When we speak of engagement rate, we are referring to the metric that determines the extent to which your content is getting noticed on Instagram and how effective it is at promoting your brand overall. This measure takes into consideration factors like likes, shares, and comments, and then is compared to your follow number to arrive at an overall ratio.

There are those who believe that your engagement level is far more important than how you’ve got followers. This is because only followers count isn’t a factor if they aren’t part of a community that engages with your content.  You need to get more Australian Instagram followers for your profile to carry more engagement rates in no time.

If you don’t have people who are engaged with your content, then you don’t have new customers buying products or services. Let’s look at what we believe are the top eight ways to get your audience to be more engaged with the content you share in your blog feed.

1.   It’s important to provide value

Instagram business statistics may appear simple, but there’s an awful lot of competition. With 500 million per day Instagram users, you’re bound to be battling to make your mark.

Your users are scrolling swiftly through their feeds, so the more interesting and appealing your content is the more appealing. While you are providing high-quality content, you need to ensure that your content provides value to the audience you want to reach. Don’t just publish to make money publish to entertain, encourage and connect with your followers. The rest will follow. If you are not getting more following, you can Visit InstaBoost. InstaBoost is the most trusted and reliable platform to bless you with the most common shortcut of getting fame. All the services they provide are Real & Genuine.

2. Respond on DMs and Comments

It’s the golden rule you should follow when you’re trying to keep on top of your Instagram engagement – treat other users in the same way you would like to be treated. That means that if do not engage with your followers and don’t expect to get them to interact with you.

Being responsive to direct messages and comments lets your followers know that you are interested in them and would like them to stick for the long haul. In turn, you’ll see that more people feel the need to send you messages and make comments, which will, in turn, increase your engagement rate overall. Make clear what you would like from your network.

3. Post when Your Community is Online

If you wish to get your targeted group and the existing community to be able to access your content, you have ensured that they’re able to access it. You may have noticed that the initial two hours following. When you publish something on your feed is the most crucial. If you don’t receive an abundance of comments within this period. Instagram is less likely to get the word out about your posting.

One of the most effective methods of determining the ideal timing to publish is by reviewing your analytics. These can be accessed through an Instagram company profile.

4. Make Your Captions More Effective

There is a seemingly endless variety of ways to improve your captions and improve the engagement rate. We believe that one best approach is to maximize the use of calls-to-actions. A call-to-action is a statement or message that encourages the person who reads it to take action.

It could be anything from inviting people to leave a comment or even tagging a person within the section of comments. You can also be super creative in the captions section by writing a more lengthy comment. You can write up to 2,200 characters for each blog, so you should use your captions carefully.

5. Use Hashtags to the Fullest

We’re all aware that hashtags are the heartbeat of Instagram the platform. There would be no Instagram anywhere else. Actually, statistics indicate that the use of only one hashtag can boost the rate of engagement of your posts by 12.6 percent. To maximize the benefits of the hashtags you select, you’ll need to create a solid engagement strategy.

This means you’ll need to get rid of those outdated popular hashtags and substitute them. With hashtags that are better suited to your business and the niche you are in. Also, we suggest that you keep the hashtags you choose to use on every post below. It’s typically between five and fifteen hashtags on average. We recommend you select hashtags that are well-known and others that aren’t, for some variety.

6. Be part of the Instagram Engagement Group

Another option to up the ante and boost the total Instagram involvement is to be part of an engaged group. This is a group of about 10 to 15 people who like comments, share, and comment on each other’s posts when it is posted. This increases the popularity of the article and, naturally, encourages other people to engage with it as well.

Try interacting with people in your area of expertise – you’ll discover an excellent group of engagement that you can join within a matter of minutes.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories

Many are joining the Stories trend – and it’s turning out to be quite well-liked. People are enthralled by having a more intimate means of communicating with their followers. And also enjoy receiving updates via this method also.

If you’re sharing content about your company’s name in your stories. And using things such as Stories stickers, your audience’s engagement will grow. The more content your customers get from your content the more likely they’ll be to be engaged.

8. Provide Your Content with Variety

We’re all aware that Instagram is a static image site since it first started. But, since the advent of video in the year 2016 increasing numbers of users are moving towards this format – and, similar to Instagram Stories, they’re proven to be popular in users’ feeds.

You can make videos that run between 30 and 60 seconds in length and that’s the perfect duration to present your brand’s message to your fans. Also, it’s a fantastic method to update your followers on your progress and sneak a peek into your workings behind the scenes.

Final Thoughts

It is evident there are lots of ways you can increase Instagram engagement and increase the number of followers. Be aware that your engagement should come before your followers because with no engagement your follower’s number is meaningless.

There’s a chance to make a difference and give your brand a chance to be on extremely popular social media platforms there. Take a look at our easy but efficient tips and tricks and see more people are more interested in your feed.