For people who are not familiar with how PDF conversion works, performing it can be confusing and scary. Confusing because there are so many misleading software and pieces of information on the internet, which can be alarming because we are talking about files containing essential data and information that we need to keep safe and intact.

Although converting PDF files with aquí can be beneficial and sometimes necessary, some people may choose not to do it because of the fear of ruining the file. Not being able to accomplish the task because of that fear will only hinder us from enjoying PDF benefits and achieving our goals. That is why it is essential to educate ourselves to break false notions about it.

What is the best software to use in converting to PDF Files?

There are a lot of things to consider when picking the best PDF converter. The best converter’s function should not only be limited to converting files from PDF to JPG format only, but it should be capable of converting files from multiple formats for the user’s convenience. It is also necessary for a format to have various security features that will ensure the file’s safety and its content to be considered the best.

Lastly, the best converter should also not consume so much space in the device that it consumes more space than the actual files to be converted. All of this feature is offered by PDFBEAR; therefore, it is safe to conclude that it is the best software for converting PDF files.

There’s a lot of software to choose from; some are good, some are bad, and some might endanger your file and the data in it, so it is crucial to select the best software because good software will ensure your file’s safety and content.

Is PDF Better Than Other Formats?

Before answering this question, it is essential to know the file types that can be converted into PDF format. Many file types can be converted to PDF; these are image files, Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint, Text file, Rich Text Format, and Fill and Sign Form Format.

All of the file types mentioned are files that are used at school, work, and business. Going back to the question, the answer is definitely a yes because PDF offers so many useful features that are needed in the fields mentioned, including various ways to ensure the safety of the files like restricting sharing and distribution, putting passwords, and restricting unauthorized usage.

It is also the best because it is very accessible, any device can read PDF file, any device including mobile phone, tablets, and computer; And lastly, it doesn’t change its format which means that you don’t have to worry about opening the PDF file in any device because the formatting of the file stays intact.

Why Can’t I Open My PDF File?

Although PDF is a very easy to use format, many people who are not familiar with it can experience having trouble accessing their file. Two Factors may cause this from happening; it may be internal factors(the problem may occur within the file itself) or external factors(other factors outside the file).

These are some of the possible internal reasons why PDF files cannot be opened; the first reason is that the PDF file may be corrupted, this happens when saving the file, the device may encounter problems and glitches while saving it to the device, another reason to consider is that the file may contain password or there is restricted access to the file.

The external factors include: not using the correct or no compatible software to open the file, which can be easily solved by looking and installing an appropriate PDF reader online; another one is that the PDF reader you are using may be outdated, to solve this, you just have to install the latest version of the PDF reader.


Compatibility, functionality, convenience, and security are only some of the advantages of using the PFD format. Whether it’s schoolwork or job and business-related files, many people choose PDF as their file format. It is a fantastic tool to accomplish any tasks with only minimal problems that can be solved using the proper tools.

There are many formats you can use, but none of them can do it, like PDF. Although it is not a perfect format like the others, there are still more reasons to choose PDF. Having PDF as the format for your files will give you more advantage in accomplishing whatever task you may face in the future.

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