The massive impact of stranger things four is beyond doubt. And we already know that you’ve binged this Netflix hit show. From Max running up that hill to launching fans most-loved character Eddie Munson and, of course, our all-time favourite Steve, there is no denying that ST4 is a hit! From memorable dialogues to stunning visual moments, so much more sticks with us long after we recover from both Volumes.

Well, it’s quite obvious that Stranger Things costumes will be ruling over this spooky season. Why wouldn’t it be? Every character in the series served classic Halloween costume inspiration for this eerie season. Are you team Demogorgon or you just can’t forget about Dustin’s and EL’s adorable ensembles? Each season so far gives the best Halloween costume ideas. All the looks discussed in this blog will make you look like you walked straight out of Hawkins. Keep scrolling!

Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson

The first one on our list is our new stranger things fav, Eddie Munson. From making its first appearance in season 4 to how he left us in tears is beyond expectations. Introduced as intimidating, crazy, eccentric, and everything that high school notorious kids are made of. He ended up giving up his life to save his town. Like his character, recreating his 80s look won’t disappoint you. A few clothing pieces and accessories will complete your new fav stranger things costume. A hellfire club baseball tee, layer it with a denim vest and faux leather jacket, and distressed jeans, you’re set to go! Added advice, you can take advantage of Halloween discount codes available on the TopVouchersCode for online shopping.

Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield

The most talked about the character of season 4; it’s none other than Max. The scene stealer when we were all on the edge of our seats as she was put through the wringer. Quite like her character, her look will make you steal the crowd’s attention too. You’ll need a blue jacket, a shirt with a grid design, a blue scrunchy and not to forget the life-saving cassette player to complete the costume. On top of all, Halloween costume deals will have you complete the look without burning a hole in your pockets.



Name a more lovable character. You can’t! Dustin’s costume will have you arguing with your friends’ gang about who gets to go as him at Halloween party. His signature hat, a denim jacket, and Wisconsin shirt will be a dead giveaway. For shoes, your old classic-worn sneakers would do the trick. The cherry on top: is his noodle hair. Those with natural curls don’t need anything while other can buy a wig for a perfect Dustin look. Fortunately, stores with Halloween Holiday deals on Daybreakweekly can get you the accessories for less.


Erica Sinclair From Stranger Things | The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For  2019 | POPSUGAR Smart Living Photo 46

There’s no doubt saying fans of the show hold a special place in their hearts for Erica. Dressing up like her for this season should be on your costume list. This baddest little sister with a boss attitude is what you need to carry your Halloween outfit with. Her wardrobe is always colorful. A baby blue tee, a judgmental tude, and ice cream cone are all you need. And we are sure you’ll find this outstanding outfit in Halloween Sale.  


Stranger Things 4" Has a Major Plot Hole With Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven |  Teen Vogue

Your head has to be in the sand if you do not know that Eleven is the most popular stranger things character. What could be more fun than mimicking your fav superpower character this Halloween? And we can’t think of a more iconic scene than El’s mugshot. A button-up plaid shirt and a sign that says Hopper Jane would be ideal. Also, to recreate it perfectly you can even buy a mugshot backdrop for Gram-worthy snaps. For finances, you can count on Halloween discounts.  


Stranger Things: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Murray As A Character

No one pulls off a granny apron better than Murray. This character may be off his rocker but worth recreating. If you’re into cooking and love slipping into floral and colourful aprons, you must consider this funky look. You’ll need some must-haves including a pair of tinted glasses, a wig and the frilliest most adorable patchwork apron you can find. Also, a helping hand from Halloween horror night deals could save you tons on your costume shopping.


Stranger Things' Fans Losing It After Discovering the Truth About Vecna

This one is definitely Halloween gold. Netizens have already memed this iconic look. In real, this look took over seven hours to apply. But, don’t worry, it won’t take this long. You can get a Vecna’s scary creepy full head mask that’s soft, tera resistant, durable and easy to wear. This mask will create a scary and horror Halloween night atmosphere.

