Cameras are an important part of our life as they help us capture the beauty around us. We love keeping memories as they remind us of our best times. No matter if it is your school pictures or a picture with your family. Memories always stay with us in form of pictures that were captured on different occasions and for that we need a camera. For example: if you are going on a trip the first thing you would want to keep is surely a camera to capture the beauty. But is it really easy to hold the camera all the time? Not really! And this is where the concept of a 3-point slinger came into being. 

The ideal solution for carrying your camera around is a 3 Point slinger. A specific style of camera strap that crosses the body over one shoulder is called a “3 Point slinger.” You may freely move because it is a hands-free type of camera. Using a 3-point slinger camera is simple. This makes it simple to engage in other activities like riding a bike, paragliding, running machinery, etc.

You definitely need this camera holder in your life as it’s challenging to keep your camera in your bag. Chances are that you might miss capturing the best shot because your camera is in your bag. To capture the best shot, you need your camera in your hands all the time and 3-point slingers assist you best here. You can hold your camera with you all the time without feeling tired or burdened. As the slinger is a camera holder strap that acts like a backpack. Therefore, the majority of photographers choose to sling their cameras. because it guarantees the camera’s safety. So let’s bring ease to your life with this informative article about the best slinger that you can choose to hold your camera while moving. 

Here is a list of some best Slingers you can choose in 2022

Best 3 Point slinger for Camera in 2022

 There are some best Point slingers in the market including:

1. Black Rapid Camera Sling

2. Waka Rapid Camera Strap

3. Altura Photo Camera Strap

4. PiuQ

5. Ocim


7. Foto&Tech 

Black Rapid Camera Sling

Black Rapid Camera Sling

Black Rapid Camera Sling is one of the greatest quality camera straps. It has a range of 3 different point slingers for the camera strap which is very useful to the photographer. Black Rapid offers a smooth and reliable slinger that doesn’t hurt your shoulder and is easy to carry. It is the most satisfying camera strap on the market. The pad of the slinger is on your shoulder and the camera slides over a sling. However, the brand offers some basic models for the slinger so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The basic model of the BlackRapid 3-Point slinger for the camera are

● BlackRapid Breathe Sport

● Black Rapid Curve Breathe

● BlackRapid Double Breathe

All type has different features that offer great comfort so that you can easily capture the moment with your loved ones or win the photography championship with your best shots.

Waka Rapid Camera Strap

Waka Rapid Camera Strap

It is another best camera strap after the BlackRapid Camera Sling. You can totally trust this brand which has amazing reviews on their products. Whether you are going on a solo trip up on hills or going with family to a luxury place, a slinger from Waka rapid will keep your journey memorable as you can easily keep your camera with you to capture some best moments.

It has many extraordinary features like a storage pouch present on its pad, you can easily keep a memory card and an extra battery or two, and a front quick-adjustment clip is present through which you can easily shorten and lengthy the camera strap. The clip lets you adjust the length making it flexible for all body types. 

Altura Photo Camera Strap

Altura Photo Camera Strap

Another slinger that comes in the top 3 list is Altura. It is also the best choice for a camera strap. A reliable yet easy-to-afford camera slinger at your service. Altura offers many serious features in its slinger ranges that come in such high quality. The mentionable feature of Altura is a handy hidden pouch present with a zipper pocket in which you can keep your batteries, memory card, and some other stuff. It is used for holding stuff so that you don’t have to carry another bag to keep your phone, charger, or other things.

It also has anti-slip padding present under the shoulder pad which makes sure that the camera is saved even if you are running or hiking. The camera stays safe and packed in the anti-slip padding that prevents the camera from falling saving it from damage. You no longer have to walk carefully while holding the camera as the slinger help you keep it on your back while running.

There were 3 best Point slingers for the camera to keep your camera safe and in your hands all the time without hurting yourself or any backache as the slingers hold your camera and work like a backpack. However, we have some other slingers brands in the market and it would be unfair not to mention them. 

Let’s have a look at them as well.


PiuQ also comes on the list of good camera straps to hold your camera. It comes at cheap prices but the quality offered is great.

Puig is attached to the screw of the tripod that is present on the bottom of the camera. A rubber base is present at the screw-in eyelet which protects the camera body. The strap length is about 55cm, which attaches to the eyelet with a lockable carabiner. A thick padded shoulder strap is settled by an underarm strap. Its shoulder strap is hard to wear. The bad thing about Pinqu is that If one connection is damaged then all equipment also becomes damaged. This means your camera will be damaged so you need to be careful while holding your camera in a Piuq slinger.


