Harry Holland (DOB-14th February 1999) is a popular British actor and director. He is the brother of Tom Holland and Sam Holland. This famous British director and actor took birth in a polished and cultured family on 14th February 1999. He has three brothers namely Sam, Paddy Holland, and Tom. He is a young talented British actor, videographer, mentor, and social media personality. People like this high-profile legend for the natural flow of acting, and a higher level of remarkable expertise in film direction. 

From Childhood to Adolescence 


Harry Holland passed his boyhood days in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, and the UK. He got a chance to grow with eminent brothers. Therefore, he entered the acting industry at a young age. He keeps the family tradition by acting. His other two brothers are also well-known actors. Tom starred in many super-hit movies and miniseries like Homecoming: Spider-Man. 

Family Background

Harry Holland family

He belongs to a respected family which has given rise to several skilled and talented artists. Tom and Sam Holland began their acting ventures successfully. Even Nicola Holland, his mom, nestled him to become an all-in-one stage performer to entertain people across the world.

Many known and unknown neighbors ask parents “how old is Harry Holland?” Nicola replies with pleasure that her dashing sweetheart is evergreen, youthful, and smart. He is just a 22-year-old Briton with a glittering future to be the topper in the future.


While describing his relationship with his parents and brothers, this actor has also drawn the attention of fans to his Caucasian ethnicity domain. He has awesome faith in the Christian religion. However, to some extent, he has the blood of mixed Caucasians. Dominic Holland, the father of Harry, was a hot and much sought-after broadcaster-cum-comedian. Nicola, being the parent of this actor, helped him to follow his father to learn many things to rise in the practical life. She is a professional video photographer, and she has expertise in digital artwork. She is the mentor to guide this 22-year-old actor who is proud of having such a supportive parent to remodel his lifestyle. 

Check His Brief Bio (Name-Age-Date of Birth-Ethnicity-Body Measurement)

Harry Holland
Real NameHarry Robert Holland
Occupation-ProfessionMovie shooting, acting, videography, and scriptwriting
Age22 years (2021)
Date of BirthFebruary 14, 1999
BirthplaceKingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Height and Weight
Height175 cm/5 feet 9 inches
Weight in Kilograms55 kg
Body Measurements
Waist Size29
Biceps Size36
Eye ColorHazel Green
Hair ColorDark Brown
Family and Relatives
FatherDominic Holland
MotherNicola Elizabeth Frost
BrothersTom Holland, Paddy, and Sam Holland 
Education and School/ College
Educational QualificationCompleted graduation in arts
SchoolingLocal Private School
College/ UniversityThe Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology

Professional Career-Filmography

Harry Holland Filmography

Harry Holland liked to be a professional actor to earn a lot of accolades and respect from his million admirers. When he was an adolescent boy, he decided to perform in movies and miniseries. His first debut is The Impossible. In 2012, this superb film hit the box office. He found the channels to expose him worldwide. His razor-sharp professional career is in radiance. His family mainstream is involved with art and culture. His brother named Tom became a matinée idol to teenage groups. He acted and danced at various local functions. Harry tried to emulate Tom, but he traversed the focus from acting/dancing to film directing and videography. Later he decided to engage himself as an actor to perform in the top movies like The Impossible. 

Progress in acting

Harry Holland Acting

He went to Thailand to stay for working with Tom, his elder brother. It was a different episode of having a new experience to meet a handful of acting professionals. According to him, it taught him many lessons to grow in the new environment to explore in the unfathomable entertainment industry. He became closer to seeing the world of movies. It was a turning point for him to get an entry into the silver screen as a young actor.

Being a newcomer, he had to take a lot of tips, suggestions, and ideas from his co-workers like Tom. However, definitely, he earned success showcasing his razor-sharp talent and skill. Tom is his spiritual mentor, and of course, friend to boost up his mood to go ahead for reaching the target. The collaborative effort and marvelous teamwork brought the rewards to Tom after the release of The Impossible. He was happy to appear in this film directed by his older brother. 

Work as a director

Harry Holland director

Same way, this gentleman proved his in-born talent as a director. He got the training from his mom on how to operate the camera to shoot the pictures. It was a turning point for him to direct the movies. As being a competent director, he completed a few movies like Tweet and Roses for Lily. The tweet is the first debut film that he directed. In this film, he also played the role of Harry. In 2016, he released another film entitled Hugo Hans: Wild runners. His other successful movies are In the Middle of the Night, Storybook Ending (short film), and The Mysterious House. 

Harry is not over-ambitious. At least, he can’t imagine anything which is not suitable for him to make it real in his practical field. He opines that cinematography and film direction go neck to neck. He tries to make the bridge to increase his closeness with both. However, he likes to dominate and rule in the sphere of direction to make decent and thought-provoking movies. He thinks that it is possible for him to implement that filmmaking project if it is within his reach. Therefore, he sat down to write the scripts with Patrick Prendergast to fulfill his dream.

