According to statistics, mobile devices generate almost 55% of global website traffic. Modern smartphones are always at hand, so they are reliable assistants for solving various tasks. 

Want to find the information you need? No problem! Looking for a car hire Funchal for your upcoming trip to Portugal? You’re welcome! Just launch your browser and go to any car hire website. 

However, what if your browser is slow? First, you will spend a lot more time performing various tasks, and secondly, it will annoy you. So, even such simple things as finding a hire car online will turn into a nightmare if your browsing is not fast enough. 

Luckily, you can change your it if you like. Consider some quick and reliable alternatives for your Android-powered device…

Naked Browser 

If you don’t have a very powerful smartphone but at the same time you want to enjoy fast Internet access, then Naked Browser will be the best option for you. It doesn’t take up much space and only requires 200KB of memory after installation. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who suffer from a lack of free disk space. Plus, Naked Browser has several other nice features. 

Naked Browser benefits: 

  • fast page loading.
  • saving Internet traffic
  • great compatibility with old phones. 

Many users don’t like Naked Browser as it has minimal functionality. However, if your goal is high page loading speed, then this is what you really need.

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Google Chrome

If you are the owner of an Android-powered smartphone, then you are very familiar with the Google Chrome browser. Chrome is the world’s most popular browsing app, installed by default on all Android smartphones. It’s convenient, secure, syncs with your Google account, and works quickly and stably on most devices. 

Additional features include an ad blocker, incognito mode, and image search feature. Google Chrome synchronizes with the desktop version, which is very convenient since you have access to your bookmarks and history from any device. 

Also, it saves passwords and keys, pulls up payment information if you want to make a purchase. 

Google Chrome benefits: 

  • Stable and secure work
  • Synchronization between multiple devices at once 
  • Simple design and interface 
  • Built-in ad blocker
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It’s a fast, stable browser based on the Chromium engine. Kiwi supports extensions from the Chrome store, loads pages quickly, and provides comfortable smooth scrolling. The interface is nice and simple, with a lot of settings and modes. 

Kiwi has a built-in ad blocker, dark/light themes, search engine selection, built-in translator, one-handed operation mode, and much more. Also, the browser pulls up billing information if you make purchases over the Internet. 

Kiwi benefits:

  • High browsing speed 
  • Built-in adblocker and translator 
  • Simple interface 
  • Lots of customizable features
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Mozilla Firefox

It’s a well-known browser compatible with devices on any platform. Firefox is fast, secure, has the ability to sync through your account, and works great on almost any smartphone, including those with weak specs. 

The browser interface is simple and user-friendly. At the same time, it’s not inferior to the desktop version in terms of capabilities. Firefox offers many extensions to help you customize the functionality you want. Also, there’s a reading mode. The scrolling is smooth, while the page loading speed is excellent. 

Mozilla Firefox benefits:

  • Fast, stable work
  • Smooth scrolling 
  • Convenient interface 
  • Extended features for developers
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Opera Mini 

This is another well-known browser familiar to many users. Opera Mini is fast, secure, and suitable for devices even with a weak processor. The browser interface is simple and straightforward, but be prepared to scroll through an endless feed of news, tabs, and ads the first time you start it. 

Despite this, the browser works quickly and without lags. The panel with tools and tabs is located at the bottom, which is convenient if you operate your smartphone with one hand. Opera Mini offers several modes, including reading mode and night mode. You can also customize the home page and use the built-in ad blocker on certain sites. 

Opera Mini benefits:

  • Simple interface 
  • Works even on low-spec devices 
  • Has many modes of operation 
  • Easily-customizable home screen
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This is a browser for adherents of fast and safe anonymous web surfing. DuckDuckGo supports OpenSearch, HTTPS, and AES encryption, and also helps you navigate blocked sites. The browser doesn’t save logs, cookies, IP addresses data. This is great news for those who value privacy. 

There are fewer settings here than in other browsers, while some extensions are not supported. However, DuckDuckGo works fast and has a button to quickly delete session data and search history. In general, the browser works stably and is perfect for fast Internet surfing.

DuckDuckGo benefits:

  • High-speed work 
  • Excellent security and privacy
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Puffin Browser 

It’s not easy to find a browser with Flash Player support. The Puffin Browser stands out among similar programs in that it has this module built into the app by default. Puffin Browser allows you to quickly solve many tasks. However, the absolute performance of the browser is available on powerful smartphones only. 

Also, Puffin offers free proxy servers, has a nice interface, allows you to select a search engine, and stores passwords in the device’s memory. The page scrolling works smoothly, so you really enjoy comfortable Internet browsing. 

Puffin Browser benefits:

  • Simple and nice interface 
  • Flash Player support 
  • Smooth page scrolling 
  • Support for incognito and traffic saving modes