Each year, the popularity of gift cards seems to grow. Whether virtual or tangible, these presents will surely be appreciated for a long time. However, the question remains as to why they have achieved such widespread acceptance. The convenience of a gift card is that the receiver can use it to buy whatever they choose. Using these cards, you no longer have to second-guess what to get someone for a present. In addition, with the growth of online shopping comes to a greater need for buying incentives, and egift cards are a convenient way to meet this need.

Are Gift Cards Expected to Stay the Most Popular Gifts?

Gift cards have been the most requested present for the past 10 years. In 2019, gift cards were chosen by 60% more individuals than any other present. The value of the gift card market is expected to quadruple by 2027. Present and future gift-giving will consist of exchanging gift cards.

There are many reasons why gift cards are always well received, but here are a few:

  1. It’s simple to use a gift card.
  2. When you buy a gift card from a store, you can get amazing perks like discounts.
  3. They make excellent presents, even for the most discerning of loved ones.
  4. Gift cards are easy to buy and give.
  5. Egift cards are delivered instantaneously. People get frustrated with the lengthy shipping times for their holiday gifts.

How to Pick the Best Gift Card: Plastic vs. Digital?

Gift cards, both digital and physical, have their uses, but digital gift cards are more cost-effective in the long run. Here’s why most people are increasingly gravitating toward egift cards.

Instant Gratification Guaranteed

An electronic gift card recipient will receive it immediately after the sender sends the email. Gift cards made of plastic take a few days to arrive in the mail. This approach is not only laborious but can increase your expenses.

Electronic Gift Cards are Cheaper

Digital gift cards have no additional activation, administration, or shipping fees. These additional charges are necessary to offset the price of card creation and the labour involved in processing, packaging, and shipping your order. You should also include the opportunity cost of your administrative time and the expense of replacement cards in case any are lost in transit or otherwise go missing.

Digital Gift Cards Are More Secure

Some people don’t consider how they’ll distribute plastic cards when buying plastic cards. They can be tracked easily for safety purposes.


Since there is no physical card to produce, extensive personalization can be done at little cost with digital gift cards. Digital gift cards are adaptable and allow the recipient a wide range of options when shopping for a present. Sometimes, you can divide the entire amount amongst several separate labels.


The use of egift cards has completely changed the gift-giving process. Compared to conventional gifts, in which the recipient has no say over the item received, these cards show more significant consideration.