If you are using a computer or laptop or any kind of system like that, then you must know about and also you must be alert for this malware. This dangerous malware, known as not only can control your computer system, it can also control your stolen data.

If your system is already infected by this then you are in the absolutely right place. In this article I’ll inform all the details about this malware and also for new P.C. users I’ll describe about this malware thoroughly. Like z it’s Definition, how it works,  how you can get rid of it, etc.

What is

This is a domain, which is designed based on Javascript 12. is a RAT (RAT stands for – Remote Access Trojan) malware by VenomSoftX and this domain serves C&C ( C&C stands for – Command and Control) of your system to VenomSoftX malware. Mainly hackers use this malware to steal personal data or information. This is such a malicious malware that can control your computer system without your knowledge and permission.

This C&C works as a central and main point, where the hacker can monitor and control his targets. is also known as cryptocurrency stealing malware because it has the capability to control other’s systems without their knowledge.

How does the malware comes into the systems?

To create an easy and understanding article I’m giving the details in steps. Read it carefully.

  • Step -1

At first, the attacker makes a clear malware as his need for information. Like – exactly which kind of data he needs from the system owner and based on how sensitive data he actually wants, the attacker designs the malware Based on these topics.

  • Step -2

Then he smartly transfers the terrible and malicious malware into a third-party application.

Now the question is –

“What is a third-party app?”

So, let’s give a short summary of the third-party app.

Usually, we use or download apps from Play Store or App Store for mobile phones but when these legal apps do not give us the needed features to use for free and want paid versions or prime versions, most of us go for search of mode app. These types of apps give all paid and available features for free to the users and this mod apps you can find from many third-party websites, which are not fully protected with the Google protection or security system.

The same process goes for computers and laptops. Because we work on same platforms in computer also.

  • Step -3

When any user goes into that website and downloads or installs any application from that unprotected website, the malware automatically takes entry into the selected system.

And now your system has been hacked successfully and you and your data are not safe anymore. Your safety is gone.

Don’t worry everything has a solution in this world, keep reading the article. The main useful information is given below.

Some other options to transfer malware

The main and most used process to transfer malware is to transfer via these third-party applications. But obviously, there are more ways available for those users, who don’t use any third-party apps.

The attacker can also attack through any text message, or WhatsApp message or the user’s system can be infected via clicking on any kind of unknown link.

How does work after installation?

The RAT (Remote Access Trojan) of was designed via commanding language. Without coding domains can’t work. To make a malware you must have knowledge of coding or JavaScript C-Level language.

After completing the installation process of the malware in your system by any chance, means your system is not secure anymore.

Let’s discuss about the after-installation problems.

  • Stealing the sensitive data

This probably could be the main aim of Trojans or malware. Most of hackers use this malware to steal personal and sensitive pieces of information from random people’s computer systems, such as Bank account numbers, user names, credit card numbers, passwords, etc. Also through this malware attackers can get and capture your personal photos, videos, audio and many other documents.

  • Control the whole system

The malicious malware can give the whole access to control the computer systems to the attacker. Attackers can utilize this power to control the systems easily and they can modify, and encrypt documents. Also the in this case attackers also have the power to access the device’s camera and microphone.

  • Encrypt data

Some Trojan malware are designed specifically to encrypt personal data and documents or photos and videos.

After taking this information, the attacker claims huge money amounts or payments to release the encrypted data.

  • Spreading the Malware

Malware can catch up to your device by sending multiple already infected files or also by developing vulnerabilities in your system or Operating system. It can also encrypt other devices by sharing the infected files, knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Corrupted attack

The dangerous attacker can corrupt your files from your device and can also delete files from your system. In this case, malware is mainly used to launch any specific destructive attack.

How do I know my device has been hacked?

I already mentioned that in some cases attacker demands money to release information and in some cases, the hackers ask for an account number or credit card number or password, by saying that they called from the bank. The other and most sensitive way to find out that the device has been hacked is – by noticing that any file is deleted or copied or through multiple malware attacks your system software will slow down for sure. Just keep noticing the difference properly. With these tricks, you can find and keep your security on your own.

How can the victim get rid of

If you want to remove the malware from your device and want to clear your operating system you have to input or install a strong anti-virus malware in your device.

Some other ways to protect your computer software, are given below.

  • Install strong anti-virus software and scan your device properly.
  • After scanning use this software to remove all kinds of threats.
  • Find the unknown or third-party apps and uninstall those apps from your device.
  • Disable all unknown and doubtful browsers from your device.
  • Reset your internet browser and save the default settings.
  • Clean caches from all applications of your device.
  • Reset and Reboot your computer system to delete hidden malware or files.
  • Scan your computer via antivirus software again.

And now your device is safe and secure from dangerous malware. Further don’t install any unknown files and also don’t go to any doubtful browser. At last one more piece of advice is not to allow anything without reading the policy, terms, and conditions properly.

Conclusion is such a dangerous malware and it can destroy your life within a second. In this era of social availability hacking has become trending. So, we have the one and only option to save ourselves is to observe every single situation thoroughly in our life.

In this article, I already told each and every detail about So follow these tips and stay protected always.

If you are really infected badly via this malware and facing so many troubles then with blind trust go to the police station and give them all the details. Our crime branch officers will definitely help you as much as possible.


What is is a malware software or domain. is a legal software or illegal?

This malware is a illegal software.

In which purpose used for?

This software mainly used for hacking purposes.

What is tha main base of

This domain is based on JavaScript 12.

What can this malware do?

This malware can control your computer’s operating system and it can also steal data from your device.