This article is all about “Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23” which is the 23rd chapter of a series. If you completed the last 22 chapters and looking for the overview of the 23rd chapter then you are in the right article.

The lead characters Jean Claude and Angela both were so much attached to cultivation. They made a target of thousand years with a high risk. This whole work if they lose, will not be only their loss, but also the whole team of farmers will lose everything.


In this article, I’m going to describe the whole chapter as short as possible. So, now our readers just have to keep a little patience and you all have to read Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23 positively.

Chapter No. 23 in short

In this 23rd chapter of Secretly cultivate for a thousand years, the writer has written about

  • The risky cultivation of thousand years is logically not possible.
  • The much powerful curse and how people died because of it.
  • He also wrote about a woman who was fallen in love with a person and about their future, They get a happy ending or not, The true love win or lose? , etc.
  • After marriage how the woman found a plant and what did she do with that little plant?

The writer added many more interesting, exciting, and thrilling parts of the series in this chapter. He also revealed many twists and turns in this chapter.

To know about the story and to clear your curiosity, keep reading the details given below.

Is cultivation so hard?

Cultivation is not a newborn process. So, this is not easy or normal work. To do cultivation people must have to maintain some rules and regulations. Otherwise, the product will be damaged. It makes sense that this is a very risky process. Because if the farmer skips any step during the cultivation, they will make a huge loss and the cultivation will fully finish. Also, the whole team will lose everything because,  to cultivate people must need a huge amount of capital and when they skip a single time, they will lose the whole crop or plans and also the money they invested in cultivation.

When did the cultivation start for the first time?

The cultivation started more than 11,700(eleven thousand and seven hundred) years ago in this world.

The cultivation was started by the primitives in the last Pleistocene glacial period or Ice Age. They started to fulfill their need of hunger by growing some foods or plants.

This process is still going in the whole world but just the difference is that the primitives were started in a very undeveloped way and nowadays farmers doing this in so much development with the grains and also the well-developed machines. So, this cultivation process is much easier nowadays but still, it is very risky for the farmers and their investments.

Rules of Cultivation

To cultivate you must maintain some rules properly otherwise it might not work process and it could be the reason for your failure.

Steps –

  • To start cultivation you may have a huge amount of capital or foundation.
  • To cultivate you must have to choose a leader who can stay strong mentally and physically in every situation.
  • here needs of many people who are experienced and experts in cultivation with much knowledge.

The main story of “Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23”

The main characters of the story are Jean Claude and Angela. They set a target to cultivate for thousand years and they started the work as per the plan, which they have dictated.

They keep this plan secret from all and they also decided to keep the whole cultivation for thousand years.

Since they started growing plants they were continuing it with honesty. At that time they comes to contact with many people who also wanted to become farmers and grow plants. From there the main journey started in this novel or series.

They always believed that good luck comes from hard work. If anyone can sacrifice their whole body power in work only then they can get huge success in life. Humans cultivated science Ice age for leaving and now it’s much more than a thousand years passed.

In this part of the series “Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23” Jean Claude and Angela met a person named Mortain. After meeting him Jean Claude and Angela got distracted from their honest target and they started to plan how they can beat Mortain. In that decision, they forgot that their one silly decision can ruin them all.

To beat Mortain they tried to cultivate a plant that can grow money in huge amounts but after cultivating this plan for one time, the lands were fully ruined even no other plants can grow in that land.

The other side of this chapter 23

On the other side, there is a cute story about a lovely couple but there also has many struggles and sadness.

There lived a woman who was fallen in love with a man. After so many struggles finally they got married. After marriage, the lady found a little tree and she plants that in their Garden. The little plant growing day by day and also the love for plants was growing in the lady. She started gardening. After some time her husband passed away. Even in that situation, she was so much strength and she started planting more trees and making it a business. The business was developing day by day and the lady became very rich. That shows that struggle and hard work will not make you down in any situation. So always be strong and be focused on your work not about a single time or in any situation.

Who is Mortain?

who is Mortain

Mortain was a king of a country and he was reserved for taking care of his kingdom. As a king Mortain has everything and he was one of the richest king at that time and also an ideal king for the people.

Where can you read “Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23”?

For readers who want to read this series, I’m giving 4 ways to read the series and also giving some information for readers. Read this properly.

  • Readers can read this article thoroughly to get the information about the 23rd chapter of this series and I have also written some more things related to this topic to make this easier for the readers.
  • If you don’t have so much time, then you can read the point (The main story of “Secretly Cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23”) to know about the main story only.
  • If you want to read it offline, then u have to buy the whole copy of the novel. Because there has no copy for any single chapter.
  • Readers can get the opportunity to read it online from the main website of this novel. Such as – Tapas, Webtoons, Tappytoon, Toomics, Netcomics and Lezhin Comics. These all websites are legal and trustable. But in this process ready have to find this chapter and also to read the whole chapter you have to spend a huge time.

In my open opinion, it is better to read any article to know about chapter 23. This will save your time and also the articles are always easier to understand.


In this chapter, there is so much thrill and excitement and also there is a Motivational part that can motivate paper for any work they want to do. I like this novel and, this chapter is going to satisfy the readers who are reading this chapter and also who read the other 22 chapters. So read this Secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23 and be focused on reading and also in your life always. This story is not only about cultivation, but it also shows how people are struggling to survive.