Impact drivers can be used to help you complete any number of household or automotive jobs, from assembling furniture to tightening screws on car parts or home appliances. So how do you choose the best impact driver for automotive use? There are quite a few things to consider before making your final choice, but this comprehensive guide will help you figure out which features are the most important to look for and what differentiates an excellent impact driver from one that’s just mediocre.

Cordless Vs Corded

If you’re wondering what’s the best impact driver for automotive use, you have some options. Cordless impact drivers are great if you don’t have a power source near your work area. Plus, they can be taken off the charger quickly and used right away in an emergency. But corded models tend to last longer and provide a steady power supply while they’re charging. Cordless models require a lot more work on your part because they need to be charged before use and again after, so it’s always recommended that you buy at least two cordless drivers at once so that one is always on the charger being charged while one is being used.

Speed and Torque

Choosing the best impact driver for automotive use is tricky because not all drivers have the same features. For instance, some drivers may be intended to provide more torque to remove tougher bolts and nuts, while others are more focused on speed with their lightweight design.

In addition, an impact driver that is well-suited for a certain job doesn’t necessarily make it a good choice across all work environments. The tool will also need to fit comfortably in your hand and be easy to control with only one hand.

One of the most important features when choosing an impact driver is its weight because this determines how much force it will deliver per time interval.


Many newer car models are becoming more and more automated which means that certain manual tasks must be completed in order to keep your car running properly. So, what’s the best impact driver for automotive use? If you’re looking for a cordless drill, try looking into the Bosch 10-12-Piece Cordless Drill Driver Kit. This kit has the key items needed to tackle any household or automotive job while freeing up space on your workbench. A larger 18-volt battery is capable of lasting longer while a smaller 12-volt battery can be used in tight spaces. Another benefit of this kit is that there are two battery chargers to charge up both batteries at once so that you’re never without power.


There are many impact drivers on the market, and they all have their own benefits. So, before you buy one, take some time to consider what your needs will be. For instance, do you need a cordless impact driver? A drill? An impact driver with reversible speed setting? Or would you rather go with something cheaper? Price can also help to narrow down the options – perhaps a tool that is too expensive isn’t necessary if your needs are more minimalistic.

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There are different materials and various types of fasteners which makes selecting an appropriate drill a difficult task. To find the best impact driver for automotive use, first think about what type of materials you work with on a regular basis – wood screws, hex head bolts, or other self-tapping screws etc.

Our 5 Favourite Impact Drivers (With Review & Comparison Table)

Whether you’re a seasoned technician or just starting out, the impact driver can be a great addition to your toolbox. The best impact driver for automotive use will depend on a few different factors like budget, power needs, and type of work being done. Below are our favourite five impact drivers, along with reviews and comparison table to help make your decision easier!

Rockwell RK2852K2 – This is Rockwell’s bare-bones offering.


Driver for automotive use? The answer to this question largely depends on a variety of factors including the size and weight of the project being done. So, what is best suited to your needs? A cordless impact driver offers a quieter and more comfortable working experience with less fatigue than a corded impact driver, or an electric drill. Plus, you’ll be able to work in areas where there’s no power source. But if you’re doing heavier projects like furniture assembly or deck construction, then a heavy-duty corded drill might be better suited to meet your needs because they tend to have more torque and the power cable will allow you to work at distances up to 25 feet away from an outlet.