A pathetic incident happened in Mexico and it is seriously not acceptable to us. “No mercy in Mexico” – is mainly a viral video which is based on. True story. In a city like Mexico this level of scandal it’s really a huge shame to humanity.

In this article, we’ll be going to talk about the viral video’s hashtag on social media and also about the main incident No mercy in Mexico.

What about the viral video?

  • Concept

In 2022 suddenly a video got so popular and within some time the video, named “No mercy in Mexico” got an unexpected level of viewers which was more than millions. The main concept was to bring up the pathetic Mudder case to the public. So that people who don’t know about the case also get the chance to know the level of humanity these days.

  • Theme

The viral video’s theme was not too much exciting because the creator also focused on the proper concept. The creator set the theme with a normal background which goes with the video easily, not so high and not so low.

  • Graphics and video quality

The graphics and video quality were so eye-friendly. Many people tweeted about the graphic and quality of these videos too. They said that the graphic was enough to show the main concept properly and they also send so many tweets with their own reactions about the viral video.

  • The story

Let’s talk about the main story of the viral video “No mercy in Mexico” which information we got from the trending videos. Now from this line, a question is already created in our reader’s mind. That is “why I said ‘ videos’ word in this line. So, is there a single viral video or many?”  Right? Don’t worry, We will clear it up in the next point. At this point let’s know the story of the viral video.

A pathetic incident inspired to create the viral video on social media platforms. In the story, we say that a group of people or it should be called a group of psycho (mentally not stable) people kidnapped a child and his father. Then at starting the psycho people started hitting the child’s father with sticks and then they started hitting him with a sharp knife constantly. After the pathetic torture, the child became a witness to his father’s death. Just imagine how embarrassing moment this was for the whole world. And those people were not satisfied with that murder. After the father’s death, they started hitting his son with the same knife. They were hitting him till his last breath.

This is the main story of the viral videos and this is also the main story of that murder case. “No mercy in Mexico” is not only a viral video. It’s a real life based story.

The story of the real murder case

In the last point named “The story” I already mentioned the 90% story of the viral video which is exactly the same as about murder case. The other 10% of the murder case’s story is – after the death of the father and his son, people of that place called (when they heard their screaming of them) the local police and they burned the door of the main gate and helped the police to arrest the murderer.

Then during the investigation period, we noticed that the crime department’s team sealed that area and they made outlines of the shape and place of the dead bodies.

Is there a Single viral video or many?

In the last point, I promised to clear this particular question for our Honorable readers. So, without wasting time I’m here to solve the doubt to all.

At first, we got a single video that was getting popular in the newsfeed and people also searched for the video on the search bar. We thought this is the only one video but after some time we got so many videos with the same topic and concept with another face or another video creator.

In some videos, we saw that the kidnappers were hitting a woman with a knife. Maybe the creator’s group had not male actor so, they chose the female version. It seems that the acting skills or face are not so important in that videos. The main motive was to show one of the most pathetic incidents that happened in Mexico.

How the video came into #Trending so fast?

To come into trending videos creators have to make Hashtags(#), Keywords (short and long), Captions, search engine keywords, watch time, etc. This side of work is called SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization”.

This method of analysis helps video to come on trends. Because SEO work helps users to find trending videos by the hashtags and also it helps to find videos by searching in the search tool in the app.

This video – No mercy in Mexico, has an attractive and pathetic story with a real-life based incident with proper proof. When people started sharing and viewing the reels on this topic again and again, the algorithm of the app caught that easily and then the app also started this video in trending reels. Also, the title of the video turned into a hashtag for better analysis, ” #nomercyinmexico ” and “#trendingvideo”.

From which app did No mercy in Mexico go viral?

The most viral video of 2k22, named No mercy in Mexico – was viral in the TikTok app and this concept was accepted by people from TikTok also. This video-creating platform make the #No mercy in Mexico video viral.

We all know that in the whole except India, the Tiktok app has its own popularity as a video and content creation platform. So, as most of the people of Mexico watch Tiktok so at that time it was a little easier option to make the new content and video viral. So the creators accepted to make videos on this beast side of humans.

The popularity of No mercy in Mexico

This video mainly came to the newsfeed between the few months of 2021 to the first months of 2022. No mercy in Mexico got more than 6.3 million viewers on Tiktok. Not only this, No mercy in Mexico got more achievements. Like – people started sharing this post on Twitter and also people started writing scripts with the content to make videos on YouTube and many other platforms. The viewers also wrote their opinions and thoughts about the viral video and they also said many lines with the real incident of kidnapping and so-called murder case.


In the era of social media with content and video creation, we got such a lesson about how humans can turn into beasts so easily. With this trending video No mercy in Mexico, we saw that seriously how a man can hit another one like a monster. Such a shameful case for Mexico City.


What is No mercy in Mexico?

No mercy in Mexico – is a title and hashtag of a viral video.

In which year did this video go viral?

No mercy in Mexico was viral between 2021 to 2022.

What was the inspiration for this viral video?

a case of pathetic murder of a child and his father.

How the murder was done?

Murders are constantly hit with a sharp knife till their last breath.