IntrIntroduction :

“Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler” is a very exciting and romantic novel. It is mainly about a girl who has magical power. She can heal people from pain with her special magical power. This is such a blessing for her but sometimes she gets in trouble for her special power. At the end end of this novel, there is a huge twist with the exchange of her positive and always helpful behavior into a negative behavior. At one point, she realized that she have to change herself and her kindness to punish the selfish people. Some people were very selfish and they are responsible for this whole change in the girl. It seems very clear that this novel is full of too, excitements and I do not want to kill the excitement of our audience by mentioning here the main parts of the novel. To know the details of the magical power, changing story, and everything, go and read it. I hope our audience will not be disappointed with this article.

Description of our heroine :

In the article “Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler” Our heroine is an extraordinary girl who has a special power. Her name is MC Lua. When she realized that she had a special power and she learned how to use that power in that time her mother strictly warned her that she can not tell about her secret power to anybody in any situation. The girl took her mother’s words very seriously and she did not say about her power to anyone.  Sometimes we all want some specialty in us and in some situations we all want to be extraordinary. In this case, the girl already has an extraordinary power but still, she has no ego or attitude toward her power. She always thought that she is a simple girl who has a blessing from god to help other people. She always wanted to make everyone happy and well. She always used her power in such a beautiful and positive way. Even she never thought that when she healing up people with her power in return she is getting their pain and unhappiness. After knowing all this about our heroine it seems that this girl is truly a blessing and got a gift for the people she helped with her power.

Some communications with our audience:

We know that our readers are waiting from the beginning of this article to know everything about this power.

 Like ……

  • What is the actual power?
  • How do to use this power?
  • When she used her power and how?
  • What is the weakness of this power?

, etc. Right  ?…..

We also know that our audience has so many other questions in their mind. So without wasting time let’s talk about the special power.

Let’s talk about the power in detail:

Before starting the story I want to clear a sudden twist in this novel. The twist is that the girl had not one but she had two powers. The second power was a negative pow power and that was not good for other people that was the reason why her character did not support her using this power.

The first power:-

The special power was that the girl can heal people from their every pain. She can fix everyone’s problems. But there was a huge problem with her power. Whenever she healed anyone, the symptoms were transferred to her from that person. That means whenever she helps people from suffering pain in return always she gets hurt or injuries. After getting all the pain back to back, the girl still did not stop herself from helping people.

The second power:-

The second special power was that the girl can deliver the symptoms to the person who was saved by her from suffering from pain.

We know that our heroine was not a selfish girl at all. So she did not use this power on anyone. She just kept this power to herself. She did not want to send people in trouble at any point because of her sweet and helpful nature.

Our heroine suddenly changed into a villain :

The science that day when the girl started using her power. She saved people from suffering but they do not know about that who saved them. She always kept the secret of her power because her mother warned her not to tell anyone about her power. So as usual everyone annoyed her cause she was an innocent and shy girl.

Only her best friend Arian always supported her. He always tried to motivate her when she gets weak from the disturbance. She knew that she can trust him in any situation and he will never let her down.

One day a boy got injured very badly. The twist is that our heroine falls in love with that guy. So when she saw that the boy was extremely injured and was about to die. She used her special power without thought that she will get his injuries. She saved that boy from death but she injured herself.  She was fighting with her life till her last breath. At last, she gets well. She wins her life back. After returning to the normal life she realized that her best friend already took her credit. Arian said to everyone that he saved that boy from dying. The girl was broken after listening to the news. She was not ready to accept that her best friend did this to her. Only he was one who she trusted a lot.

The girl tolerates everyone’s wounds till her last phase. But after getting cheated on by her best friend she just lost her mind. She got very angry and she used her other special power which she never used with anybody. She returned the symptoms and the pain with injuries to him.

In this way, our heroine turned into a villain. We know this was not expected from her. Let’s give us the power to decide for our readers whether she did this right or wrong.

Conclusion :

“Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler” is a great story for our readers. I hope I can clear the whole story in this article. This will really can create excitement for our readers. This story has thrill, excitement, and many twists and turns. I enjoyed writing this article and I am sure that the readers will also enjoy reading “Vengeance from a saint full of wounds spoiler”.


Who was the best friend of our heroine?

Her best friend’s name was Arian.

How many powers did the girl have?

She had two special powers.

what is our heroine name?

Our heroine name is MC Lua.

What her mother warned her?

Her mother warned her not to tell anyone about her power.

Is her power was fully accurate?

No, her power had a weakness.