A bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in the house. Since it receives so much footfall, it is natural that constant wear and tear cause it to lose its appeal, making it less effective in serving your needs. With time, small issues in your bathroom add up to show signs that you need to remodel your bathroom.

Remodeling a bathroom, even when done to improve functionality, offers many supplementary benefits, like increasing the house’s resale value. In thriving real estate markets like Holland, MI, a bathroom renovation can immensely impact potential buyers’ interest by making the house more enticing.

So, if you have been contemplating selling your home or renting it out for a stable income, look for and address the following signs of wear and tear.

Mold growth in your bathroom

Finding mold in the bathroom is not surprising as bathrooms harbor humidity, providing a perfect environment for mold growth.

When mold plagues your bathroom, you may see green stains on walls, ceiling, fixtures, or around the showerhead. The edges of the wallpaper might also start peeling or discoloring due to mold on the wall behind it. As the mold spreads, it can exacerbate the deterioration and decay of various surfaces in the bathroom.

Mold can make your bathroom look ugly and unkempt. It also produces an unpleasant odor that can permeate the bathroom’s atmosphere. Such a situation must be perturbing if you plan to sell your house, as it can make your home less attractive to buyers.

In places like Holland, with extremely competitive real estate markets and an average home price of $374.9K, up 3.6% since last year. Homeowners can attract more buyers by updating their bathrooms. So, you need to hire an expert Holland MI bathroom remodeling company to tackle mold growth in your bathroom.

You can clear mold at home by cleaning the affected area with bleach, improving ventilation, and keeping the bathroom dry. However, these methods might not be affected if you have a major mold problem in the house, requiring the services of mold removal experts.

Faucets and fixtures are leaking

Do you see water pooling on your bathroom floor even after you wipe it out? This could be because faucets or fixtures in your bathroom are leaking.

When faucets leak in the bathroom, dripping water causes ugly stains along its path. The stagnant water in the bathroom can also cause or exacerbate existing mold problems.

Apart from causing wear and tear in your bathroom, dripping faucets and fixtures are also a recipe for water wastage and huge water bills. According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), on average, 10,000 gallons of water gets wasted due to leaks every year.

Fixing simple leaks can help you save around 10 percent on your water bills. And guess what? It is quite possible at home to address simple leakage problems using a few simple tools and hardware.

Below is how you can handle simple leak problems at home.

  • You can check and tighten faucet handles if they feel wobbly or show marks of water leakage.
  • Replace the worn-out washers and O-Rings inside the faucet handles, which create a watertight seal in their perfect state.
  • Check gaskets and seals and replace them if they are damaged
  • Clean the dripping showerhead to remove any mineral deposits causing obstructions or replace the cartridge inside the showerhead.

Chipped tiles and stains on the growth

Chipped tiles and stubborn stains on the grout are a perfect excuse for revamping your bathroom for a fresh look. Chipped tiles create an uneven surface that is susceptible to further damage by allowing the water to seep into the grounds. In addition, chipped and cracked tiles also cause safety hazards, causing injury or discomfort along with marring the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Fortunately, addressing most chipped issues in the bathroom doesn’t cost more than $150.

As for the grout, it is a cement-based material used for filling gaps between tiles, providing stability and preventing water from seeping into the ground. As the grout has a porous surface, it is more susceptible to absorbing liquids, dirt, and other substances. Therefore, it can stain and promote mold growth more easily. These stains are more difficult to clean even with regular cleaning efforts.

At home, grout can be cleaned by using specialized grout cleaners. However, often there is no other way to remove grout stains but to call a professional cleaning service or replace it altogether by applying a fresh coat of grout sealer.

Changed family structure or needs over time

Your needs don’t stay the same forever. As you and your family grow, your needs evolve too. So, various parts of your house, including the bathroom, should correspond to those changing needs.

For instance, if you have kids, you need a bathroom suitable and safe for their use. To ensure their safety and ease, install soft-close toilet seats, non-slip flooring, and rounded-edge vanities.

Similarly, acquiring a pet is also a sign that you need to make changes in your bathroom. You may need to add a pet washing station or a detachable showerhead to make bath time easier. You may also need to replace your existing flooring with durable and water-resistant flooring to withstand any potential messes and scratches from pet claws.

Furthermore, your older parents moving in with you is one of those instances when you must modify your bathroom. To make your bathroom elder-proof, you can replace your bathtub with raised edges and a walk-in shower with no steps.

You should also install grab bars for stability and support and non-skid mats for traction. In addition, lever-style faucets and raised toilets can be considered for easy accessibility and convenience for seniors.  


Over time your bathroom starts showing signs that necessitate a remodeling project. However, bathroom remodeling is not always done to address mold problems or leaks. Sometimes it can be done to increase the aesthetic appeal or make it modern. Whatever the case, it is important to keep functionality and ease of use in mind.