Bhutan follows the tourism policy of “high value, low volume,” focusing only on quality tourists. It is the best travel destination because of its authenticity, isolation, well-preserved cultural legacy, and natural environment. Tourism is one of the five jewels of Bhutan as it is the country’s second main source of income. Now that Bhutan is soon going to open its international border for international tourists, nothing is more exciting than that. 

Bhutan trip cost is reasonable and affordable. The minimum daily tariff for international tourists in Bhutan is USD 200 during summer and winter and USD 250 in spring and autumn, including accommodation. You can stay in a 3-star hotel with a minimum daily tariff and get all three meals, a Bhutanese tour guide, internal transportation, camping equipment, and haulage for trekking tours. Additionally, from the minimum daily wages, USD65 will be for Sustainable Development Fee. 

Bhutan is focused on getting high-value tourists and providing the best services to its tourists by providing top tourist guides and licenses to the best travel agency. Planning Bhutan Trip? These are the top 5 travel agencies in Bhutan to whom you can give 100% trust to make your experiences unforgettable.

Norbu Bhutan Travel

Norbu Bhutan travel is one of the best tour agencies established in 2007. They focus on promoting the principle of “value, responsible and sustainable tourism.” Furthermore, the agency is guided by Bhutan’s objective to be measured by Gross National Happiness and not by Gross domestic product.

Norbu Bhutan assists with a variety of travel-related issues, including creating a well-suited schedule based on the travel month and day, as well as booking tickets in advance to ensure that your plan to visit Bhutan is successful. Until now, they provided services to 9,856 solo travelers and 10,987 group travelers. 

Furthermore, they provide a professional guide who provides information about the numerous stories and anecdotes of the tourist destination throughout the journey, making your experience even more entertaining and educational. Some of the Bhutan travel packages provided by Norbu Bhutan Travel include culture, nature, adventures, and wellness.

Druk Heritage

Druk Heritage Tours makes everything a cakewalk! It is the ultimate travel specialist if you plan to make your tour one of the best life experiences. Your entire holiday in Bhutan is organized and prepared for you based on your preferences and interests. The Druk Heritage tour agency company has a website that offers various travel-related services such as air travel and hotel reservations, homestays, end-to-end transportation, and other Bhutan tour packages.

Since Druk Heritage focuses on providing the best service to tourists, only three groups each month are allowed. Those tourists can either be adventurous solo travelers, a couple coming to enjoy their honeymoon, a family, or a group of friends and colleagues coming to enjoy the quality time. They provide services that are appealing to all ages if you are traveling with older people or children.

Before, the regional tourists from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives didn’t pay fees. However, to follow the tourism policy of high value and low volume, starting from July 2020, Bhutan Tourist Fee for Indians is set at 1,200 Rs per day.

Karma Bhutan

Planning the best destination with your loved ones is not a piece of cake. Not everyone knows how to plan a memorable destination. Most people are so busy with everyday work that they forget to take a break in life. Bhutan is your best destination to take a break from work and refresh your mind. Make a significant step forward by contacting Karma Bhutan and change the way you see the world.

Since 2006, Karma Bhutan Travel agencies have worked in the travel industry and focused on giving a holiday experience that is truly unique to you. As a result, they have a 6-month waiting period during which the agency personally designs vacations for you. With this, they ensure a faultless and remarkable experience. Karma Bhutan values relationships, stories, and the intangible value produced for tourists. 

To keep up with current travel trends and desires, they learn and gain knowledge to give great travel experiences beyond the initial plan. Some of their clients return to Bhutan again, but this time explore country villages and back roads until they have got good testimonials from their clients.

Druk Asia Tours & Treks

Druk Asia Tours & Treks is an inbound Bhutan travel agencies specialist based in Bhutan. It has 48 guides known for being fun-loving, knowledgeable, and most importantly, competent in their guiding services. It consists of 31 professional drivers who are well-versed in the terrain and more than capable of navigating any tough uphill hairpin curves.

Even female guides are available if you request. So far, they have served 15000 adventure tourists. Druk Asia guides are multilingual and can interact with visitors in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, or Japanese. However, there will be additional charges for using these services.

Druk Asia Tours and Treks values the importance of giving back. For a charitable cause, they have pledged to pay SGD25 to Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) in Bhutan for every piece of feedback they receive from visitors. You have the right to select which NPO(s) to donate to.

Another special thing Druk Asia does for tourists is to provide traditional costumes, i.e., Kira for women and go for men. The set is for you to take several beautiful pictures while you’re in the country. You can return it on the last day of the trip.

Heavenly Bhutan Travels

Heavenly Bhutan Travels was founded in 2009, and they are known as a dependable tourism company situated in Thimphu, Bhutan. They are focused on the vision to provide “Lifetime best Holiday Experiences” to its tourists. Bhutan is the perfect place for fresh, clean, green, and limited tourists, especially after this disastrous pandemic.

They organize custom tours for solo travelers, couples, official VIP trips, Family-friendly Tours for mixed-age groups, Large Group Tours, Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Tours, and Adventure or Trekking Holidays. Some of the tour guides are specialize in international languages, birding, flora, fauna, and adventure trekking depending on the tourist’s demand.

Heavenly Bhutan guarantees fantastic private vacations in Bhutan’s most exclusive locations. They also offer better deals in hotels, transportation, homestays, and flight tickets. Additionally, Heavenly Bhutan offers outbound travel services for Bhutanese traveling to Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.  

It is difficult for a person to organize, prepare, and conduct such extensive research, let alone have the required general detailed knowledge. So, get in touch with the top 5 travel agencies in Bhutan to make your trip adventurous and memorable. Bhutan Tour packages have unlimited adventure waiting for all the tourists worldwide to explore the beautiful mountains and landscape in Bhutan.