In this article, our readers gonna about a self-dependent women biography, named Mrs. Nadine Caridi. She faced so many struggles in her life But that’s all not from her childhood. I am talking about her married life. Her struggle started when she got married to Mr. Jordan Belfort. After marriage, he turned into a devil and started torturing her wife.

To know the whole story of how she came out from – abuse, torture, and also the drama of her husband’s affair and many more things,  read this article carefully.

Who is Nadine Caridi?

Mrs. Nadine Caridi is such a multi-talented woman. She was a model in the American modeling world at a young age. She is a professional doctor in her professional life and she is a fighter in her marriage life.

Beginning of Nadine Caridi’s life –

  • Birth

Nadine Caridi was born on 6th November 1962, in the vintage city, located in London. She was born in a British family (Caridi’s house) as a little princess of Mr. And Mrs. Caridi.

  • Childhood

Nadine Caridi was born in a city in the United Kingdom and she was brought up in Brooklyn (US).

From her childhood, she was not famous but she always wanted to be a successful and famous model in the modeling world. She was so passionate about modeling from her childhood.

  • Youth

Nadine Caridi completed her schooling at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn. After passing out of secondary education, she took admitted to this same institution for higher education. So, she passed out from John Dewey High School ( Brooklyn ).

  • Career

Since childhood, Nadine always wanted to be a famous model but she also knew that study is also important in life and like every parent Nadine’s parents also wanted that she will atlist complete her higher education.

After finishing higher study she started walking towards fulfilling her dream. From a young age, she started to work hard to get success in her modeling career. Her attractive look, style, and smartness helped her so much to get into modeling. From the beginning of her modeling career, it was going well.

In her adult life, she completed her higher education – A Ph.D. in clinical physiology. She positively took her degree and start work as a psychotherapist. She gives people therapy to help them to come out from mental trauma, etc.

Her work experience as a model

Nadine Caridi worked in so many advertisements of products. Also, she works with many makeup artists and businessmen or commercials.

  • She worked as a Beer brand advertising model. She helped to promote the brand, called Miller Lite.
  • She also worked in 90’s national-level commercial campaigns.
  • Nadine also worked with many brands and companies to promote and advertise their products.

Overall it makes sense that Nadine was a good model. She was satisfied with her work s she can say to herself that modeling is the one thing at which she was good. In her modeling career, she gained much success and fame and this was too high for her expectations and dreams. Her work was appreciated and her hard works also deserve success.

Journey of a Successful Doctor

Ph.D. in clinical physiology and starting to use the degree as a profession. She joined Manhattan Beach Community Counseling as an intern and she placed herself as a family therapist. In her journey as a doctor or psychotherapist, she provides therapy to adults, and couples and brings them out from mental issues like –

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationships problems and
  • Life transitions.

A Quick Biography of Nadine Caridi

NameNadine Caridi
Other NamesDr. Nadine Macaluso
Date Of Birth6th November 1962
Parents NameMr Caridi and Mrs Caridi
Age(as of 2023)61 years (on 6th November 2023)
Height5 feet and 6 inches (167cm.)
Weight56 kg (as of 2021) in pounds 123 lbs
Body measurement (2021)38 – 30 – 40 (Brest – waist – hips)
Home townLondon, United Kingdom
Current residents (as of 2023)Los Angels, California, United States
SchoolingJohn Dewey High School
Higher EducationPacifica Graduate Institute (Ph.D. in clinical physiology)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
Shoe Size7 UK
Relationship StatusMarried

Relationship status

  • Before marriage

From 1988 to 1990, Nadine Caridi was in a relationship with a guy named Alan Wilzig. He was an American entrepreneur. They dated for two years but after some time they broke up for any reason and this reason is still unknown. She is still not comfortable talking about her ex-boyfriend in any interview or anything.

  • After marriage

Nadine Caridi is mainly famous for her ex-husband Mr Jordan Belfort who is a rich successful businessman and an American entrepreneur. But in his personal life, he played such a devil’s role. He always use to abuse her wife Nadine and also he cheated on her. At last, after all the struggle she just lost her patience and trust and everything from him. So, she decided to case a divorce file and she left him.

After the divorce, she was living life as a single mother of 2 children then she met a gentleman who was a single father with his 3 children. They tied up their life’s knot together.

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Mr. Jordan Belfort was a successful businessman. He also likes to invest money in the stock market and trading. Jordan had a big amount of bank balance and a luxurious life.

Jordan was an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker but at a point, he became a financial criminal. He was scammed or suspected of fraud that was connected to the stock market. Because of this case, Mr. Belfort had to spend 22 months of his life, in jail or prison and 1 month in rehab. Jordan has one more identification, he is the ex-husband of Nadine Caridi now.

Quick Bio of Mr. Jordan Belfort

NameJordan Ross Belfort
Date of Birth9 July 1962
Birth PlaceThe Bronx, New York City, US
SchoolingBayside High School
GraduationAmerican University (BSC)
Criminal Status22 months in prison (released in April 2006)

How did Jordan get success in life?

