The latest cloud storage technology has made it almost impossible to lose important data. They are much more reliable than physical hard drives and you can access it anywhere. A cloud isn’t the white fluffy thing in the sky anymore. A reliable internet connection like the Cox internet plans and cloud storage might the best solution for keeping data safe. But some people still prefer using laptop hard drives and built-in phone storage for regular data storage. 

If you are one of those people, you know how hard it is to maintain physical data backups. Data leaks and hard drive corruption are common problems. And they can lead to you losing your data without any online backups.  In case you are stuck in such a predicament, use software for data recovery. They are quick and easy to use and can bring back lost data from the deepest darkest pits of your hard drive! 

How Does Data Recovery Software Work? 

When you delete a file, it moves to the Recycle Bin. However, even after you empty the bin the data isn’t completely lost. You only delete the path that leads to your files. So, your files are still on the hard drive but they are inaccessible. Unless you overwrite the file with another, you can still recover it. This is where data recovery software comes in. They gain access to the core architecture of your hard drive and build back a path to your lost files. 

Best Data Recovery Software  

Good data recovery software should support all file types and formats. And should be able to recover files from all types of storage like hard disks or USBs. Here are some great options for data recovery software that you can use. 

#1: Cleverfiles Disk Drill 

Disk Drill is one of the most reliable tools for data recovery available for Windows and Mac. They support a plethora of file types and devices. And thus, can recover almost all types of data. The software uses complicated algorithms for scanning but is still pretty easy to use.  

One of the best features of disk drill is that it can even recover encrypted emails or lost client data whether you are on or off site. Moreover, the reason for data loss doesn’t matter. Moreover, you can recover data from NTFS, EXT, HFS+, and other file systems. 

#2: Tenorshare 4DDiG 

It is one of the best software if you want to recover a high volume of lost data at a fast speed. It also provides advanced data security and doesn’t wait for your data to get lost first. Instead, it will start safeguarding your data round the clock. It is available for both Mac and Windows users and you can recover more than a thousand different file systems and types. 

Whether you lost your data through formatting, CPU failure, update failure, or deletion, you can recover it through Tenorshare. The easy-to-use software can even recover data from unbootable Windows. The software has patented technology that allows you to recover data in its original format and size.  

#3: EaseUs 

It is one of the most widely used data recovery software around the world. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. You can recover data in just a few steps with the holistic software anyone can use. The rich features make it ideal for use in professional and personal use. One of the most unique features is that it provides ample methods for backing up your data as well. You can set up scheduled, incremental, or full backups so you never lose your data again. 

#4: DoYourData 

DoYourData is great software available for Windows and Mac users. It is one of the most easy-to-use tools and everyone from beginners to enterprise-level security experts can use it. The software allows you to recover damaged files from system crashes or failed updates. Moreover, you can easily recover the files that you permanently deleted using the Shift+Delete shortcut. 

You can do a quick scan to recover surface-level data but the Deep Scan allows you to retrieve corrupted files as well. The software supports many different formats and file systems. Moreover, you can recover data from a number of different devices like hard drives, pen drives, SSD, HDD, laptops, and memory cards. 

Final Words:

Data recovery isn’t as difficult or complicated and you can say goodbye to losing data accidentally. Most of the above-mentioned software has basic or free modes for you to try out. However, to get access to more deeper files you can purchase the paid versions.