Celebrities have time and again picked the interest of the common masses. The glamorous life they lead and their achievements inspire many individuals. Similarly, the personal life of numerous celebrities which involves their relationship is also a matter of chat. 

Amongst such celebrities, Lori Mccommas is also often mentioned. Her marriage to the Marvel Hero, Terrence Howard, has made the news, which triggered the media to have an interest in her achievements.

Who is Lori Mccommas?

Lori is the first wife of Terrance Howard. She may not have as much impact in her field of work, as her husband. However, she is a multi-talented woman. This versatile personality is not only an actress in Hollywood, but she is also a rapper, singer, and song producer.

Other than being the first wife of Terrence Howard, Lori has a few personal achievements that made her recognized as a public figure. Her music career may not have made a huge mark. However, her music production house has helped to tailor various renowned tracks.

Early life and career of Lori Mccommas

The early life of Lori Mccommas is not widely known. People are aware of her Jewish ancestry, but information about her maiden family is not clearly available in the media. 

Other than her involvement in the field of music, much about her career is also unknown. Her interest in the field remains private. However, a few reports suggest that this versatile public figure is hard-working and focused on her career. Her dedication in her field of work has helped her to avail a net worth of 50 million dollars. 

Who is Terrence Howard?

An American actor, Terrance Dashon Howard was born in 1969. His claim to fame was his role as James Rhodes in the first Iron Man movie. Amongst his major movie roles in Hollywood are Dead Presidents and Mr. Holland’s Opus. Other than that, his role in the movie Hustle and Flow gained him fame. This movie also allowed him to win the prestigious Academy Award for the position of Best Actor in a Feature Film.

This Chicago, Illinois-born actor is talented in his field of work. His parents were Anita Howard and Tyrone Howard. Terrance Howard met his first wife, Lori Mccommas when he reached the peak of his career. The couple tied the knot in 1993. Other than that, he has five children whom he co-parents with his wife, Lori.

The infamous marriage and split between Terrence Howard and Lori Mccommas –

This Jewish-born actress met Terrence Howard, and they got married in 1993. However, this union triggered ups and downs in both of their lives. Despite having three children together, the couple called off their relationship in 2003.

The complications surrounding this union did not end with their split in 2003. The couple wanted to reconcile their marriage for the sake of their family. They reunited and re-married in 2005.

The reconciliation between Lori Mccommas and Terrence Howard made things further difficult for both parties. The remarriage did not last and the couple filed for divorce, for the second time in 2006. There are rumors regarding the complications of this split. 

The lengthy legal process was not finalized easily. However, there has not been any legitimate news that supported the rumors of difficulties. In 2007 the divorce case was officially finalized, and the couple split for the second time.

What happened between the couple after the split?

After the fatal split between the couple, Terrence Howard has married twice, to two different women. However, both of his marital relationships did not last. He co-parents his children along with his ex-wives. With Lori Mccommas, he has three children, and from other respective partners, he has two more children.

After the final split with Terrence Howard, Lori has started to lead her usual life. It has been suggested in different articles that she is content with her life. However, like her career, Lori keeps her personal life protected from the eyes of the media. She also protects her children from the speculations and scrutiny of the gossip mongers. 

Whether she remarried or not has not yet been public. Therefore, people assume that after the final split, Lori Mccommas has remained single, and is busy taking care of her children and her career in the music industry.


In conclusion, Lori Mccommas is one of the celebrities, who availed the most recognition after their marriage. However, her marriage and reconciliation with the Hustle and Flow actor, Terrence Howard did not prove to be successful. The reasons behind the split are unknown. Similarly, much about the career and personal life of this celebrity is unknown to the media. Hence, it is perceived that she likes to lead her life away from the spotlight.


In which role did Terrence Howard was cast in the Marvel Franchise?

Terrence Howard starred in the first Iron Man movie. He played the character of James Rhodes. He starred alongside Rober Downey Jr and Gweneth Paltrow.

What is the net worth of Lori Mccommas?

The net worth of Lori Mccommas is $45 million as per the latest update.