At the beginning of his journey, he worked as a seller. He used to sell meat and seafood dore by dore in New York’s Islands. Then he finds out about his interest in the business. He started to grow his meet selling business and he got a huge success. In one week he sold 5,000 pounds (2300 kg.) Meet with the help of his co-workers.

When and how Nadine Caridi met Jordan for the first time?

They both were at a night party which was arranged by their friend. So, like they met at a party of their common friends. They were enjoying and playing games with wine, hard drinks, and snakes. So, at first, they met as a stranger, and then when they start talking they found the same vibes together. Then they exchanged their numbers and came closer.

Decided to stay together legally (wedding ceremony)

After leading 9 years of single, life finally, Nadine Caridi changed her relationship status from single to married. She always changed her surname from Caridi to Belfort.

Mr. Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi promised each other to stay together till their last breath in 1999. They got married and they became Mr. And Mrs Belfort.

After marrying Mr. Jordan, Nadine also became so popular. Mr. Jorda always has a huge audience because of his business, and other professions and also because of his huge bank balance too. So, Mrs. Nadine became famous as his wife. Mr. Jordan always gives her wife expensive gifts and also he always tried to give her a luxurious life.

Their Kids

After marriage, they gave birth to two children one girl and one boy. Their first baby was a girl named Chandler Winter and the 2nd baby was a boy named Cater J. Belfort.

Caridi’s daughter and son are now married. Her daughter Chandler Winter married a businessman named Cate Schiff and her son Cater J. Belfort is married to Connor Winter. They both are happy in their personal life with their partners.

Mr. Belfort turned into a devil

Mrs. Nadine Caridi started noticing some sudden changes in her husband. He was getting into drug addiction day by day and he also started abusing her wife so badly. Still, Mrs. Caridi treated him so nicely but that looks like their relationship is not working anymore. Every day they were fighting and Mrs. Caridi was losing her self-respect at every moment. Her husband always abused her in front of their kids and one day in an argument he struck her wife with his hand and then kicked Nadine down the stairs. That day she felt that it is domestic violence and she should protest this crime she should give priority to her self-respect and uses self-defences

Mrs. Nadine Caridi filed a divorce case

When Mrs. Nadine filed a divorce case she found out that Mr. Jordan already have an affair with a girl and he was continuously cheating on her. At that time she was book broken 100% mentally and financially. In that case, she dictated to take her both children with her. They got divorced in 2005 and Mrs. Caridi Decided to grow up as a single mother.

Achievement after divorce

Nadine Caridi was supporting her kids as a single parent and also she gave her life a new beginning. She started higher education at Pacifica Graduate Institute and she chose to do PhD in clinical physiology. After finishing her study she worked as an intern in Manhattan Beach Community Counseling. She took her degree in clinical psychology as a profession. She gives people to therapy and helps them to come out from toxic marriages and relationships.

The second marriage of Nadine Caridi

Now Nadine Caridi is a successful psychologist and therapist. After getting success in life now she is stable mentally and financially. After some time she married Mr. John Macaluso at Manhattan Beach in California. So, now Nadine became Mrs. Macaluso.

Mr. Macaluso was also a single father of 3 kids with his ex-wife named Nikki Mc Ternan, Frankie Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso. So,  now Nadine has 5 kids and peaceful life with happiness.

Personal information of Nadine Caridi

NameMrs. Nadine Macaluso (John Macaluso’s wife now)
Popular asMr. Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife
Own children2 ( Son – Cater J. Belfort. And Daughter – Chandler Winter)
Step DaughtersNikki Mc Ternan, Frankie Macaluso and Allie Macaluso
Daughter in lawCate Schiff
Son in lawConnor Winter
Ex BoyfriendMr. Alan Wilzig
Ex HusbandMr. Jordan Belfort
PrePregnantMr. John Macaluso
Marital statusMarried

Who is John Macaluso?

Mr John Macaluso is the CEO of Wizard World and also he has a garment manufacturing company. So, we can call him a businessman too. Mr. John Macaluso is 22 years older than Nadine. So, now in 2023, he is 78 years old and now he is Nadine’s husband too.

Nadine Caridi’s social media appearance

  • Facebook – Mrs. Nadine’s Facebook account name is Nadine Macaluso.

Link –

  • Instagram – Nadine had a verified Instagram account named Dr. Nadine Macaluso (@therealdrnadine). She has 2582 posts and 53.6k followers on Instagram. Mrs. Nadine follows 4678 people on her Instagram account.

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  • Twitter – Her Twitter account name is Dr. Nadine Caridi and her user name is @therealdrnadine. She has 1016 followers on Twitter and she follows 278 people on her Twitter account.

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  • YouTube – Nadine has a YouTube channel named ‘The Real Dr. Nadine’ and the user name is @TheRealDrNadine. On YouTube, she posts videos related to therapy and she posted 47 videos ( till May 2023). Nadine has 1.23k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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  • TikTok – Nadine’s Tiktok account user name is @denaelmft.

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  • LinkedIn – Her LinkedIn account name is Dr. Nadine Macaluso. She has 2k followers and 500+ connections in her LinkedIn account.

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Mrs. Nadine Macaluso has also written a book about trauma therapy, named – ‘Trauma bonding book’.