Do you have an IT infrastructure that isn’t working?

IT consulting is a necessity if you don’t want your company to collapse due to bad IT services. But, IT consulting and IT services are often interchangeable. You use them both to get better services. But they represent different things.

So, what’s the difference between IT services and IT consulting? Keep reading to find out.

Approach Differences

An IT service provider’s main goal is to assist businesses with the maintenance and support of their IT systems. This includes the day-to-day running, the upkeep and service, and ensuring the systems are secure and remain up-to-date.

An IT consultant’s main focus is to provide expert advice on how to improve or integrate IT infrastructure to increase its efficiency. This could mean giving help on new technologies, bringing in new ways of doing things, or setting up and training staff.

A reputable managed IT services provider is focused on the running of the system. The IT consultant is more focused on the optimization and deployment of the system for better results. Businesses can reach the same goal-technological excellence-through both roads, but they do so in very different ways.

Engagement Duration

IT services tend to have shorter engagements, while IT consulting usually needs contracts that last longer. IT services, like controlled services, let companies get help through contracts for a set amount of time. This is typically one to three years.

IT consulting engagements often need longer durations. Strategic consulting projects can last from a few months to many years. These usually embody broader engagements between organizations and their IT partner.

IT services and IT consulting are both valuable components of achieving technological excellence. Organizations should carefully look at what they need and figure out the best way to get there.

Scope of Involvement

IT services and IT consulting are both paths to technological excellence, but they differ in their scope of involvement. IT services refer to more hands-on support, such as:

  • troubleshooting
  • setting up networks
  • managing hardware
  • checking software
  • protecting IT assets

Likewise, IT services also provide training and instruction in the use of specific technologies. On the other hand, IT consulting is a more in-depth service. It includes analyzing, planning, and giving advice on how to use a company’s technology to make business processes better.

Value Proposition

IT services have a more tactical approach and provide services that are:

  • cheaper
  • faster
  • able to be repeated

It includes a wide range of services, such as help desk support, development, network administration, system maintenance, and more. In contrast, IT consulting includes looking at an organization’s overall technology strategy and offering advice to improve its efficiency.

IT consulting usually requires a more strategic approach and focuses on delivering specific outcomes such as increasing sales, reducing cost, improving data security, and developing new processes. The value proposition for IT services is more around delivering ‘better, faster, and cheaper,’ while IT consulting is rarely related to cost and is usually linked to ‘better results.’ 

Choosing Between IT Services and IT Consulting

Technology is the driving force of our world today, and IT services and consulting are two different paths to achieving excellence. IT services provide a range of technology support and technical solutions that guarantee bug-free and secure solutions.

On the other hand, IT consulting provides external advice and expertise on how to use and maintain IT infrastructure and digital systems. So, contact a technology expert today to find out more about IT services and IT consulting and the services available.

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