Sikkim’s extraordinary tranquility may urge you to practise isolation, but it won’t stop you from going to a nightly passeggiata or the raucous Ciy pasalas. Sikkim’s amazing beauty and the fact that it will make your Indian trip unlike anything you’ve ever experienced cannot be disputed, yet it might also be difficult to decide what to do there. If you only stay in Sikkim for one night and watch the lower Himalayas flirt with the glossy moonlight, it would easily pass for the most magical place in all of Asia. From fascinating treks to seductive monastery trips, we’ve hand-picked the most spectacular things to do in North East tour packages.

Visit Gurudongmar Lake

Who doesn’t relish a warm, comfortable drive the morning after a frigid night? As you travel to Gurudongmar Lake, the bizarrely green lake concealed among flower-filled meadows, take in the stunning views of the Teesta river combining with the Kangtse, Zemu, Kangtse, and Pauhunri glaciers. Gurudongmar Lake, which can be reached from Lachen after an enjoyable three to four-hour ride, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit in North East trip packages.

Find serenity

There is never a boring moment at Sikkim’s magnificent monasteries. The Kargyu Buddhist sect dedicated the Rumtek monastery, which is gorgeous on the inside and out. We can’t decide whether the ethereal ambiance of the old monastery or the mysterious but soothing chanting of the Buddhist monks appeal to us more. Take a look at the deteriorating murals that cover the interior walls and provide a backdrop for the tiny, golden Buddha statues. The monastery ranks highly when discussing the top things to do in North Sikkim tour packages because of the stunning view it provides over the area, which includes rolling meadows, steep valleys, and the city of Gangtok.

Taste Temi tea

A little village in South Sikkim called Temi is home to one of, if not the richest, tea estates in all of Asia. Temi switched to a fully organic diet a long time ago, which had an impact on how Sikkimese people drank their tea. Black, devoid of sugar, opulent in flavour, and the frosting on top? You can enjoy a delicious cup of tea while taking in the expansive tea gardens where it is grown. If you are holding a hot cup of tea, you might forget why you are there and merge with nature. After that, go to Ravangla Buddha Park, which is highlighted by a 130-foot-tall Buddha statue.

Eat local food

During your visit to Sikkim, you can become addicted to the gundruk or kinema curry served with rice and sinki. Choose thukpa if you want to eat less and save room for the traditional cheese-filled momos later in the day. Without Sel Roti and Sha Phaley, two of Sikkim’s traditional desserts, your lunch is not complete.

Capture rhododendrons

It would be wrong if we failed to highlight the Yumthang valley when listing the top things to do in Sikkim. In the “valley of flowers,” photograph Sikkim’s colourful native wildflowers rather than just any flowers. Beautiful rhododendrons line the trail and the valley, especially in the spring, when they bloom in a range of hues like crimson, mauve, pink, and red. The other two main locations to see rhododendrons are in the forests of Singba and Varsey, but Yumthang Valley, including its coniferous tree background, is on a different level.

Enjoy nightlife

After spending a substantial amount of time in the homestays of the Goecha La base camps in North Sikkim, staying the night in MG Marg will be a distinct alternative. Here, you may talk to the locals, try momos with a cheese fountain, buy handmade items, or just relax and take in the fresh air that has been infused with delicious fragrances from the sidewalk kiosks. Look outside the guidebook; there are other bars, lounges, and restaurants. Take matters into your own hands.

Indulge in Adventure Sport

You might call it a cheap thrill or something uninteresting, yet going on an adventure in Sikkim is commonplace. Have you ever parachuted before with a vista similar to that of Gangtok? Paragliding is on our list of the top things to do in Sikkim since the state’s capital has excellent launching ridges and you can do it with a qualified professional. Don’t take Sikkim’s tranquil, snow-covered scenery as a cue to slow down on your adventures! Strong currents make the Teesta, which used to be ranked fourth among all rafting places in the world. River rafting through lovely towns, mountaineering on Mt. Thingchinkhang or Mt. Pandim, and mountain biking on the Namchi-Jorethang are a few of the thrilling sports to try in North Sikkim vacation packages.

Explore towns

Among the top Sikkim tourist destinations in North Sikkim are Lachen and Gurudongmar Lake. The picturesque and fashionable town of Lachen’s Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake, which are situated at the base of the mountain, are simply a modest introduction to the wonders that lie tucked 2,750 metres above. Check the road’s condition before starting your potentially life-changing trek because it may be vulnerable to landslides during specific seasons. Have a wonderful evening at Lachen. Visit Lachung Town, which is well-known for its hot springs, pine trees, vibrant matchbox cottages, and breathtaking views. You can get to Yumthang Valley from here.

Trek to Goecha La Pass

Despite the fact that Sikkim has other other trekking trails, experienced hikers view this as the ultimate difficulty. If you immerse yourself in Goecha La’s fascinating nooks, you will find much more than you were looking for. The journey from Yuksom to the third-highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga, typically lasts at least 10 days and includes stops at Tshoko, Prek Chu River, Paha Khola Bridge, Rathong River, as well as a number of other picturesque locations and undiscovered jewels. There are several campgrounds as well, so don’t forget to pack your camping supplies!