Kokoa TV is one of the popular Korean movie streaming service providers. This one-stop destination for millions of movie fans is now so near to you that you are just a few clicks away. That means you have the smartest steaming toolkit to watch movies, TV shows, Korean dramas, and even news at any time. it is a different entertainment hub for you as Kokoa TV is a multi-mode online streamer with an open-source platform. To simplify, it is an easy-to-maintain personalized movie-watching site. You can check new releases of movies, TV series, and crime serials on your Android. Know everything about this online streaming portal and how it works to entertain a trillion viewers. 

What Is Kokoa TV?

The world of digital entertainment has expanded to replace conventional movie watching. Right now, the online streaming service is one of the primary sources for recreation. Kokoa TV is not an exception as it is also known as the top sought-after streaming portal for the Korean audience. However, it is also a multilingual streamer as you can watch movies in different languages. 

What Type of Entertainment Do You Get?

Recently, people have become dependent mainly on the internet which opens the doors for them to get interesting entertainment programs. Kokoa TV is the platform for you to use different modes for spoon-feeding your kids with a lot of TV shows, cartoon/anime pictures, and child movies. Besides, for adult people, there are bundles of movies, TV serials, and current reality shows. Get access to Korean dramas which are spicy for the audience. This is the right online streaming website that is affordable for people to watch TV serials/the latest movies/sports and many more. 

Top Features of Kokoa TV

  • Kokoa tv is an open-source streamer
  • The variety of entertainment programs to access 
  • The cross-device compatible 
  • The high-color resolution HD pictures
  • The unlimited access to old and new releases 
  • High-quality cinematic view 
  • The one-stop platform for watching movies, TV series, Korean dramas and crime series
  • Easy subscription
  • Free movie streaming 
  • On-demand movie streaming 

Easy Sign-up Process

  • Kokoa TV website link should be clicked for registration
  • On your Android, you can reload the page of the Kokoa TV site to open
  • Share your details like name, mobile number, email address, etc for free signup
  • The whole registration takes a minute for activation of your subscription to stream movies 
  • There are top three plans- basic, premium, and standard including a free trial option
  • For the basic plan, the free demo is available for seven working days
  • To buy subscriptions for premium and standard plans, you need to use your PayPal or credit/debit cards for transactions
  • After the legal registration, it is your world to explore the digital movie streaming

Subscription Details

To use Kokoa TV, you need to register and then buy an online membership. This subscription varied depending on the package. For instance, the cheapest subscription is the basic plan which costs you $4.99 per month. This subscription option enables you to watch movies in 480p SD mode for a single device. That means, there is no chance of sharing the content with multiple devices. Choose a single device to stream the online entertainment programs.

Standard Plan 

Under the standard plan, the monthly subscription is $9.99 for movie streaming in 1080 p hd on two selected devices. You have to do the proper device pairing. 

Premium Plan

By paying $14.99 per month, you are eligible to stream movies, TV shows, and live news broadcasts in 4k quality for a cluster of four devices. 

Watch Movies from Adventure to Comedy

Kokoa TV channel is personalized. You can collect the classic ingredients for entertainment during leisure hours. To do that, feel free to stream movies covering various genres – from Korean drama, comedy, and crime series to action-packed movies. Adventure, family drama, sports, news, and live soccer are accessible to your single device. 

Get Updates

Get new updates about the movies that hit the box office recently. Easily, from home, you can watch the most interesting movies and TV shows. Recent updates notify the audience about the new releases which include 

  • Inception (2010) 
  • The Godfather (1972) 
  • Stranger Things (2016-2022) 
  • Crash Landing on You (2019) 
  • The Queen’s Gambit (2020) 
  • Pulp Fiction (1994) 
  • Kingdom (2019-2020) 
  • The Crown (2016-2023)

A to Z TV Shows on Kokoa TV

When you need to be relaxed after working hard, you should search for decent entertainment. Needless to say, Kokoa TV is such a platform for you to watch live broadcasting TV series, sports, news, and various types of movies. The popular TV serials attract the audience. Especially, Korean dramas are extremely enjoyable. There are touches of wild thrill, suspense, comedy, action, and adventure in the TV shows. Come to know about the recent incidents, top-breaking headlines, and quick picks of the day. From A to Z, you have the box of entertainment to manage your bad mood. 

Check Supported Devices to Download Kokoa TV

Kokoa TV streaming app is the source of access to tons of digital content including movies, TV shows, live broadcasting, sports, commercial promotional shows, and news. To launch the app on your device, you should the device compatibility. This Kokoa TV streaming app gives support to IOS, Mac, android, laptop, and conventional computers. The fast movie streaming feature helps you watch lengthy documentary movies, action-packed Hollywood box office hits, and TV shows. 

Why Is Kokoa TV Popular?

Kokoa TV is popular for its widest application covering multiple domains like live sports, movies, TV shows, news, and breaking headlines. It offers an affordable entertainment package for you without any hidden catch. Besides, the audio-visual effect is much superior. Movies have high-definition quality.

Is Kokoa TV Safe?

 The online streaming sites are no longer unprotected. It is because of the usage of stronger antivirus patches. However, still, the cybercrime cases still soar up to threaten the audience. Kokoa TV is a good streaming website that ensures tight security to prevent phishing, spyware attacks, and hacking exposure. 


For hardcore movie fans, Kokoa TV is one of the greatest places for entertainment. This hands-free personalized platform is colorful because you can find a wide collection of movies, TV serials, news, sports, podcasts, and the latest updates as well. Therefore, with time proceeding, it is becoming a cost-effective solution for you to stream the world of digital entertainment.


Why do you like Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV is the only one-stop platform for having the faster movie streaming access including instant news updates, sports, and TV serials.

Is it free to stream movies ?

If you like to opt for the basic plan, you can try the trial version for 7 days before buying the subscription.

What are other plans to subscribe Kokoa TV?

Apart from basic, there are premium and standard plans.

Is Kokoa TV available in multilingual mode?

Kokoa TV is basically Korean streaming portal but you can watch movies in different languages. There is dubbing option to watch movies.