Are you ready to hit the road and embrace the exciting world of van life?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting to dip your toes into van life, choosing the right type of van is the first and most crucial step in your journey. With so many options available, it can feel overwhelming.

But fear not! We’ve put together this beginner-friendly guide. This is to help you navigate the world of van types and find the best campervan for your van conversion dreams.

Read on to learn all about what to look for when finding the best vans for van life.

Dodge Promaster: A Spacious Choice for Van Life

When it comes to the type of van for van life, Dodge Promaster is a strong contender. With its spacious interior and easy maneuverability, this van offers a comfortable living space. The road remains manageable, allowing you to navigate with ease.

One of the key advantages of the Promaster is its tall and boxy shape, allowing for efficient use of space when it comes to van conversion. This means you can have all the amenities you need without feeling cramped.

Mercedes Sprinter Van: The Epitome of Van Life Comfort

If you’re looking for the best campervan that combines luxury and practicality, the Mercedes Sprinter Van is a top pick. Known for its reliability and advanced features, the Sprinter Van offers a smooth ride and plenty of space for your van conversion ideas. Whether you’re planning a simple and functional setup or aiming for a more upscale van life experience, the Mercedes Sprinter Van has got you covered.

Ford E350: A Budget-Friendly Van Conversion Option

Buying a van doesn’t have to break the bank, and the Ford E350 is proof of that. This van offers a balance between affordability and functionality. It makes it a popular choice for van lifers on a budget.

While it might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more high-end options, the E350 still provides a solid base for your van conversion project. Plus, its widespread availability means that getting maintenance done is a breeze.

LDV Convoy: The Underdog of Van Life Vans

When talking about the best campervans, the LDV Convoy might not be the first name that comes to mind. The van has a spacious interior. It is often more affordable than its better-known counterparts.

It’s a great option for those who are willing to put in a bit of DIY work to transform it into their dream van. If you’re someone who likes to think outside the box and appreciates the thrill of turning a lesser-known van into a cozy home on wheels, the LDV Convoy might just be your perfect match.

VW Crafter: A Van Life Classic

VW Crafter has earned its reputation as a classic van life choice for a good reason. It offers a versatile platform for your van conversion, allowing you to create a customized living space that suits your needs and style. Crafter’s strong build and efficient fuel economy make it a reliable companion for long journeys.

Plus, its iconic design and strong resale value are additional perks that make it a favorite among van lifers.

Renault Master: Where Functionality Meets Van Life

Functionality is key when it comes to van life, and the Renault Master excels in this department. With its clever storage solutions and ergonomic design, this van makes the most out of every inch of space. The master’s relatively compact size also makes it easier to maneuver.

This is a big plus for navigating both city streets and off-the-beaten-path destinations. If you’re all about efficiency and practicality, the Renault Master should be on your list of potential vans.

Ram Promaster: Turning Heads in the Van Life Community

The Ram Promaster is gaining popularity in the van life community, and for good reason. Its sleek and modern design sets it apart from some of the more traditional-looking vans. It makes it an attractive option for those who want to stand out on the road.

Promaster’s front-wheel-drive layout also contributes to its spacious interior. It also makes it a canvas ready for your van conversion masterpiece. If you’re looking for a van that combines style and functionality, the Ram Promaster might be the one for you.

Ford Transit Connect: Compact and Practical

Not everyone needs a large van for their van life adventures, and that’s where the Ford Transit Connect comes in. This compact van offers an efficient and maneuverable option for those who want to keep things simple. While it might not have the same amount of space as some of the larger vans, it still provides enough room for a comfortable living setup.

If you’re planning to travel solo or with a partner mainly, Transit Connect could be the perfect fit for your van life journey.

International School Bus: Embrace the Unconventional

For adventurous spirits who want to take van life to the next level, an international school bus can be an incredible option. These buses offer a massive amount of space. It allows you to create a unique and spacious living environment.

While converting a school bus into a campervan is a bigger project than working with a traditional van, the results are often nothing short of spectacular. If you’re up for a challenge and want to make a statement with your van life setup, an international school bus could be your dream canvas.

Coachmen Starflyte: The All-in-One Van Life Solution

Looking for convenience and a hassle-free van life experience? Coachmen Starflyte is worth considering. The van comes with a range of amenities and features already built-in. It saves you the time and effort of a complete van conversion.

It might not offer the same level of customization as a DIY project. Yet, it’s a fantastic option for those who want a ready-to-go solution. From the kitchenette to the sleeping area, Coachmen Starflyte has everything you need for your van life adventures.

Mercedes Vario 814: A Rare Gem for Van Conversions

The Mercedes Vario 814 is a bit of a hidden gem in the world of van life vans. While it might not be as widely known as some of the other options on this list, it offers a solid platform for van conversion enthusiasts. The Vario 814’s sturdy build and reliability make it a trustworthy companion for long journeys.

