When it comes to finding a new YA series that combines a military school with an intriguing plot romance, Where he learned to take responsibility for his actions and how to grow up. This story is based on the power of love.

Introduction about Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

our tyrant became young spoiler is a new Korean drama which is produced by JTBC. There a young man changes himself into an unforgiving and powerful tyrant from an innocent boy. In the story of his journey, we know about his past, his relationships, and the reason which can make him today’s powerful tyrant. We can know about the power of struggles, loyalty, and morality.

How the tyrant of our story became a young spoiler

One day parents of the tyrant got divorced, which can make him very angry. He started acting in his school and at home. He started to disobey her parents and try to hit them. Day by day he became more violent. He can start fighting with other kids and also adults. He started avoiding everyone or everything. He just cared about causing destruction or chaos.

Therefore, our tyrant became young spoiler became a violent criminal who can be hated by every person around him. His parents leave all hope to him. Also, his friends leave him for his behavior. Now he just has an unhappy life.

The result to become a young spoiler

When you try to spoil things for everyone, there are some results of your working action. Then everyone will start to avoid you. No one wants to live with this type of person who can spoil every action of a TV show or film before they watch it.

No one can trust you with sensitive information once they discover that you are a spoiler. All this behavior is enough to break any strong relationship. Everyone can start to see you as an unfaithful person. At last, when you start to spoil things this can frustrate people who can around you. This can lead to confrontations and controversy. So if you are a our tyrant became young spoiler, be alert of your action before spoiling others’ fun.

What will be happened at the end?

In the end, our tyrant became young spoiler realized his fault, and became young. He started his life again and faced many difficulties in finding a new life purpose, and at last, he decided to be a hero.

He did not want to be a hero at first this season, but as a spoiler, he realized he could use all of his power for good. Then he finds a new reason to live his life and he finds himself a hero. To become a hero, he must overcome numerous obstacles in his life. He becomes a hero in the finale, and the ending is very satisfying.

The reaction of the characters

The all characters in “Our Tyrant Became Spoiler” react differently in the final episode. Some are sad, some are happy and some are scared.

Our tyrant became young spoiler who is the main character is very happy to be able to save his friends and fight against the villains. Tyrant’s best friend Alex is become sad because Tyrant leaves him but in the end, he becomes proud when Tyrant becomes a hero. His girlfriend Sarah is scared when he starts spoiling things but also excited at the end when he starts his new life. All characters in this season become happy and excited for the new life of Tyrant.


The main character of the story is our tyrant became young spoiler. This character is full of twists and thrills. This story mainly informs those who always try to be heroes and not spoilers. Transformation is an important thing in our everyday life.