Google Pixelbook 12in – is one of the best models of laptop which is launched by Google company. It has a high-performance system which is appreciated. There is soo many Google Pixelbooks that are ranking up in the market day by day. Since the Google Pixelbook was released for the first time, people take this new technology very positively. After getting this level of positive vibes, good pixel brands also started to grow up their marketing skills. In this product – “Google Pixelbook 12 in”, the developer team just tried to put the average percentage of new features.

Which operating system is used in – “Google Pixelbook 12in”

Now it is very clear that Google Pixelbook 12in is a newly developed technology system. Google Company used its browser operating system in every Google Pixelbooks, which is known as “Chrome OS” in the market.

If our readers know about Chrome OS then it’s good but still, I’m giving some information below, about Chrome OS for those readers who don’t know about Chrome OS or want to know some more information about it.

What is Chrome OS?

Chrome OS

We all, mainly android users always use Google in our daily life. Google became an addiction in this community. In any problem or to solve any questions or queries we always go to Google and search for the query and 99.99% time we get our solution to the question. So, it proves that all android or Google users trust Google so much.

Chrome OS is a lightweight open-source operating system that is cloud-based and this is operating system reach don’t need so much storage space for itself. Chrome OS has 32GB of storage in itself. The Chrome OS is designed by Google company and also I should mention here that only Google developers, develop this Linux-based operating system.

Is “Chrome OS” trusted or not?

First I want to clarify that Chrome OS is the browser of Google and it is a Linux-based operating system that we all use always in our Android mobile phones. Chrome OS mainly works on Chromebooks or Google pixel books properly. But still, we can use Chrome OS on our mobile phones by installing it. Because of the reason that Chrome OS is not for mobile phones so it’s not always working properly on mobile phones, it may cause some errors or some lakh of options or creatures in mobile phones.

Now there is the question of that can we trust Chrome OS or not. Here I described Chrome OS and its features.

 When it comes to your trust issues always you have to solve them by your side. You may get suggestions but still the last and final discussion, only you have to take.

I hope that now it is very clear to our audience that we all can trust Chrome OS. At least in my opinion now obviously it’s your choice whether you would like to trust or not hi just try to clarify what is Chrome OS to the best of my knowledge. Now it is your time to choose your own opinion.

“Google Pixelbook 12in” – attractive features

"Google Pixelbook 12in" - attractive features

Here I’m giving the most attractive feature of Google Pixelbook 12in and also some extra feature descriptions. So, read this part of the article very clearly, to solve your queries and confusion.


Processor7th Gen Intel Core i5 /  7th Gen Intel Core i7
Operating SystemChrome OS
Storage128 GB/512 GB SSD
ProsSleek Design, Great screen, fast processor
ColorsSilver, Black, and White
DisplayHigh-resolution 12.3-inch LED display
Display resolution2400×1600
GPUIntel HD 615
Camera720p HD 30 FPS
Weight1.11 Kg
Charge Type USB-Type-C
Headphone Jack3.5 mm

Some extra feature info

  • Speaker and Mics

Google Pixelbook 12in has 2x speakers and also 4x mics for a better sound quality experience for the users. Users can enjoy songs, Movies and etc. With this sound system in their Chromebook.

  • Battery power

This device has not have a surprisingly long-lasting battery power. This Pixelbook only lasted 7 hours 43 minutes after being charged fully 100% which is not efficient,  when nowadays the other laptops run at least 8 hours 34 minutes. But still Google Pixelbook 12in has impressive performance with fast-running apps.

  • Lowest to Highest Price / Amount

The starting price of the Google Pixelbook 12in is – $999 and it comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, RAM-8 GB, Storage-128 GB (SSD).

The Middle price amount of this device is – $1199 and it comes with also Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB RAM. But the difference is, it has 256 GB SSD (Storage space).

The highest market price of Google Pixelbook 12in is $1749. It is the most expensive model of this device which comes with the latest Update version of the processor- Intel Core i7 processor a d 512 GB storage space (SSD) and also has 16 GB of Memory (RAM).

  • Heat Reduction power

There are so many laptops in the market that get much heat after using 15 minutes of constant use. But this Chromebook unexpectedly surprised the user with its heat-reducing and coolness-maintaining power.

Users can use up to an hour constantly and still Google Pixelbook will maintain its coolness, to give the users their best comfort zone.

Released Date

On 4th October 2017, Google Company announced Google Pixelbook 12in officially and they launched this device or product to the market on 30th October 2017.

So, Google Pixelbook 12in is a 6-year-old product now but still, many people are using this device since 2017 with satisfaction.

Is Google Company still working on it?

In September 2022, Google Company stopped working on this Chromebook. They also dissolved the working team who were developing this product.

So, now it is banned by the company but whoever wants to buy it now, at first they have to find a person who has Google Pixelbook 12in and if that person agrees to sell his laptop then you can buy the 2nd hand laptop.


I hope that I’m able enough to clear all pieces of information about “Google Pixelbook 12in”. I tried my level best to give information about performance, features, price, trust issues and etc to our readers.

In my opinion, this Pixelbook has excellent performance from the other laptops. But I believe in that “nobody and nothing is 100% perfect in the whole world”. Keeping this in mind I have to say that this laptop has an issue with its battery power. Except for that issue, overall the laptop is great. The user can easily use it comfortably. If our readers want any further advice or information about this laptop or any other device, please comment with us. We will try our best to give them the information.