The present generation is addicted to video games. And nowadays gaming can also be a career option. Therefore, many gaming industries are established. In all of those games, fighting games and survival games are mostly popular.

‘Soulstone Survivors’ is one of the popular survival games. In this article, we are going to discuss about a new upgrade in the game ‘soulstone survivors ritual of love’.

Introducing Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors is a survival game. In this game, you have to survive through various difficulties and slay the lord of Void and Titan bosses. There are different maps. Where you can fight with monsters. To survive in these maps you have to fight and defend your character from the bosses and their minions. When you defeat them you get bonus points and gifts.

  • Publisher and Developer

Game Smithing Limited is the publisher and also developer of the game “Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love”.

  • Game engine

The engine of this game is controlled by Unity Technologies.

What is Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love?

After the current update Omen of Spring 2023, in ‘soulstone survivors ritual of love’, there is a new challenge available and that is Ritual of Love. It is a Valentine’s day special event. But now it is a permanent event. This event is for unlocking new skills and bonus achievement. If anyone wants to get new skills and achievements in a short period, the ritual of love is the most required challenge.

The inspiration behind this ritual of love

This event is inspired by an ancient ceremony. In ancient China, they held a ceremony to use the power of a soulstone. It is conventional, that the mysterious gem protects its wearer and brings love and good luck. Inspired by this story, in this game, the new event, Ritual of Love, is launched. In this event, you have to collect the heart shape crystal or Soulstone which brings new skills and rewards.

Requirements of performing the Ritual of Love

Ritual of love is a new event in Soulstone Survivors and together it makes ‘soulstone survivors ritual of love’. In this game, any player can participate in this event. But they have to fulfil all the following requirements. –

1. First of all, you have to unlock the Whispering Grove map. And before unlocking the Whispering Grove map you have to unlock the previous maps. Because after defeating the three Titan bosses, you can unlock the Whispering Grove map.

2. Secondly, the higher curse intensity. Before starting the run you have to adjust the curse intensity. If your curse intensity is low you can’t defeat the lord void. The more curse intensity you have, you can achieve more skills and rewards. But you have to remember this thing and also that, the higher curse intensity you have the harder your game.

3. And last but not least, your skill setting. Before starting the game remember to reset your skills properly and choose a good weapon for your character. And also you can use special skills.

The process of performing the Ritual of Love

  • The Whispering Grove map

To participate in the new event Ritual of Love in Soulstone Survivors, you have to go to the Whispering Grove map. It is the third map in the game. Before you accomplish the ritual of love, you have to defeat the three titan bosses.

  • The crystal heart

When you spawn on the map you can see an altar, which has a heart shape crystal in front of it. If you want to start the ritual of love event, you have to destroy the altar within two minutes.

  • The loveable archer Camor

After starting the event, an archer camper will spawn. You have to kill the camphor with your skills. But you can’t defeat him within two minutes. Because in these two minutes, you have to collect 8 pylons camors, to finish the event. After that, you can use special skills to slow the Camors, like forest nova and Shockwave. Within two minutes, If you can’t defend your character, it can cause damage and also defeat you.

  • The pylons of Camor

After the bell rings pylons camors and minions will start to spawn. The pylon’s camors have a heart shape crystal in front of them. You have to collect them, all a total of 8. But all 8 pylons won’t spawn at a time, they spawn in an eventual time gap. You have to find those pylons with heart shape crystals all over the map.

  • The Angle Shoot

Even if you find the pylons you can not destroy these. There’s only one way to destroy the pylons. The pylons will destroy, with one shoot of the Camor. To destroy the pylons, you have to play tricks on the Camor. You have to make the Camor aim toward you when you are near around the pylons. And when he shoots you you have to avoid the shoot and destroy the pylons.

  •  Finish the event

When you destroy all of the 8 pylons, the bell rings. And that indicates you are near to finishing the event. After destroying the eight pylons Camors, the boss Camor will die immediately.

  • Collect the skills and rewards

After finishing the event, you can get a straight-up maximum three stages upgrade and new skills and rewards.

The three rewards of the Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love event:

The ‘soulstone survivors ritual of love’ is a new event in Soulstone Survivors. Any players with all of the requirements, can participate and perform this event to achieve new skills and rewards. There are mainly three rewards, a character can achieve by winning the event.

  • Heartbreak orbs

The heartbreak orbs are the ability to make the enemies bleed to death. If you use these orbs, the three moving orbs can make 180 damage to the enemy within just ten seconds.

  • Camor’s arrow

The Camor’s arrow is the other powerful weapon. If you hit any enemy with the arrow, it can cause up to 3000 damage and 600 bleeding in ten seconds.

  • Heart tending strike

With this ability, you can stack your enemy in a bleeding state, and within ten seconds it causes 220 damage and the strike causes the enemy to bleed whenever it reaches into near one metre area of the targeted area.

Conclusion :

All over through the discussion, I hope you can find all answers to your all questions about the soulstone survivors ritual of love. This new upgrade of this game made this game really popular in the teenager’s world. Though it is a single-player game, but it’s worth it.


What is Soulstone Survivors?

Soulstone Survivors is a survival game. You have to survive and fight with minions and lord of the Void and titan bosses.

What is Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love?

Ritual of Love is an event, in Soulstone Survivors. In 2023’s new Omens Springs update, this event launched.

Can one person play this game?

Yes, Soulstone Survivors is a single-player game.

In which map player can play the Ritual of Love event?

Soulstone Survivors Ritual of Love event can be played on the third map, the Whispering Grove map.