A novel reflects the reality on every page of its. An author mixed up his imagination with experience to create a composition.

Today we are going to discuss a popular novel named ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’. This is a suspense thriller novel. The suspense of the story keeps readers attention till the last episode. Every character in this novel is well written. When a reader reads the novel they can find attached themselves to every character. In this article, we are going to share several explanations about the novel ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’ with our readers. So that they can choose their preference.

About the writer of ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’

“the thing melvin left behind for them” is a novel about several suspense and thriller. A French author and novelist Michel Houellebecq wrote this thriller novel. On October 9th of 2009, ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’ was published in the United States and on October 10th, 2009, in French.

Michel Houellebecq is a poem, essay, and novel writer. And he is also an actor, filmmaker, and singer. Michel writes many poems, short stories, and novels. His first published book was a biography of the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. Michel Houellebecq’s other novels are – Atomised, The Map and the Territory, Submission, Serotonin, etc.

The background plot of ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’

Michel Houellebecq authorised the novel ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’ himself. He represents his thoughts through the main character. In the novel, the writer gives us a brief demonstration of the political system of French within the time of the 90s. “the thing melvin left behind for them” is a strong anti-political novel. The writer also mentioned the current social systems in his novel. Michel points out his disappointment about the political rules. He finds out how political leaders hide their ambitions behind the so-called movement or organization. In the novel, the writer represents his point of view about the social and political systems of that generation.

The story – ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’

  • About the story

“the thing melvin left behind for them” is a novel about the social reflection of the movement that happened in French in the late 90s.

  • Starting part

In the story, we see a businessman named, Melvin. He was murdered in a very mysterious way. His family members were thinking, he is missing and they complained about a missing dairy of him. Then, police started to investigate and Unexpectedly they found Melvin’s dead body on a beach.

  • A sudden twist in the story

Melvin’s family members were getting very terrified. They were so much upset and then they started to realize some unnatural things in their house. But at least, they didn’t get hurt. They felt like, Melvin was always around them and protecting his family. Melvin loves his family and he always tries to protect them till his last breath. Melvin’s neighbors also love him so much. It’s proof that he was such a very nice and kind person. He always helps everyone on their bad days.

  • The biggest question of this story

After Melvin pass away, the police started the investigation process. But they found nothing at first. They keep the hope that they find some information about the murder. In any case, maybe the victim left any clue behind his back. Eventually, they get to know that, Melvin left something before his death. But what thing is Melvin trying to protect?

  • Overview

The whole story revolves around one thing, “the thing melvin left behind for them”. The novel is full of suspense and thrill, in every chapter there have a new twist or any new information about the murder, which keeps the attention of the readers.

Who want to know the full story of Melvin and what happened next and the mystery behind the murder, read the novel ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’.

Chapter summary – ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’

The novel ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’ is a suspense thriller story. The suspense of a situation keeps the reader attached to the story till the end. The writer creates the story plot on a coastal island.

  • First Scene

In the first scene, we can see some police inspectors investigating a murder case. The name of the victim was Melvin.

Melvin was a small business owner in the locality. For a few days, Melvin was gone missing. A few days after the search, Melvin’s dead body was founded in the beach area. The police were investigating the mystery of the cause of death.

  • The real story begins

The story began with the suspicious death of a businessman named Melvin. He was also a gentle and honest person in life. Melvin lived on an island. As for the locality was very small, everybody knows each other. Everybody on the island lived like a family. In the very friendly locality, Melvin owned his small business. In his simple lifestyle, Melvin was loved by everyone around him.

  • Is it a murder case or suicide?

Before the death of Melvin, he had a small argument with his business partner. The police was suspecting this death was an intentional murder. But in the whole investigation process, they didn’t find any clue or any proof about the murder. The whole story was based on the murder case.

l the end of the story, the main focus was what the thing melvin left behind for them. If Melvin left any clue about his death, it became easy to find out the criminal.

Readers can find out what happened next, and what is the thing melvin left behind for them in the last chapter of the novel.


“the thing melvin left behind for them” is a suspense thriller novel. This novel represents the current social systems of that time. This Novel represented the political movement of French, which occurred in the late 90s. The novel is focused on a family-based story and every character is like someone’s real-world story.

This novel is full of suspense. The thrilling action and the twist of the story make the novel more attractive.

If you are looking for a new type of story, ‘the thing melvin left behind for them’ can be your choice. The story plot and the mystery always keep the reader’s attention till the end of the novel. In the end, you won’t regret buying this novel.