Eyeshadows have been in makeover fashion for a long time. Eyeshadows are a game-changer for many, as people change their appearance with the help of these. Thus, eyeshadow can give a boost to your overall makeover. Some people wear eyeshadows seldom, while others consider it a necessary routine. No matter which category you belong to, one cannot deny the importance of a quality eyeshadow. Wearing eyeshadows is a skillful task. A pro usage of these items can brighten up the look. So one needs to learn about the product to benefit from it.

Eyeshadows are diverse items. These are available in numerous types and packaging. one needs to be informed about the basics of each type of eyeshadow. You must recognize whether a pan, pot, or palette is best for you. Look through the custom eyeshadow packaging of every type to select the one that best suits you. Look for something that fits your preference, convenience, and style.

Major types of Eyeshadow:

The cosmetic world has been growing rapidly. You will be able to find many options and types of the same product in the market. This diversity is beneficial for a shopper but at the same time confusing. Especially newbies in makeup find it challenging to understand the diverse type and their usage. Here are some major types of eyeshadow and their negative and positive aspects to help you:

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Pressed powder eyeshadow:

The pressed powder eyeshadow is one of the most common and popular types. Almost everyone has at least one pressed eyeshadow palette.  If a beginner is interested in eyeshadow, this type is to go for. It is available in almost every color and form you want. For instance, you can get powder eyeshadows in matte, shimmery, and even sparkly finish. Also, many palettes nowadays are already a combination of matte and sparkly; so, you can get a mixed effect. Pressed powders are almost suitable for every skin type, whether dry or oily. Also, these pallets are long-lasting and convenient to carry. 

While this type has some downside as well, such as its short wearing duration. Some eyeshadows become smudged after long-wearing or exposure. Also, these powdered palettes are vulnerable and easily break out. A new eyeshadow might become a mess in travel and even destroy other things. Also, their application needs brushes that require routine cleaning.

Cream Eyeshadow:

These are thick and gel-like eyeshadows. These have a creamy appearance and are present inside pots or containers. Also, cream eyeshadow is highly pigmented, so they are more long-lasting. These are easy to blend and give a deep look. Moreover, these can be blended with other eyeshadow forms. Cream eyeshadows do not necessarily require the use of a brush and can be applied through a finger.

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The main drawback of these eyeshadows is that they crease easily.  It is advised to avoid this type if you have oily skin or the weather is humid. Also, these can be unhygienic due to repeated dipping of a finger. Also, if smudges and not applied properly, cream eyeshadows can ruin your day.

Liquid eyeshadow:

Liquid eyeshadows are one of the most convenient types. Although not popular because a single kit of other types gives more diversity. These have bottles similar to liquid lipstick and lip gloss. However, the liquid shadow is thicker and gives different finishing. Liquid eyeshadow containers come with their wands for application. These are more convenient as they are easy to apply. With the simple moving of the wand, one can get a pro-like look. You will be able to find glittery and subtle matte liquid eyeshadows. These have great staying power after drying.

However, liquid eyeliners readily crease on oily and wet skin. Also, liquid eyeshadows require fast application due to their fast-drying ability. Once dried, these set for longer times, so it is not possible to correct them. So these can be difficult to play with and give precise wearing.

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Loose powder eyeshadow:

The loose powder eyeliner is the favorite choice of makeover experts. These are difficult to master but give more spectacular results. So these will help to give a dramatic and glamorous look to you. Also, these are highly pigmented and help to get a vibrant look. The loose powder requires a prior application of primer to set the pigmented powder. These are long-wearing if blended properly.

There are some disadvantages of this eyeshadow type. These are very difficult to handle and can create a mess for many. Also, it needs the use of proper tools, such as primer and brush.


In conclusion, there are several types of eyeshadow, each having its pros and cons. You need to select the most appropriate and fitting type for yourself.