Maximum Feature-Size and Fit

The first consideration for window decoration should always be a feature. Before considering the aesthetic or secondary practical benefits, it is necessary to make sure that the blinds and shutters are effective in controlling the outside light entering the house. After all, if the blinds don’t fill the window and block the light from the edges, then it doesn’t make sense to use them. Blinds purchased at Height Street may not be the correct size due to the lack of standard window sizes. Incorrect lighting control can result from incorrect selection of the wrong dimensions. Or, if it is too large for the window,  cut it in a dangerous condition. If not done correctly, additional costs may be incurred.

Fabric Choice 

Million people around the world enjoy pondering the subject of home decor. Together, we spend hundreds of hours gloomy on tables, photos, sofas, and much more, especially those that enrich windows. With bespoke roller blinds, you have hundreds of options. Plus, it’s custom-made for you, so you don’t have to worry about the correct size available in the colour you choose. There are plenty of options to choose from in different colors, tones, textures, and patterns. With a little scrutiny, you’ll find the perfect Venetian blinds to enhance your decoration, whether inspired by Scandinavian chic, traditional style, minimalism, or whatever you’ve guessed.

 In addition, you can order up to 8 free samples from Norman Shutters to make the right choice.

Lining and blackout options

Earlier I pointed out the secondary practical benefits-so what exactly are they? Well, when you choose blinds & plantation shutters from normal shutters, you often have the option to add a special lining and an extra wood PVC option.

 If you want to add blinds to your bedroom, use a shading liner that blocks outside light for the best sleep.

If you want to add plantation shutters in your bedroom try to choose full height shutters which helps you to cover the whole window and make a blackout scene in the bedroom.

 If you only like good movies, the Blackwood shutters are also great for your living room, so you can comfortably enjoy the big screen at home.

 If you don’t like the cold or want to make your home more eco-friendly, consider a solid wood shutter and in blinds, we have the option of thermal lining. This keeps you warm in the winter and blocks the heat in the warmer months, making you and the environment happier. The secret is to assess how you spend your time in the room you want to improve and act accordingly. If you get stuck, feel free to contact our team.

Summing up the benefits of made to measure blinds & shutters

The word that best summarizes the benefits of custom-made blinds and shutters is “choice.” When you outsource such items, you don’t have to compromise on the design or worry that the blinds and shutters aren’t doing their job-just let them touch them according to our measurement guide, We take care of it from there.  You may be surprised at the price. Many of our custom-made blinds and shutters are cheaper than you can find in the main market!

 For all the details you need to know about different types of custom-made blinds and shutters, you can refer to the dedicated purchasing guide for each type. Contact norman shutters for more details.