Roses for Lily is something friendly and convenient for him to execute due to it minimalism and simplicity. He worked hard to build up the story and then transport the components to the screen for visualization. Before taking it to the film festival, he will assess its importance for the audience. If the film has no materials to motivate people, there is no way of putting it on a large wall-mounted TV projector screen at the film festival. 

Harry Holland as a Perfectionist 

Harry Holland Perfectionist

His unending journey from the start to go deeper to discover new verticals to produce more interesting movies will continue without pause. He is a learned and perfectionist. He checks scripts multiple times before directing actors at the shooting spot. Furthermore, he is an eminent scriptwriter and director. He sees things differently. He values the emotional touch to make viewers emotional. Watching even a 1-minute trailer, a viewer should feel melancholy and sorrow to be moved to tears. Same way, he rolls in laughter after watching the comical elements in the short film/miniseries. So, he maintains perfection in organizing the entire film which must be a masterpiece to inspire film viewers. 

Short Chart of His Debut Movies to Direct 

Harry Holland film archive records top films in different genres as follows –

· Tweet 

· In the Middle of the Night 

· Roses for Lily 

· Storybook Ending

· Hugo Hans: Wildrunners 

A List of Top Movies to Act 

· Tweet (Short Film)

· Unleaded (Short)

· Cherry

· Hugo Hans: Wildrunners 

· Spider-Man: No Way Home

· The Impossible

· Diana

Harry Holland’s film, Diana, was aired on Netflix to advantage uncountable visitors.  

His overall performance as a romantic hero is attractive and impressive. He is likewise snug to cope with specific kinds of films like movement/thrill/action-packed Spider-Man – No Way Home and Tweet (comedy). 

  • Upcoming Movie to Play 

Tom’s more youthful brother isn’t always invisible however he’s once more back to human beings. This super mega-celebrity will be present in the upcoming film Spider-Man as a cameo. He reprises the identical position on this subsequent film to stunning the audience. Tom made a surprising reputable assertion on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” that his loved brother will be a valuable visitor in Spider-Man as Shaky kid. He will go back with complete-scale self-assurance to seem on this horror blended film.

  • Future Plans 

While speaking to the interviewer on the CelebMix truth show, Holland changed into an optimist with his futuristic objectives. He will create a story that is the device of channelizing his non-public disappointment to human beings. He will carry his message to trillion visitors who will come to realize his caustic experience. Angst is a worldwide concern. The tension and trauma weaken a sufferer from inside. He spent many nights with his eyes open watching the clean wall to ruminate his preceding encounters with depression. He will percentage his tale of strain and frustration with others through the presentation of an extremely good Harry Holland movie. He may be on media highlight faster together along with his upcoming film depicting non-public life. 

Likes and Dislikes 

Harry Holland Likes and Dislikes

Harry is a liberal actor who has no narrow-mindedness. He is adorable and handsome. This whole guy has some likes and dislikes. He prefers Michael Cera as a favorite actor. Emma Stone is one of the first-class actresses to draw him. 

He does now no longer indulge racism, gender bias, and racial profiling. He is a gentleman with the modest conduct to emerge as a pricey actor to human beings throughout the world. 

  • Videography 

Harry Holland took the eager hobby in videography and photography. As his mom is an expert skilled photographer, he has learned the artwork of taking perfect snapshots. During his boyhood days, he shot films and brief variety documentary shows. 

  • Romantic Life

Nobody can stay without making love and friendship. Harry Holland is a vivid British actor and director. However, he has now no longer unfurled his mystery of dating. He is unmarried, and he does now no longer like to inform all people approximately his romantic life. It continues to be mysterious to folks that need to realize approximately his non-public relationship. 

FAQ of Harry Holland

How Old Is Harry Holland?

Harry Holland’s age is 22 years. He is the dual brother of Sam Holland. 

What Is the Relationship between Tom and Harry Holland?

Harry Holland – top British director, actor, and videographer- is the more youthful brother to Tom Holland. 

What Is the Full Name of Harry Holland?

Harry Robert Holland is his complete name. He wins a million younger sweethearts via way of means of acting in The Impossible and Tweet. 

What is Net worth of Harry Holland?

There is not any reputable record or documents to estimate the wealth of this actor. However, unofficially, his accumulated net worth is around 1.5 million dollars. 

Harry Holland is a person of many elements together along with his huge versatility in more than one region like videography, acting, film directing, scriptwriting, and dancing. He is likewise an outstanding social media influencer whose mini profile published on Facebook and Twitter impresses trillion followers. This excellent noble actor is unforgettable for his high-quality overall performance. He is an instance for Generation Z class admirers who take their hats off in admiring to salute this maestro.