A career in law enforcement can open a lot of doors for you. If you’re checking out schools and you want to pick a course and program that will provide you with plenty of chances to create the future you want, then what about a law enforcement degree? Here are eight reasons why people choose a life in law enforcement and why this could be the right path for you.

You Save Lives

If you love police shows, then you know that a career in law enforcement puts you in the perfect position to help people. That adds another dimension to the work you do. Knowing that your training and actions have a positive impact on other people’s lives makes it even more meaningful. That’s an excellent reason to pursue a law enforcement degree online. If you’ve always wanted to make a big difference in people’s lives, if the thought of saving people every day motivates you to work even harder, then this is the perfect job for you.

Help Your Community

A job in law enforcement also helps you contribute to positive changes in the community. Your presence is a factor in keeping the area safe and ensuring the safety of everyone in the area that’s under your precinct. Your work makes the community a better place to live in, preventing crimes and protecting people and property from harm. Also, while it’s common for students with law enforcement degrees to join the police force, there are other jobs that you can do that still provide assistance to people in the community. 

Against Boredom

One of the best things about having a law enforcement job is that it’s never boring. While there are days when you’ll have to deal with routine or spend hours finishing up all the paperwork related to your case, there are more instances where you’ll need to be in the field working solo, with a partner or a team. If you can’t see yourself in a job where you’ll spend eight to nine hours just checking files, cross-referencing data, or putting reports together on screen, then try a law enforcement position. This isn’t a desk job, and you’ll spend more time out in the field.

Good Salary

Get a job that pays more than the minimum wage. When you complete a degree in law enforcement, you can look forward to a job as a police officer. For that position, the average salary comes to about $34,970. However, sheriff patrol officers, detectives, and transit officers as well as wardens can earn as much as $78,000 every year. And since there’s plenty of growth in the field, you can expect more jobs to come up. Earn a degree and start checking out the wonderful slew of options that are open to you once you graduate.

Great Benefits

There are plenty of law enforcement positions and many of them come with great benefits. While each job is different, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are well known for their competitive benefits. For instance, many law enforcement officers get a pension ore retirement plan. There are also opportunities for officers to retire early—or at least, earlier when you compare it to other jobs and professions. Other benefits also include getting extra pay for the holidays and overtime work. Some also have bonuses and extra pay for being on call.

Room for Advancement

Jobs in this field are structured, with a clear chain of command. You start at the bottom and work your way to the top. When you come up through the ranks, though, you also receive a larger salary, a bigger team, and even more benefits.

Work Anywhere

You can work anywhere you want, whether you want to transfer to a small town or a big city. Choose the kind of work environment you want before you apply for a job. Consider where you’ll want to live and work.

Needs More WomenIf you’re a woman and you’re hesitating about building a career in the law enforcement field, don’t be. You can empower more women if you work in this field. It’s the perfect opportunity to show people what women can do in these positions and how they can deliver justice.