Nancy Wheeler

Stranger Things Season 4 Is Failing Nancy Wheeler

You can crib Nancy Wheeler’s look from this Netflix hit show. There’s no doubt that Eleven rightly gets a whole lot of praise for being the coolest with the ability to kill monsters. But, don’t forget Nancy (Natalia Dyer) was equally amazing since she fought all the evil without any of those powers. So, how about pulling off your look for this Halloween? What you’ll need to recreate her look is a long sleeve plaid shirt, an oversized jumper to wear underneath, relaxed jeans, and a leather shearling coat. In accessories, you’ll need a watch with a black band and some hair accessories.

Billy Hargrove

Se Billy Hargrove fa tendenza | GQ Italia

You’ll all agree that we’re still not over the battle of star court in Stranger things 3. That long hair guy who all boys want to copy and girls want to date definitely died like a hero in the last season. There must be many of us who might want to go as Billy Hargrove to this year’s Halloween party. His head-turning look with a tan t-shirt under a jean jacket, a pair of blue jeans, black boots, and a black belt can effortlessly pull off his look. Besides, you can also recreate his lifeguard look. A Hawkins pool lifeguard tank and red swim shorts would be perfect. Finish Billy’s look with a wig that resembles his curly 80s hairdo and yes, don’t forget to whistle.

Jim Hopper & Joyce Byer

Should Joyce and Hopper on 'Stranger Things' Get Together? Joyce and Hopper  in Stranger Things 2

Did you watch the season anxiously waiting for Hopper to return? He’s back with a shaved head. And yes, we all wanted Jim and Joyce together since the third season, as we knew she looked great with Hop. After Eleven and Eggos, this couple is the stranger’s second greatest love story. To recreate the look, you’ll definitely need a partner first. Then, you’ll need Joyce’s paranoid mom ensemble and a sheriff’s uniform. And if you ever felt like solving mysteries and wearing a police uniform, then Jim Hopper would be perfect for you. Just grab a pair of covert pants and a twill shirt. Joyce, she has proven to be the coolest mom ever. She’s not afraid of anything, and her look only requires a white tee, a plaid shirt, and some swimming goggles.

Henry Creel aka “001”

Meet 001: The Guy in Stranger Things Season 4 - THE SCOOVE AFRICA

Finding an excuse to rewatch your fav show stranger things is always amazing. Recreating one of the most important characters of season four will grab all the eyeballs at the Halloween party. And it’s none other than “001” costume. The bone-chilling 001 is pure evil. Despite of his all angelic white look, he was the ultimate source of evil. So, whether you like to quote “sometimes papa doesn’t tell the truth or you are like papa”, consider Henry Creel aka “001” for this Halloween costume.  

Will Byers Costume

Stranger Things' Season 4: Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Byers Is Gay, Loves  Mike | The Mary Sue

We all have witnessed Will Byers go through many changes in all the four seasons, from mentally to physically to emotionally. If you feel connected with him, then this year’s Halloween party would be the perfect opportunity to flaunt his look. While the look isn’t scary but whatever is inside the Will is enough to make everyone scream. Also, you’ll not be needing to put in many efforts you can easily create the look with your own wardrobe. Or if you don’t have the outfit, then just drop by the mall and grab a classic button-down shirt, coordinating t-shirt, and trousers.

Chrissy Cunningham Costume

Chrissy Cunningham's (Grace Van Dien) Look in 'Stranger Things' 4 Is Olivia  Newton-John From 'Grease', but With Very '80s Bangs - Netflix Junkie

If you’re one of those cheerleaders in your college than Chrissy Cunningham’s costume will do all the justice. You can even build the look from your own wardrobe. But those not amongst the cheerleaders can go through the Halloween Costume deals online. She played the role of head cheerleader and was the most popular girl in high school. RIP to the beautiful girl!

Erica Sinclair Costume in Season 4

Stranger Things: Erica Sinclair is the Most Underrated Character

Erica Sinclair was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable characters to watch. Her zippy dialogues and killer 80s fits were amazing. You can easily copy her look with a printed 80s knit, a long belt, and an American flag draped across the shoulders. You might need to visit the thrift store to pull off her look.

Halloween might be a few weeks away but this blog will surely make you plan your costume before. Whether you’re celebrating the spooktacular day of the year as Max, Eddie, or Vecna, there’s sure to be the perfect Halloween costume idea for you on this list. Grab yours now, and have a splendid Halloween!

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