Real estate agents rely on a steady stream of buyer and seller leads to grow their business. With enough leads, realtors can maintain momentum and their commission checks.

Traditionally, agents have relied on getting out into the community, knocking on doors, and buying contact information lists to generate leads. However, modern technology has made it possible to reach and nurture leads with online marketing tools.

Website Click-to-Call Button

Website click-to-call buttons enable visitors to connect with your customer service and sales teams in a single click. They are known to improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction. They also help you measure call tracking and gather insights to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

The best part is that they are easy to implement and benefit your business. They can improve your customer service and support, increase sales, boost client and customer retention, and more.

Adding a click-to-call button for your website is relatively simple, especially with an integrated software platform. The platform will give you a unique and direct link that can be shared on your social media pages or through email. You can even use this click-to-call widget in your paid search ads.

Once you’ve added the click-to-call widget to your website, you can test it by visiting the updated page on a smartphone. It should automatically dial the number you’ve set up. You can also add a text-based call link that prompts users to enter their phone numbers and request a callback.

To create a click-to-call link, navigate to the Gutenberg Block Editor and select “Buttons.” Add a new “Call” or “Text Call” button and type your call-to-action text. You’ll also want to include the HTML link tag for the click-to-call functionality.

Lead Capture Forms

Real estate lead generation services make collecting contact information from online visitors easy. These tools can also boost sales by improving customer retention and loyalty. They are essential for realtors and brokers, who may experience a lull in business during the winter months. Some of these tools can be expensive, but the return on investment can be significant.

Some real estate lead generation companies focus on a niche, such as foreclosures or homebuyers. Others offer a more comprehensive approach to marketing and client engagement. For example, REDX offers seller leads, which are sourced from public records and include home prices, dates of sale, and contact information. It also provides a Power Dialer, which can help agents reach more sellers quickly.

Another popular way to generate leads is through content marketing, which can generate three times as many leads as traditional marketing. For example, a blog post can promote an open house or highlight the benefits of homeownership. This strategy can be cost-effective, especially with SEO and social media marketing.

Using a real estate CRM, such as Propertybase, can help teams and brokerages nurture leads and convert them into clients. This software offers a website builder, lead identification and capture, back-office solutions, a comparative market analysis (CMA) tool, and automated listing marketing campaigns. It also has a mobile app and social media integration.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a smart way to engage and interact with your real estate leads. By capturing their information and using it to create targeted content, you can send emails that feel personal and are likely to convert. This includes emails informing your leads of upcoming open houses or events and emails informing them of new property listings.

Real estate lead generation software can also help you build trust with potential clients by delivering valuable information unavailable elsewhere. This can include mortgage or interest rate updates, property market insights, and tips on home staging. Providing this type of content can help you stand out from your competitors and increase the number of leads you convert to sales.

Getting your name out is another crucial element of real estate marketing. Use social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and other online strategies to promote your business and generate leads. You can also email your clients and prospects, informing them of your recent partnerships, such as introducing a new mortgage broker.

Realtors’ top lead gen software includes Zurple, SharpSpring, and Kunversion CRM. Kunversion CRM offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features, including intelligent campaigns, property search alerts, automated correspondence tracking, and a mobile-friendly website. Its price range is highly competitive, starting at $9 monthly for a single agent. REDX is another top choice for real estate agents. It uses aggregate data from public records to source leads, including expired, FSBO, and FRBO listings. Its Power Dialer feature helps agents contact authorities more quickly and easily.

Social Media Integration

Finding enough top-quality leads to meet your sales goals is challenging in real estate. It’s often necessary to test several lead generation services to find the ones that deliver the best results. But in the long run, consistency and knowing your audience will pay off.

The best real estate lead generation tools help you nudge leads into becoming your clients using unique websites and delightful follow-ups. They also provide a wide range of features that allow you to nurture your leads and track their progress.

One such service is Zurple, which helps you capture leads by launching home search websites in your target area of operation. Its software then analyzes each piece of information to determine how to best follow up with them. This allows you to maximize the ROI of your email campaigns by only contacting the most vital leads (in marketing jargon, these are classed as “sales-qualified” leads).

Another option is social media integration. Having a solid presence on social media can be highly beneficial to your real estate business, especially when targeting millennial buyers. This can be achieved by sharing high-quality listing videos showcasing each property’s best.

Other tools include a free business profile on Google, which can be used to promote your agency and draw in potential leads. Additionally, Instagram is an excellent way to generate real estate leads through high-quality photos and video tours.