These days, the internet is the key that helps to access all digital services. Without a high-speed internet connection, We can’t perform any online activities. The covid-19 pandemic disease makes the internet more valuable. Because all the schools, Institutes, Offices get closed to stop the serendipity. In this case, if people have no internet service then they can’t manage their work. Due to internet service, they can easily work from home and manage all their work without going anywhere. But a fast internet service is needed. There are lots of devices available in the market. But the google Nests wireless router is the best. It was created by GOOGLE INC. This is the most advanced and multi-functioned gadget.

The nest wireless router performs very well. The device’s shape and size is also too attractive. You can even take this device while traveling. This advanced device comes with a dual-band frequency. 1200mbps speed in 5ghz and 700mbps speed in 2.4ghz. The configuration of this device is also simple and very easy. You can manually do google nest wifi router setup on your device just by reading the PDF. It supports MU-MIMO technology that makes this device more powerful and ensures a stable connection. 

Reasons behind : Google nest wireless router keeps disconnecting

Google wireless router is the best to use in your house as well as in your offices. It has many advanced features that provide you seamless network for your wireless devices. In order to complete the configuration you can use the manual instructions. The configuration process of this router is too simple and can easily be done. It will come with attached external antennas that will transmit the signal over a large area without any kind of issues. The google nest wireless router is the best for your home/office use. But sometimes users will face many kinds of issues like slow internet connection or disconnected network range. 

Reasons behind disconnecting constantly

The google nest wireless router fully supports google assistant. You can easily connect your Alexa device with the router and easily manage and access the settings. There may be different reasons for disconnected issues. You can easily fix the issue by just following the given reasons. Here are some simple steps in order to fix the problem. 

  • Re-position your wireless router. 
  • Properly configure google nest wireless router.
  • Check the DSL line is connected properly.
  • Check firmware update. 

These are some common reasons, you can easily fix the issues by following the steps. 

Re-position your wireless router

If your house is too large and the wireless router is placed in the center hall. Your room is on the first floor then there will be a problem with the wireless range in your room. In this case you must relocate your wireless router. Place your router near your room. Then you will get the proper range of your router. You can also use a wireless extender tplinkrepeater. Which will extend the network and provide you a wide range of coverage. Remove the network obstacles if there is any between your router and your room. 

Configure your wireless router properly

In order to use the wireless network of your google nest wireless router, You must need to configure your router. This can be done easily just by using the online web browser. Power ‘ON” your device by plugging it’s power adapter into an electrical outlet and switch it “ON”. Now simply connect the DSL line with the modem and in your mobile/pc/laptop connect with the network. Now open any web browser and in the address bar search for the default IP Address. A new login interface will open. Enter your login username and password. After clicking to log in, You will automatically redirect to the setup wizard page.

Follow all the instructions step by step. The details are mentioned in the manual PDF. Read it carefully. The google wifi router fully supports working with home mini speakers. Complete google home mini configuration to access full features. 

Update the firmware

If your google nest wireless router is not updat from time to time. You will not be able to use new features of your router. You need to open the admin center of your router by reading the mentioned above steps. Then in the setup wizard page. Click to the advanced settings and then click the firmware option. Check the firmware and update it, Just by downloading the firmware file from the official website. After updating, your device will refresh and access new features.

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