Don’t use hashtags that are super popular 

Certainly,  you should not  showcase the trend towards hackneyed  hashtag formats which are sought-after among common people.  It will destroy your purpose of brand promotion. 

Do use 30 hashtags

You should  utilize all the  hashtags   which are allowed by  social media  portals like Instagram. For instance, this website  allows   users to use  maximum 30 hashtags in different  messages.  You have to plan in this way. 

Don’t use irrelevant hashtags

Steer clear of  irrelevant  and useless hashtag signs. It does not bring any  result to you in the long run.  The audience is engaged by checking the attractive hashtag signs.  In this connection,  watch few online video clips, and  templates to have a realistic idea. 

Do create multiple different hashtag sets

To avoid stereotyping and dullness,  you need to be strategic in the usage of the innovative   hashtag signs without sitting on the same format/font size again and again.  Create multiple  hashtags  for each online content or blog post.  You have to recycle these signs in a different way to enhance the  aesthetic appeal.

Don’t use banned hashtags

Many  hashtag signs have been  excluded or deactivated due to the  mishandling.  Someone has misused it for bad purpose.  Instagram has published the list of  banned   Hashtag signs. Download the checklist to go through these abandoned signs.

Do conduct hashtag research 

The experiment is a vital thing for you to have more  out-of-box  themes to hand-craft new hashtag signs.  Naturally, you should be research oriented,  dynamic and determined to  start online self-study.  You must be creator of making the exceptional ultra-modern effective hastag signs.

Don’t put all of your hashtags in your caption 

Putting hashtag in every caption and  comment is not worth the effect. Certainly, it will not lure the audience. The artwork is that you have to spread this sign in between the message or comment for compactness and content orchestration. 

DO- Make Hashtags User Friendly

Sometimes, you may use hashtag sign with a set of words in a straightforward way. It creates confusion.  Instead, try to capitalize first letter of the word at the time of placing hashtag sign.  For instance, #ParisDigital (avoid # parisdigital).  The capitalization of the first letter makes it convenient for a reader.  It enhances the clarity in understanding the concepts.  The ambiguity is controlled when anyone checks the message with the hashtag symbol. 

Don’t Use Hashtag with Every Word or Term

Do not punch hashtag every time to construct your sentence.  You have to be meticulous where to place this special sign perfectly to maintain the transparency in between sentences.  Experts have experienced that repetition of hashtag usage reduces the strength and importance of the message to attract online visitors.

DO- Use Popular Hashtags

For brand promotional campaign, it is a great effort from your side to opt for the special hashtag sign with the motivational terms or words to generate more inspirations. In this connection, a few samples or templates are handy for you.

Do Not Insert Hashtag Sign to Form an Odd Keyword 

Track the trend in the social media marketing before applying so many hashtag signs to build up the messages or Tweet tags.  Others are also sending texts using this sign. Therefore, browse online to have the best keywords which are fitted to the hashtag.

Place Hashtag in Middle of the Content

You should locate the place for fixing this hashtag sign to increase the visibility of the content. Usually, it is seen at the last part of the message or in the beginning. Right now, experts have got productive results by installing it in the body of the content.

Don’t Use Hashtag with the Long Tail Words/Terms

The long tail phrases and words   should not have the hashtags as it will be complicated for a beginner to read the whole body of the text. The usability of this special sign should be relevant to the context. 

Hashtag signs are important tools for online advertisement and marketing.  Since 2017,   marketers have been introducing these signs to their blogs to enhance the importance of the lead generation campaign. Top companies, bloggers and online entrepreneurs prefer hashtags to make the content presentable.