Are you someone who has been a victim of dandruff present on your hair for the longest of time? Lately, have you also been experiencing hair fall? Are you wondering about what is the relation between dandruff and hair loss? With so many questions in your mind, putting you in a mind-boggling situation, here we are there to help you answer all your questions.

Dandruff is a condition that is dreaded by many for various reasons- some feel that it hampers their confidence because the white flakes keep dropping everywhere while the others realize that dandruff may be linked to hair fall, and that is why they are afraid of it.

Dandruff cannot be stated as a cause of hair fall, although certain conditions may be linked to both dandruff and hair fall.

Dandruff is caused due to an undernourished or dry scalp that promotes the build-up of those dry, flaky white dead skin cells. Any fungal or other pathogenic infection may also cause it in the scalp, unbalanced diet, physical or mental stress, some hair product, or the climate of a place.

Coming to how does dandruff affect an individual that it leads to hair loss-

1. Itchiness:

Dandruff makes your scalp very itchy, and that causes you to scratch your scalp. However, scratching your scalp very hard may result in inflammation or injure the hair follicles, weakening and hair fall.

2. Dirt Accumulation:

Dandruff flakes combined with oil and dirt settle in your head, blocking the hair follicles and may restrict growth and nourishment. This, in turn, causes hair fall.

3. Tight hairstyle:

To prevent your dandruff flakes from flying here and there and causing embarrassment, you tend to make very tight hairstyles that stress your hair roots and cause hair fall.

Thus, you can see that dandruff, in itself, does not cause hair fall, but it gives rise to a lot of problems that cause hair fall. This is why dandruff should not be ignored.

Here are some tips that you must follow if you have so much dandruff that it can cause hair loss:

1. Make sure to wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp clean and free of dirt. Dandruff accumulates with dirt on your scalp and, in turn, causes more dandruff, and the cycle continues.

2. Do not scratch or brush your hair aggressively, even if itchy or irritating- this can worsen the situation.

3. Make sure to keep your hair some breathing time by letting your hair loose. And giving the heavy products a break. Ultimately, if you are following all these steps, but you are in a state where even after using anti-dandruff shampoos. You are observing a lot of dandruff, you must seek professional help and find a solution to this problem.

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