Hey readers! Welcome to Confettisocial again. In this article, I’m going to introduce a challenging puzzle game which is fully blended with mystery. This unique game is popularly known as “night cloaked deck”. For players who love to solve puzzles with clues and meaningful words or answers, this article and this puzzle game are only for you guys. Just be confident and say to yourself “I can solve anything ” and jump into this game to solve the mystery of the puzzle.

The mysterious puzzle game ‘night cloaked deck’ – is more interesting than you expected. To know in detail about the proper definition, gameplay, strategy and more, keep your excitement in your control and read this article carefully without missing a single point. So, put your mind up and read below.

What is night cloaked deck?

What is night cloaked deck
What is night cloaked deck

A night theme-based immersive puzzle game is named night cloaked deck. This puzzle game is completely gives a total combination of mystery and strategy with a challenging capacity.

This game offers users a unique variety of puzzles. The varieties are given below (Next point).

In short definition night cloaked deck is a fantastic indoor game which can save you from feeling bored at home. With this game, you can avoid outdoor living alone or with friends at night.

So, just say goodbye to your boring feelings at night and enjoy the night mode puzzle game with random challengers or play it alone with your own company and extend your bad habits of going out at night.

Which kinds of puzzles are available in the night cloaked deck?

Which kinds of puzzles are available in the night cloaked deck
Which kinds of puzzles are available in the night cloaked deck

This puzzle game offers a wide variety of night theme puzzles including code puzzle games, pattern puzzle games, find hidden objects and arrange them correctly, etc. The game types and playing methods are given below in detail. Keep patience and read it carefully without missing a single line. Because every line is important to play night cloaked deck correctly.

The playing methods of night cloaked deck

The playing methods of night cloaked deck
The playing methods of night cloaked deck

Here I’m giving all kinds of methods to play the puzzle game in almost every theme.

  • Code puzzle game

In this specific game theme, the game bot will give you some numbers at the start. You just have to arrange the numbers correctly to decode the coding system of the game. After completing the first level, the next level will be unlocked automatically.

  • Pattern puzzle game

In this game, the player has to make the proper pattern which will be mentioned in the game level. Just read the given question and complete the pattern with your own strategy by using your brain power.

Like the previous game method after completing the first level properly will reach the next level automatically. Naturally, the next level will be a little bit harder than the previous level.

  • Find the hidden objects

In this finding game method, all puzzle pieces will be hidden in different places within the game theme and the finding tips to find the pieces of the puzzle will also be given at the game level. Players have to solve the clues by applying his/her own strategy and after solving the equation or question with the given clues, the player will be able to find the pieces of the puzzle one by one. In the end when the player completes his/her finding process and when he has the all pieces of the puzzle, he/she just has to arrange the pieces properly in the right order and you are done. Now you cleared this level and also you can go to the next level easily.

Can I challenge other players?

challenge other players
challenge other players

In the night cloaked deck, you can send challenging invitations to any random player to play against you. If he/she accepts your invitation, then you both will jump into the selected theme. In this case, whoever completes the following order properly and completes the puzzle first, she/he will win the match. This is quite an interesting and fun-based playing method at night to avoid the boring life at home.

Why the game updates are important?

To play comfortably always update your game to the latest version. Because this game offers expansion packs in every update. Through updates, you guys will be able to connect with the fresh and newly launched theme modes. These interesting updates make people excited and help them to engage with new challenges also.

Is night cloaked deck available on every device?

This exciting puzzle game is available on each and every device. Like – android phones,  apple phones or iPhones, laptops, macbooks, and computers.

This game is such a user-friendly game and it also has a user-friendly interface by itself. People can enjoy it on every platform and it surely provides availability wherever you are.

Merit and demerits (advantages and disadvantages) of playing puzzle game


This puzzle game has many benefits beyond your expectations. Those are-

  • People can avoid outings at night.
  • It will increase your brain ability.
  • It will grow your good habits.
  • It will help you to connect with other people.
  • It will change your boring lifestyle.
  • It can help you to overcome stress and anxiety
  • It can help you to be calm, mentally strong and steady
  • You can play this game on any device, etc.


night cloaked deck has such a small amount of disadvantages. Only when you are taking this game as an addiction and playing at an excessive level, in this cases it can cause a disadvantage in your daily life.

Why night the cloaked deck is more secure than other puzzles?

more secure

This puzzle game is a masterpiece no doubt. This has 99% benefits casually and if you are using it in the right way with the right intention, then this game will give you 100% security and benefits by its side. Some are given below.

Avoid night outings

Put this game in your habit and proudly say goodbye to your starry eyes and dark circles. Elevate your outdoor plans at night increase your brain power and also improve your health at the same time.

Just avoid your outdoor living habits at night because of boring and alone time. Download night cloaked deck on your device and play with your own strategy.

Privacy and security

This puzzle game provides an extra layer of security system in your device when you are installing it. Just enjoy your outdoor life in day time with safety and also enjoy your night time with the game.


night cloaked deck is a paradise for those children, whose parents are strict and never allow them to go out after 6 pm. You can feel free when you are playing this game. Also making new strategies at every level will make your brain stronger and faster to solve real-life situations. Choose the perfect ambience for your lifestyle by choosing night cloaked deck. This game can put an extraordinary lifestyle in your boring life with excitement and an expressive personality.


What is a night cloaked deck?

Night cloaked deck is an indoor puzzle game.

In which device it supports?

This game supports each and every device, like – mobile phone, laptop, computer everything.

Can I connect with others in the game?

Yes, you can connect with other players and also you can challenge them to play against you.