A Volkswagen sensation has hit the market in recent years: the American import models. Volkswagen has expanded its reach in America to include sports cars, sedans, and crossover markets.

The Volkswagen Atlas, in particular, is a crossover vehicle filling the American market in a big way. The car has pros and cons, making it harder for drivers to know whether or not it is the right vehicle for them.

See below for an in-depth look at the Volkswagen Atlas Models’ benefits and drawbacks so you can make the right choice.

Pros of Volkswagen Atlas Models

The Volkswagen Atlas offers many advantages, making it an attractive driver option. It is a great family car that travels a lot! Let us take a closer look!

Spacious and Comfortable Interiors

The Volkswagen Atlas models offer spacious and comfortable interiors that make long car rides pleasant. It has three rows that can accommodate seven passengers with ample room. The seating is roomy and supportive, with contoured backrests that help promote good posture and support. 

Drivers and passengers will also benefit from features like a heated steering wheel and comfortable heated/ventilated seats. The Atlas also features more oversized windows for better visibility and soundproofing throughout to help isolate noise for a quiet ride. Its comfortable interior and cargo room are perfect for small families or those who travel a lot.

Excellent Driving Performance

The Volkswagen Atlas models offer excellent performance for drivers, allowing for a responsive and enjoyable driving experience. The car has a powerful engine that can reach a top speed of up to 115 mph and offers good handling. It makes for a smooth and exhilarating ride.

The Atlas models are well-built, durable, and robust, providing excellent value over the long term. Additionally, they have significant fuel emissions, making them a perfect choice for those concerned with their environmental impact. View this VW dealership and booking a test drive to experience it yourself is highly recommended.

User-Friendly Infotainment System

The Volkswagen Atlas boasts user-friendly infotainment systems that make life on the road more accessible and enjoyable. On the pro side, their information is detailed and easy to understand. The intuitive navigation system provides directions and other essential details in an easy-to-follow format.

Bluetooth compatibility allows users to instantly connect devices and access their apps to stream music, make calls, and more from the easy-to-use touchscreen. All-in-all, the Volkswagen Atla’s user-friendly infotainment systems provide a reliable source of information and entertainment.

IQ Drive Safety Feature

Volkswagen IQ.Drive is a set of high-tech driver-assistance features to make driving safer and more accessible. The drive has several features that help drivers in different driving situations. These features are made up of other sensors, cameras, and software.

Some critical parts of IQ the drive includes adaptive cruise control, automatically changing your car’s speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The industry also has lane-keeping assistance, forward collision warnings, and autonomous emergency braking. 

Volkswagen vehicles with IQ the drive also have tools like blind-spot monitoring, which lets you know when a car is in your weak spot when you change lanes. It also has park assist technology, which controls steering movements to help with parallel parking.

High Towing Capability

Volkswagen Atlas models are impressive, providing high-quality functionality for those needing to tow heavier items or loads. With its 3.6L V6 engine, the base model can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Atlas models also come standard with safety features such as trailer sway control. It will help keep trailers from swaying while driving. 

Cons of Volkswagen Atlas Models

Volkswagen Atlas models are popular among car buyers, but there are certainly some drawbacks. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when deciding whether they are suitable for you. Let’s check them out.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Atlas models have poor fuel economy due to their larger size and power. Atlas models get an estimated 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, far lower than comparable models in their class.

It means more frequent and costly trips to the gas station, reducing the vehicle’s overall efficiency. It makes it a less attractive option for consumers wanting to stay cost conscious. Owners recommend purchasing premium fuel to keep engine performance peaking.

Expensive Price Tag

The Volkswagen Atlas offers impressive features, making it appealing to car buyers. On the downside, it comes with a hefty price tag. It may be too expensive for some buyers, especially those shopping on a budget.

Furthermore, insurance rates may be higher on these vehicles as they are more expensive to repair. It could be a significant factor in determining whether the car is a good purchase. 

Unimpressive Interior Materials

Even though the Atlas is big, some critics have said that the materials used inside and the general quality of the car may not be as good as some competitors in the same price range.

The plastic used is hard and looks generic. It only offers a little to make the vehicle stand out from other similarly priced cars. 

Slow Acceleration

The Volkswagen Atlas comes with several different engine options, but all of these engines are known to have slow acceleration. Atlas models can be sluggish from a stop. It takes several seconds to get to speed on the highway and even more to reach the passing lane.

The Volkswagen Atlas models’ slow acceleration may be a significant drawback for drivers seeking a sportier driving experience. For these passengers, achieving any excitement behind the wheel may be too much of a hindrance.

Is Volkswagen Atlas Right For You?

The Volkswagen Atlas models offer plenty of pros for customers, such as their spacious interiors and selection of reliable engine options. However, the Atlas SUV has some cons, such as its high price point compared to similar brands.

Whether the Volkswagen Atlas suits your needs will depend on your specific requirements and budget. To learn more before buying a vehicle, contact your preferred dealer.

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