Ocim is a bit expensive. It is pretty much similar to Puig. In Ocim, the safety strap is connected to the camera body and slinger strap. As compared to PuiQ it has great safety features which makes it a little bit expensive.

A metal locking carabiner is present on the sling. A padded shoulder is settled by an underarm strap. The adjustable strap has a locking mechanism that prevents the camera from sliding.


Almost all the 3-point slingers are grey but USA GEAR TrueSHOT has some mixed colors. The fixing plate is given a tripod thread. It also has a stabilizing underarm strap. The sling is connected with a lockable carabiner.

Two pockets are available to keep a memory card and other tiny accessories. Its safety features are very disappointing. But one plus point is that two slings are connected so you can keep two cameras or you can keep one extra lens on the other sling.


The Foto&Tech 3-point slinger for the camera is considerable if your camera is not expensive. It has great potential to carry your camera with a claimed rating of 300 kg but other features are just the same as some average slingers.

The camera is attached to a screw-in eyelet. When you want to use a tripod you have to discard it. A locked carabiner is not present so the strap is attached with a snap hook. There is not a single pocket present.

Now that you have some brand on your fingertips to buy a slinger, let’s summarize why buying a slinger is great if you have a camera and are tired of holding it all the time. Let’s look at some of the key benefits.

Benefits of using a 3-point slinger for the camera

Benefits of using a 3-point slinger for the camera

 Some main reasons for using 3 point slinger for the cameras are:

●     Your camera is secured if you carry it in a 3-point slinger and your fear of camera destruction will be overcome.

 ●      It is easy with a 3-point slinger to capture your target quickly.

 ●     With a 3-point slinger, you can easily take your camera anywhere. 

●     You can easily capture whatever you want with a 3-point slinger by doing other activities. 

●     You can keep your essential tiny accessories in the pockets of a 3-point slinger.

 ●     It protects your camera from environmental impacts like rain.

●     It is best for landscape photographers or travellers because it can easily carry your camera and three lenses.

How much is the cost of a 3-point slinger for the camera?

cost of a 3-point slinger for the camera

The price range of a 3-point slinger is between $30-$100.You should try to find out the best 3-point slinger for your camera. Make sure that its quality will is great. Before you get it, check its size, weight, waterproofness, and material. And Get it according to your financial condition. However, you still buy a camera slinger if you are tight on budget with Camera voucher codes. Yes, you heard it right. Almost every other brand offers Camera voucher codes for its customers to shop without breaking the bank. You can really shop for a reliable and effective slinger for your camera using Camera voucher codes that cut off some chunks from your total bill.

Final Thought

A 3-point slinger is the best way to keep your camera equipment saved. They will not only protect your camera from environmental effects but also assure it that it will not be damaged if it falls down. Moreover, if you carry your camera in your hand it will get lots of trouble for you so the 3-point slinger makes you relaxed by keeping the weight of your camera.

It is one of the candid gadgets for camera transportation. Totally great for storing your small stuff. The pockets in the 3-point slinger camera are so helpful for carrying tiny stuff for your short trip.

The slinger not only helps to keep your camera safe but also makes your hands some rest as you don’t have to keep your camera in your hands all the time ultimately reducing the chances of your camera falling down. Therefore, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced professional photographer, you should keep your camera fitted in a slinger.


How to pick the best 3-point slinger for the camera?

Check your camera type first. Knowing how heavy your camera is will help you best to choose the perfect 3-point slinger. Choosing from the brands we mentioned above could also help you find the best slinger. However, always prefer quality over cheap price. Above mentioned brands offer the best camera 3-point slingers that we found after thorough research. Pick the slinger that isn’t too fit nor lose. Well-fitted straps will leave marks on your body and loose straps will have chances to drop your camera.

Can I get a discount on camera slingers?

For sure, you can get discounts on your purchase using discount codes. Almost every other brand offer discount codes to grab their customer’s attention and this is the best shot for customers as you can get the slingers at lower rates. However, you can also bargain on camera with Camera voucher codes that save you chunks on your total bill. Always look for discount codes before shopping. You will find plenty of websites offering voucher codes for different brands.

Are slingers really useful?

Surely, they are. Slinger is very useful especially if you are a photographer. You can’t keep your camera in your hands all the time. Your hands will start hurting and you might miss the best shots to catch. Slingers, basically help you carry your camera hands-free. You don’t have to carry your camera all the time. You can put your camera in the slinger and carry it on your back. Furthermore, there are pockets in the slingers that you can use to keep other photography essentials like memory cards and much more. A 3-point camera slinger helps you carry your camera without hurting your hands or back all the time. If you are a photographer or going on a beautiful trip then having a 3-point slinger is a must.