Looking for something fun to do at St Pete’s?

St. Petersburg is a vibrant city filled with art, good food, lovely beaches, and shopping. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots.

If you live in the beautiful city of St Pete in Florida, it’s always fun to find something new to do. This article will give you the inside scoop on the most exciting attractions in St Pete.

Keep reading for the top things to do in St Pete when visiting.

1. Take a Trip Along Central Avenue Trolley

The trip will take you past local landmarks and attractions, including The Coliseum and the historic Gulfport Casino. The 8-mile trolley ride down Central Avenue is perfect for sightseeing and experiencing the downtown area.

You can admire the architecture along the ride, grab coffee and breakfast, and take pictures at many artwork installations. Or meet some of the friendly locals.

2. Uncovering Art & Culture

Experience music and art at The Salvador Dali Museum. This houses one of the most comprehensive collections of art from the renowned surrealist painter.

Head to Central Arts District and visit places like The Studio@620, which features art exhibits and live performances in an artistic setting. Take an architectural tour and explore the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, where colorful, painted murals can be found around every corner.

Many street art and small galleries also showcase a mix of Florida-inspired works. And, of course, the Chihuly Collection is a must-see.

3. Get Active With an Escape Room

St. Pete offers plenty of fun and exciting activities for visitors to take part in. One of the most popular attractions is the Escape Room.

This interactive game gives people an exciting challenge to complete as a team, combining strategy and problem-solving. Progress through the various puzzles and find their way out of the room.

It’s the best escape room experience¬†for groups of friends or family.¬†With a wide selection of themes, ages, and difficulty levels, everybody can join in on the fun.

4. Must-See Nightlife Spots in St. Pete

St Petersburg offers a wide array of festive and fun nightlife destinations. Several places offer live music for those looking to dance, such as The Ale and The Witch, and The Bends.

There are several lively bars, such as Three Birds Tavern’s rooftop bar, popular among locals and visitors alike. If you’re looking for a laid-back evening, grab a few friends and head to The Bungalow for a classic cocktail. 

5. Shopping and Dining in St Pete

The Sunday Morning Market is great for finding unique items and delicious food in St Pete. Take a stroll along the Beach Drive Promenade to find great al fresco dining and many boutiques and cafes.

The area near Vinoy Park is home to various bars, restaurants, art galleries, and boutique gift shops. For some high-end shopping, St. Pete’s fashionable Sundial shopping center delivers an array of popular designer stores.

Beach Drive also hosts several open-air eateries, cafes, bars, and pubs. If you’re looking for unique, international flavors, head to the trendy new shops, restaurants, and bars in the Edge District.

Top Things to Do in St Pete

Florida is a must-visit, with lots of things to do in St Pete. Explore historic buildings and museums, outdoor activities, and art galleries.

If you’re looking for a great, fun getaway, plan a trip to St Petersburg today and find out what you’re missing! Book your St Pete vacation now!

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