Product visualization experiences are a necessity for eCommerce retailers and manufacturers. Without them, customers experience buyer’s remorse and often return items.

A visual product configurator allows shoppers to visualize the custom-made product they will receive, removing uncertainty and improving purchase confidence. This will also reduce returns and increase customer loyalty.

Increased Conversions

When it comes to custom products, most people want a clear picture of what they will get before purchasing. A visual product configurator allows them to do just that by choosing different options for a complex product, such as changing colors, features, shapes, and sizes and creating a virtual 3D model.

This way, shoppers can see exactly what their customized product will look like in real-time and make confident purchasing decisions. It eliminates any guesswork and uncertainty that could lead to a return, which can cost a business time and money.

A visual product configurator is a powerful tool that allows customers to design the perfect product for their needs in just a few clicks and on any device. Many users who use a configurator to customize a product are likelier to buy it than those who don’t.

A visual product configurator also allows businesses to easily create print-ready files, bills of materials, and assembly instructions. This helps reduce production costs, which can be passed on to the customer or reseller. This makes a visual product configurator an attractive option for buyers and sellers. With these advantages, it’s no wonder companies with a 3D visual product configurator experience a 40% higher conversion rate than those without one.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If you’re a business that sells highly customizable products, visual product configurators are the way to go. These configurators help customers see how a product would look before purchasing it, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty and making the buying process easier.

Moreover, when used with other tools like virtual reality suites and augmented reality apps, visual product configurators can help improve your customers’ purchasing experience. For example, mega furniture dealer Wayfair offers an augmented reality app that allows shoppers to scan the dimensions of their home and then virtually place potential pieces from their catalog in their space for a better sense of what they would look like once installed.

The ability to provide a realistic sense of what a customized product will look like can also significantly reduce return rates at your eCommerce store. Buyer’s remorse is all too common in eCommerce as buyers often find that the product they receive differs from what was described and depicted on the site. This can lead to frustration and lost revenue for retailers.

Visual product configurations can be beneficial for businesses that sell made-to-order or engineered-to-order products, and they can also significantly reduce quoting time by eliminating the need for manual input. This ultimately leads to fewer mistakes, less rework, lower return rates, and higher customer satisfaction.

Reduced Returns

When customers don’t get exactly what they expect from their e-commerce purchases, it leads to frustration and disappointment that can lead to unnecessary returns. Fortunately, many of these returns can be avoided by simply giving shoppers a better sense of purchasing. Visual product configurators make this possible by dynamically changing the product image and options based on customer selections, allowing them to visualize the result before checkout.

For example, if a shopper selects a different color for their new car, they will see the change instantly on the 3D model of their vehicle. In this way, a visual product configurator makes it easy for customers to match their orders with their expectations—thereby improving order accuracy and reducing returns.

Besides helping to reduce returns, visual product configurators also help businesses to create more compelling and engaging online shopping experiences—which can ultimately drive more sales and brand loyalty. For a company looking to increase engagement and conversions, a 3D visual product configurator is an excellent choice.

Visual product configurations are a must-have tool for any e-commerce business or manufacturer that wants to distinguish itself from competitors and improve overall customer satisfaction. By enabling shoppers to customize products online and visualize the results, a visual product configurator gives companies a leg up over their competition—and helps to keep them in the lead.

Increased Customer Loyalty

With customers increasingly seeking customized products, it’s never been more critical for e-commerce businesses to offer an online experience that provides buyers an actual showroom-like buying experience. A visual product configurator enables this, helping to eliminate miscommunication between the customer and the vendor. This leads to fewer mistakes, less rework, and fewer returns, which drives more significant customer satisfaction.

Using configurator software, users can view life-like 2D, 3D, or augmented/virtual reality product visualizations on any device. As they select options, the configuration can be updated on the fly, reflecting a change in price if needed.

This type of interaction helps buyers build trust and a connection with your brand and will increase their overall loyalty to you. It also removes any uncertainty about what a completed order will look like, which can cause buyers to hesitate or back out of their purchase.

If you’re considering implementing a visual product configurator for your business, it’s worth checking that your chosen solution offers the quality you need. Look for a solution that can provide high-resolution images and dynamic pricing via price API, which changes based on the user’s options. The ability to set up multiple product configurations and track the number of orders per configuration is another great feature to look for in a visual configurator.