’s name is Max and their little angel’s name is Zoe. 

The scandal happened in marital life

Within a few days of marriage, a dangerous storm came in their marital life and Mr. Weinberger’s reputation.

Mr. Eric Weinberger was trapped through a case of sexual harassment by some of his co-workers. This allegation destroyed his reputable career in just one second, which was created by his whole life’s struggle.

The scandal was initiated by Weinberger’s co-workers named- Jami Cantor, Jennifer Sturgis, and Erika Nardini. These three women filed cases against Eric Weinberger regarding sexual harassment. 

Because of this case, Eric lost his job but instead of facing depression Mr. Eric and Eric Weinberger’s Wife stood against the false allegation and the best thing is after facing every ups and downs they are still living together happily. 


As the bond they share is such a true inspiration for the modern era of breakup and divorce. Even after Weinberger lost his job for that huge allegation Eric Weinberger’s Wife didn’t give up on him. She felt that her 26 years of trust was much stronger than a fake allegation.

She always supported him to come out from the emotional and psychological issues caused by that scandal.The relationship between Eric Weinberger and Eric Weinberger’s Wife shows that trust, respect, and responsibilities make the relationship stronger.