Google Trends is a content coming plus (CC+) website anyone can use to see what people are working on, what they’re googling, and how ꞌinterest in a topic has changed over time. The way it works is by making a search for any keyword or topic on the front webpage. Then the content coming plus site will show you related searches from another tab called “Searches”. A real-time graph of these related searches will appear under the tab “Real-Time Search Graph” with an average color that affects a certain time period. Here you can see how Google Trends have broken down the information by geographical location, age, and gender of the searchers.

When you are looking for a keyword to optimize your site for, it is important to use a tool that will give you statistics not only on the number of searches per month but also distributions of those searches from different geographical locations and demographics as well with a statistic of the world you have available at your disposal. Now ƅack to Google Trends, ӏn the riр Һere’s how it works:

Step One: Make a search for your chosen Keyword and click on “Interest Over Time;” this will show you the relative searches in different regions throughout selected years. You can also select an organized period (e.g., year) or a custom date range.

Step two: Choose desired time span if necessary or keep the default period and choose your query within the Content Coming Plus box in the right-hand corner. This data is not available for every keyword so you might have to use a different tool. Now tҺat you have Google Trends ƅy Google itself, Google trends for SEO, Google trends for PPC ads are all the tools that are available to help you choose your keywords. It is an easy-to-use tool and is pretty much simplified so you can easily navigate through it without any problem. Using Google Trends will help you to know the monthly searches of a keyword which will help you into easier conversions.

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We missed something!!! Google Trends is also great for…

– Understanding consumer trends

– Targeting specific market segments

– Understanding how your brand is performing in Google searches

– Learning when to time campaigns (e.g., seasonal campaigns) Google Trends can help you understand when people are online and searching Google specifically looking for your product/service/brand – in other words,

“But of course, with any luck, you’ll have plenty of time to plan new campaigns throughout the year.” Google Trends isn’t just great for search engine optimization marketing – it’s a valuable tool any business can benefit from by monitoring related keywords and identifying growth opportunities. Google Trends is a free Google tool that uses Google search data to show trending searches and an overview of search popularity on Google over time. Google Trends is based on the general public’s interest, which means they are an extremely valuable tool for marketers. If you are looking for one Google service to use to grow your online business, Google Trends should be it! Finally, Google Trends can also help you understand if particular topics are growing or declining. This insight is great because it helps B2B marketers identify new leads – prospects who have similar interests as their current clients but perhaps not enough industry expertise or authority yet to land top-level executive-level meetings.

I’m sure that if you’ve ever done keyword research, you used Google Trends to check the interest in a given keyword. But many SEOs never utilize the full potential of this fantastic tool. That is why we decided to write an article about Google Trends. Runway bz is a leading SEO agency in Toronto, Ontario. Our Expert SEO consultants can help you create an effective SEO plan for your business. Furqan is our SEO Specialist, loves to write about SEO and blogging tips.