Irrespective of the type, the boiler is always dangerous to deal with. That is the key reason the UK consistently promotes the hiring of Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out any sort of boiler repairing and replacement task throughout the country. But, apart from a gas boiler, an electric boiler also creates some buzz in the market later.

And a gas-safe engineer can’t do anything about it. If you opt for this type then plumbing knowledge is what is required more in this aspect to carry out the installation in an ideal manner. Check out below 10 steps to install an electric boiler successfully on all my own.

Verify the local building codes

It is the most important part of the entire task. In case you somehow fail to follow them then there is a risk of tearing down every installed system. Moreover, you have to start again from the very beginning. Hence try to comply with the latest Government building regulations. 

Select the boiler type that can perfectly serve your home

As per the energy and house size demands, not every boiler model is adequate in supplying hot water at its best level. That’s why you need to choose the type carefully and smartly considering the family members and house characteristics.

Recently, most homeowners are inclined to biomass and combi boilers. Boiler kind is available there on the basis of type of fuel the owner wants to use for heating up the water and home properly and even.

Select the specific supplier

There are innumerable boiler suppliers you can find in the UK and some popular ones in Europe itself. Just consider some pivotal aspects to find the right one for getting your boiler system. You should only focus on their efficacy and reliability in terms of their services. 

Ensure the budget for installation

On deciding boiler type and supplier which will provide the system make a budget to complete the installation process. Obviously, it will encompass the boiler cost. All you need is to get the inventory of every material for performing the installation in the appropriate way. 

Decide the place for boiler

Look for the exact location in your home to place flue, electrical outlet, and water pipes. Remember, the flue is essential for the easy accessibility of gas lines and venting purposes. Make sure that the ground is plain before starting with the installation procedure. Afterward, start to unpack the boiler to prepare it for installation.  

Prepare the boiler

It is all about attaching add-on pipes to the boiler! You can use a wrench to fix the circulator pump with the system and then look onto the riser nipple. This action is useful for connecting various pipes of the house with that of the boiler.

In case there are numerous piping zones in the home then get the right riser nipples number as per the zones number. However, you have to keep the wrench handy to carry out the entire action. 

Attach return pipes and feed to it

Check that there are circulator pumps in the boiler on the return side. Also, there should be a flow check on the feed side. Just tighten nuts using a wrench for attaching them. Once the process gets over, link the system to the tank of hot water through the copper pipe. The pipe bending tool is helpful to bend the pipe if you need to do so!

Fix the flue

Now take sheet metal pipe at the correct size for connecting it to the boiler’s smoke pipe. You should place elbows if needed for the connection. Drill holes for attaching it with smoke pipe using sheet metal screws for safe placement. It will vent the boiler too.  

Place the combustion fuel pipe to it

You need to do it in the right manner by following the manual of boiler installation. Ensure that you have picked the correct combustion pipe as per the manual and boiler kind you are going to install.

Start your boiler

At last, you have to check that the boiler is performing well. So, open the water line and allow it to fill. An automatic feed valve will set accurate pressure at the time to fill it.

If you are unsure about the quality of the DIY installation then you can hire any plumber and electrician. They will check and ensure if everything is right or not! You can hire a professional for boiler repair in London whenever the boiler starts malfunctioning or you find any sort of fault.