A smartphone is the very first thing we need when traveling. With the help of various applications, a phone becomes your faithful assistant. For example, you are going on a road trip to Florida and you need to book Routes car rental Orlando. Simple applications make it possible to rent a car and also choose the best deal among all available car rental companies. 

However, these are far from all the ways modern applications can help you on your journey. It may sound strange, but they will allow you to make money. All you need is a smartphone with a high-quality camera, a little perseverance, and any stock photo app. Yes, you can make money just by taking beautiful travel photos and uploading them to one of the following stock photo banks!


Scoopshot is an international community of mobile photography enthusiasts with a focus on selling images to brands and publishers around the world. Take part in daily Scoopshot contests to get your footage in the spotlight of potential buyers. Users of the platform itself determine the winner. 

The second way to earn money involves performing special tasks tied to your area. At the same time, you also have access to international challenges. No embellishments or post-processing. It’s not recommended to use the filters of the camera itself. Of course, photo uploading from third-party resources is also prohibited.

Scoopshot hosts nine contests daily, but the number of tasks can vary greatly depending on the location. You can receive the money via your bank card or PayPal account.

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Fotolia Instant

Fotolia Instant is a popular app for designers, content editors, and other creative people. Photos must meet the high demands of the parent bank Fotolia, which is recently owned by Adobe. 

Feature of Fotolia Instant in the subject of photography – shoot and send any ruins, historical monuments, interesting natural places, but avoid topics with food, flowers, and pets. As with every app described here, hashtags, or so-called keywords, are very important on Fotolia. Therefore, add as many keys to each photo as possible, which will allow buyers to find it faster.

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The application was created in Southern California, which is probably why it has such a nice and warm interface. Twenty20 allows you to sell photos of any subject if they have been moderated. By the way, even by uploading and selling your picture to the stock, you will forever remain its copyright holder. However, this doesn’t mean that the resource that purchased the photo will indicate your name – most likely, they will write the address of the photo bank. 

One of the nice features of Twenty20 is the ability to follow other authors and watch collections of pictures that are popular with buyers. There’s also a ‘Challenges’ section where customers post assignments for authors. Take a photo, observe the customer’s requirements, and perhaps your work will win and bring you income.

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Snapwire is a platform that connects photographers with brands, publishers, and designers around the world. As a customer, you can participate in photo contests. The site itself chooses the topic, gives a detailed description of the requirements, while users try to take the best shot. 

The second way of making money depends on the photographers’ rating system. The higher your rating, the more special tasks from wealthy customers are available to you. Although you are free to post your photos on a service like photo banks for everyone to buy them. 

Snapwire imposes certain requirements on the quality of the posted images, up to the forced deletion of bad photos. You can use your own footage from Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr, and Dropbox. Instagram is not suitable due to the small size of the images.

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Foap is a great app. The platform’s customers include world-renowned companies such as Motorola, MasterCard, and Volvo. Cash incentives correspond to the big name of the buyer – these can be amounts with three zeros at the end. Moreover, the participants in the competitions who took the second, third, and even fourth places can also count on rewards. For example, it could be a mobile phone. 

The highest level of quality is a mandatory attribute of the images that you upload to Foap. In addition, you will have to go through the Foap identification procedure – for this you will need to send photos of your passport or driver’s license. Verification takes place in just a couple of minutes. Thus, nothing will prevent you from making money. 

The simultaneous number of missions you can participate in is 10, while their cost is usually not less than $100. You can withdraw money via PayPal.

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This stock photo is one of the best options for beginners. Why? Because the service has quite modest requirements for uploaded images and an easy registration procedure. In addition, according to research by Photo District News, this stock pays the highest royalties for the sale of images. 

Dreamstime has a pretty interesting image payment system. If you sell images on common terms, you can earn from $0.68 to $3 per download. But if you register as a unique author, you can earn up to $40 per photo. 

The photo stock administration checks every image uploaded to the site, so it takes time. However, in case of refusal, you will receive not just a notification. You get a letter with the reason for the refusal and advice on how to improve your work. 

The cost of an image depends on the number of sales. The more sales, the higher the cost, and, as a result, the higher your income.