The internet is making the world more and more digital. We can either adapt or be left behind. Over half the businesses worldwide have understood the changing environment and chosen to create more video content. But even within online video content, the environment is changing quickly. If you wish to market your business online through videos, then it is important that you understand the ever-changing environment of the internet. Videos are getting shorter and shorter, along with the attention span of consumers.

The main focus of online video marketing has shifted from quality content to maintaining the viewer’s attention and keeping them engaged. That is the only way to stand out among the sea of content on the internet and to communicate your business to consumers. To keep the viewer engaged, the content needs to be exciting and informative but short and precise at the same time.

Here are 8 video editing tips that you can use to keep your viewers engaged:

1. Hook them in

The most important part of the video is the first 5 seconds. It is in those 5 seconds that people decide if they want to keep watching your content or move on to the next one. There is never a shortage of content on the internet. If you can’t hook them in the first 5 seconds, they will scroll on ahead.

To grab the viewer’s attention, the video should involve motion from the start. An eye-catching motion will grab the viewer’s attention. The next step is to arouse some curiosity within the first couple of seconds. This will keep the viewer engaged in the video.

Make sure the most interesting part of your video is at the start rather than in the middle or at the end.

2. Video Lengths

The attention span of people has been reduced to really short videos. Apps like Instagram and TikTok use reels that are under 10 seconds long. To engage the viewers, one has to know the ideal video length for the platform that they are using. Use Reel maker tools if you wish to upload videos to platforms like Instagram or TikTok since the content on these platforms is very short. 

Platforms like Facebook or YouTube use longer videos, and thus you can upload videos that are even 30 minutes long if needed. But even in longer videos, the viewer’s engagement must be maintained throughout. Using premade templates such as Facebook Ad templates and Instagram Story Templates available online is also a good way to quickly create content for these platforms and keep viewers engaged.

3. Jump Cuts!

Using jump cuts is an effective way to keep the audience’s attention. Jump cuts can be used to keep the video length short while not compromising content or communication. The human brain can easily adapt to jump cuts and understand the content without confusion.

4. Tell a Story

Make sure to tell a story. Storytelling has been an important tool to engage an audience from the beginning of human civilization. The story can engage the viewer and keep them engaged until you finish telling your story. One does not necessarily need a very long video to tell a story effectively. Even simple short stories are an effective tool to maintain the attention of the viewer.

5. Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is an important rule when it comes to composing visual content. The rule of thirds states that an image should be imagined as divided into 9 parts. These nine parts are divided using two horizontal and two parallel vertical lines at an equal distance from each other. Aligning a subject with the intersections of these lines creates more tension, energy, and interest.

Using the rule of thirds or similar visual techniques, we can control the focus of the viewer where we want it to be while keeping them intrigued.

6. The tone is important

One of the most important factors of video content, like any other content, is its tone. The video should set the tone from the start and maintain it till the end for the viewer to stay attentive. The tone will leave an impression on the viewer. The tone of the video can be set using several different tools, such as music, sound effects, visual effects, etc.

7. Subtitles/Captions

Language can be difficult to communicate through videos. Different accents, volume, clarity, etc., all play a role in communication, and sometimes these can work as a barrier to fluent and clear communication. When marketing on the internet, we can reach audiences from all around the globe, and this means that communication barriers will increase more. A good way to avoid this and make sure that communication is clear is to add subtitles and captions to our videos.

According to studies, a lot of people watch online content on mute. This is another reason to add subtitles and captions to our videos to make sure we are communicating with the viewers effectively and maintaining their interest.

8. Light effects and style

Make sure the lighting in your videos is clear and bright. Dull or obscure lighting can disengage a viewer from the video, as they won’t be able to see anything. Lighting is one of the core components of video making, and we must pay close attention to it. But at the same time, a too-bright video might also lead to a viewer scrolling away. A lot of people use phones on their beds before going to bed or just after waking up. This is why it’s also important that the video is not too bright.

Using editing software, we can manipulate and customize the lighting in each shot and use it to suit our audience’s needs. We can also control emotions using lighting, light, and sound effects.

Conclusive Remarks

Editing a video is as important as shooting it. The skill to create engaging videos online is something that can be learned with time. Even if they don’t realize it, the viewers will subconsciously appreciate the time you put into making these videos more engaging with video effects and tricks.