Traveling on your own is a thrilling experience. Most people imagine a solo traveler as a renegade explorer happy to endure the discomfort of a run-down hostel. However, you can travel by yourself while also enjoying a few luxury touches. Here’s how.

Save Your Money Whenever Possible

Travel is much more affordable when the costs are spread across multiple people. Traveling alone means that all the expenses fall directly onto your lap with no one else to pick up their end of the bill. If you want to experience luxury as a solo traveler, it is best achieved by saving money on aspects of your trip that don’t make as much of an impact. For example, some people love to fly in a business-class or first-class seat, whereas others are happy to save this money for a five-star hotel at their destination. Use your priorities to guide your spending so that you have enough money to indulge yourself where it will be most appreciated.

Know Your Personal Standards

Similar to the last point, not everyone cares about how fancy their hotel is or how much legroom they have on a flight. Some people have different definitions of luxury or are more willing to compromise in order to experience luxury in other ways. When you are aware of your own personal standards, you have a stronger grasp on what feels like a luxury to you and what’s worth spending more money on. If you want to travel to a destination known for its upscale shopping, you might want to save money by staying at an affordable hotel or hostel while spending on designer goods. It all depends on what standards you expect and what you are comfortable with.

Set Travel Goals

Some people travel to check different locations off their list. Some people travel to see specific attractions. Some travel simply to explore and learn more about the world. Whatever your reasons, it is useful to set travel goals for yourself, especially if you want to make time for luxury trips. For example, maybe you have always wished to visit Hawaii. If this is the case, set a goal to book a few nights at one of the Maui resorts so you can experience your dream destination in style. If you successfully save money in other areas of your travels, then you can use these savings towards something you’ve always wanted. By setting this goal, you have clarified the steps needed to achieve it.

Focus on Experiences

Luxury isn’t all about acquiring more objects or living in a way that other people say is luxurious. Luxury is about the freedom to make choices that fit your personal preferences. If you love traveling for all the memories it gives you, turn your attention towards booking unforgettable experiences rather than expensive hotels or high-end restaurants (unless these are the experiences that matter to you). You don’t need to be dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes to feel luxurious. Pinpoint what you want to experience during your travels and invest in these special memories.

Indulging yourself as a solo traveler is difficult due to the extra financial burden, but with creative budgeting, flexible goals, and knowing your personal standards, you can make room for luxury on your singlehanded journey.