It’s a relatively compact size. It also makes it a practical choice for maneuvering through various landscapes. If you’re on the hunt for a van that’s a bit off the beaten path, the Mercedes Vario 814 could be the perfect find.

Peugeot Boxer: A Versatile Canvas for Van Life Creativity

Creativity knows no bounds in the van life community, and the Peugeot Boxer provides a versatile canvas for your conversion ideas. The van offers a spacious interior with a range of layout possibilities, allowing you to tailor your living space to your preferences. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy rustic retreat or a modern and minimalistic design, the Peugeot Boxer can accommodate your vision. With its reliability and comfort, it’s a solid choice for embarking on your van life journey.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van: Embracing Versatility

Speaking of functionality and versatility, if you’re looking for a van that seamlessly combines these elements, consider the option of a Sprinter camper van. Sprinter camper vans are renowned for their adaptability. It allows you to create a living space that caters to your specific needs.

With various layouts available, you can design your van conversion to include everything from a cozy sleeping area and compact kitchen to a mini-office set up for remote work. Sprinter’s reputation for quality and reliability makes it a prime choice for those who seek both comfort and adventure on the road. Additionally, when you enter this van, you’ll notice that the interior has more of a luxurious hotel room vibe than a typical campervan.

With its spacious layout and thoughtful design, this van offers a level of comfort that’s hard to match. Whether you’re lounging, cooking, working, or resting, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail that Mercedes has put into creating an inviting living space.

Mercedes E-Sprinter: The Future of Van Life

And speaking of the future, we have an exciting addition to the world of van life, the Mercedes E-Sprinter. While this option is set to arrive next year, it’s already generating a lot of buzz. As the name suggests, the E-Sprinter is an electric version of the classic Sprinter Van.

This move towards eco-friendly options is in line with the growing trend of sustainable van life. If you’re passionate about minimizing your environmental impact without compromising on comfort, keep an eye out for the Mercedes E-Sprinter’s upcoming release.

Iveco Daily: Power and Performance for Van Life Adventures

If you’re planning to embark on van life adventures that take you off the beaten path, the Iveco Daily might be your best companion. This robust and powerful van is designed to tackle various terrains, making it a great choice for those who want to explore remote locations. Its spacious interior also means you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of adventure.

The Iveco Daily is proof that you can have both power and comfort in your van life journey.

Vauxhall Movano: A Practical Choice for Van Conversion Newbies

For those new to the world of van conversion, the Vauxhall Movano provides a user-friendly option. With its straightforward design and easy-to-work layout, this van is a great choice for beginners.

It offers enough space for a comfortable living setup without overwhelming you with excessive features. This simplicity doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, as Movano is known for its durability and reliability.

Nissan NV: From Workhorse to Van Life Adventure

The Nissan NV is a van that transitions seamlessly from a workhorse to a van life adventure companion. Its strong build and ample cargo space make it a practical choice for hauling gear, while its spacious interior provides a canvas for your van’s conversion dreams. Whether you’re planning to hit the road full-time or embark on weekend getaways, Nissan NV offers a versatile platform to create your ideal van life setup.

Chevy Express: A Classic American Van for Van Life

If you’re looking for an all-American option for your van life journey, the Chevy Express is a classic choice. Known for its reliability and widespread availability, this van has been a staple in the van life community for years. Its straightforward design makes it a great candidate for DIY van conversions, and its strong performance ensures a smooth ride on the open road. The Chevy Express is a testament to the enduring appeal of van life and the spirit of adventure it embodies.

Winnebago Revel: Off-Road Adventure Awaits

When it comes to venturing off the beaten path and embracing the rugged side of van life, the Winnebago Revel takes center stage. Designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind, this van offers the perfect blend of comfort and capability for those who crave adventure beyond the pavement. If you’re looking to explore remote trails, mountain landscapes, and hidden camping spots, the Winnebago Revel might just be your ideal companion.

Additionally,the Winnebago Revel is purpose-built for off-road travel, featuring a four-wheel-drive system that can conquer a variety of terrains. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails, sandy dunes, or snowy landscapes, this van is equipped to handle the challenge. Its sturdy construction and all-terrain tires ensure that you can reach those breathtaking vistas and remote camping spots that traditional vans might struggle to access.

Exploring the Best Vans for Van Life

Embarking on a van life journey is an exciting opportunity to explore the world on your terms. By understanding the types of vans available, following smart buying practices, and creating a comfortable living space through van conversion, you’ll be well-prepared for the road ahead with the best vans for van life. Whether you choose a versatile cargo van, a ready-to-go conversion van, or the reliability of a Sprinter camper van, van life offers a unique blend of adventure and freedom.

Get the right van and perform a creative conversion to hit the road and embrace the van life experience. If you found this article useful, be sure to take a look at our other blog posts!