Chronic stress will wear you down like oceans do over rocks. If you don’t relocate so that you’re well away from those constant stressors, you will wear down into the sand. The more eroded you become, the harder it is to build yourself back up later. What does this mean? In the clearest possible terms, it means that letting stress push you into a mental breakdown or burnout can be disastrous. It’s hard to recover after reaching burnout stages, to the point where it can take months or even years.

What Does Stress Do to the Body?

Stress in short bursts can help you outperform and do amazing things. On the other hand, constant, never-ending, and chronic stress can actually wear you down to your foundations. Stress can result in health complications like cardiovascular issues, which can cause ulcers, interrupt your sleep, and so much more.

Stress is not something the body can or was designed to handle for long periods of time. What it should be is a key survival instinct, but instead, we’re putting ourselves in fight or flight situations at work every day. Add in the stress of raising a family (if you have one) or just dealing with the constant doom news cycle, and it can feel hard to break out of this stressed cycle. However, if you want to, you still have ways out of your chronic stress.

How Can I Give My Body a Refresh?

There are many steps that you can take to step away from that chronic stress and start repairing your body:

Change Your Situation

If you are dealing with chronic stress, you need to change your current situation. This may mean changing jobs, getting out of a relationship, or even starting fresh. These changes are huge, but when your current setup just isn’t working out, there’s minimal other option.

Focus on Your Health

The best way to start your recovery is to first let your body physically recover. You will want to start this by improving your diet, exercising more regularly, hydrating often, and, most importantly, getting enough sleep. Once you have that nailed down, you can look into additional ways to boost your health, like by taking NMN supplements. NMN supplements activate the NAD+ coenzyme in our systems to help boost those NAD+ levels. You can learn more about NMN and NAD+ from and how NAD+ levels are linked to aging, energy management, cognition, and even inflammation.

Slow Down

Everything about today is fast, fast, fast. The best way to destress, then, is to slow down. Pick up some mindful hobbies that let you work with your hands. Read a book instead of scrolling through social media. It can be hard to break the fast entertainment loop cycle, but it’s so rewarding when you do. So start to schedule time away from the screen so that you can start to reconnect with the physical world around you.