Hey readers, welcome to another Manga Comic series. Here I came with a romantic and comedy series with thrill and suspense too. Overall it’s a full package of enjoyment. This series is called the law of reincarnation raw

I hope you guys could connect with the maturity of the characters and also readers can connect with the present life laws which hit us all the time.

Is it called Manga Comic or Manhwa Comic?

Before starting the main story of maturity themes, I am clearing this doubt which I personally faced too in the beginning. Manga and Manhwa Comic both are the same Comic book with two different names. So, you can call these Comics as per your choice. 

What is Manga Comic?

Manga or Manhwa is a hard copy version of a book that comes with a graphic novel version. Manga Comics are much clear with their stories and characters and also with the character’s lines. Manga Comics was mainly produced and published in Japan country from the beginning to now. This has 3 types of categories like –

  • KODOMO: This version is for 8 years to 9 years kids.
  • SHONEN: Shonen version is for 12 years to 18 years or 19 years people (mainly for teenagers).
  • SEINEN: This version targets people between 18 years to 40 years, basically it’s for adults and mature persons.

Writer’s details

Law of reincarnation raw, this version of the Comic book is written by Matgini and she is a Korean Manhwa artist. The writer has written this comic book in the Korean version. So, it might be possible that the writer is Korean.

Parts and Chapters of the law of reincarnation raw

This Korean Comic Book has a total number of 37 translated chapters and this should be notify that so many chapters are still waiting for the right time to come up. From chapter number 38 to the end season is in progress.

The main characters of the law of reincarnation raw

The main characters mean what I tried to say about our hero and heroine. This comic is about a love story. So, the main characters are a boy and a girl logically. They are named Mr. Jihoon and Miss. Seoyeon. Let’s do a briefly discussed about them.

  • Jihoon:

 Our hero Jihoon is a good-looking lawyer who has a successful career and future. He always got every achievement that he wanted in his life except an ideal match. He was in search of a woman who can fulfill his love life. But only on that side, Jihoon was unlucky. Jihoon is a smart, successful, good-looking, charming boy. So, he got many proposals in his whole life but he only want a perfect soulmate for the rest of his life. 

  • Seoyeon:

 Our heroine is such a brave girl with loyalty. Seoyeon has a superpower and with this power, she was able to see her last life’s tragedy and unsuccessful story of love. She is very attractive and beautiful but still she was single and in search of her last life’s partner. After meeting Jihoon she claimed that he was her partner from last life and their story was incomplete there. So, she wants to fight and complete that in this life and wants to use their last chance to attach.

The main Story

  • Definition 

The main story of the law of reincarnation raw comes with a combination of fantasy and romance. It’s about a boy and a girl. The writing type of this Comic is different. Their readers will get suspense and mysteries more than romance. 

  • Starting scene 

Our hero Mr. Jihoon is such a gentleman. He earned everything in his life but it’s a fact that in this world no one has everything. We all have a little disappointment in our life and that is a hard truth. In the same way, our hero was facing big trouble with his love life.

Jihoon chose his career as a lawyer and got back-to-back success in every step of his life but he always felt unlucky in love. He was searching for his soulmate many years ago but he always failed to find whom he wants to treat like his queen.

On the other side, our heroine has a mysterious vision in her life. She was finding her life partner for a long time and unexpectedly the guy was Jihoon.

  • First meeting 

One day finally our heroine Seoyeon found her prince and on the other side, Jihoon met a woman named Seoyeon. He felt that she is mysterious, she is different and she has a full dictionary of suspense. After some common talks, they decided to spend some more time with each other. And Jihoon was also excited to listen to her hidden side.

  • Explore the suspense

After creating all the suspense the bountiful girl started talking about her past life. Actually not only her, she said about their past life. Which was so mysterious and dramatic and also that seems like a film’s story. 

Seoyeon claimed to Jihoon that he was her past life partner. Basically, they were couples in their last life. She clearly said that the was in Ancient Egypt at that time and they felt for each other and she also claimed that she was his last life’s reincarnated lover.

Then next she said that they tried to find each other many times but each and every time they failed. Their love life separated because of fate and they died with an unsuccessful love story. Whenever they tried to give a name and permanent security to their love always they met with their enemies in their way. And at last, she said that it is their last chance to win and “either make this count or face the sequences” like losing the love.

The theme

The theme of law of reincarnation raw at created with the at of the last life, the mystery of vision or superpower, the fantasy of love, reincarnation, finding a soulmate, romance with drama and fate, trust issues, etc.


Who loves romantic novels with tragedy and suspense, law of reincarnation raw is the most perfect series for them. I personally felt that they fight a lot for each other. It proves that what’s the power of love and connection. Even in this life, they know it’s their last chance to own each other but still, they are ready to fight with the enemies. Even the girl knew about all the past and present life but on the other side, the boy Jihoon just trusted on her blindly, when she just came as a stranger in this life. 

Overall it’s a full-package series. You guys can read it online too for free, if you have enough time to read the whole novel. Otherwise, I already gave the easiest solution just read this article for free without wasting any time.


Who is the writer of law of reincarnation raw?

The writer’s name is Matgini.

In which language was this article published?

The artist Matgini wrote this novel in Korean Manhwa.

How many chapters it has?

It has 37 chapters as of this year (2023).

What’s the name of the hero and heroine?

The hero’s name is Jihoon and his heroine’s name is Seoyeon.