The emergence of technology has made the whole world to shrink in the palm of our hands. With the introduction of several social media platforms around the globe, it has become easy for the people to know about various places, their cultures, societal norms and values and so on. In a way, it can be said that social media has helped in the uplift of many backward and uncivilized societies and made them exposed towards the world. In many statistical publications, it has been found out that there are millions of users who are engaged in many social media platforms belonging from all social and economic classes.

Although there are a number of social media platforms existing all over the world, but among them Instagram has proved to be the most popular one. According to many statistics, one in every two persons around the world is an Instagram user. Thus, it can be mentioned here that Instagram has often been used by companies offering social media marketing services due to its global outreach.

There are various features which are available in Instagram, but among them Instagram stories has proved to be the most popular. While a company or a business firm is engaging themselves in social media marketing they should follow some interesting facts while creating their stories. These are:


A customer or an Instagram users are always there to find new products, so to guide them in the right direction and help them specifying the kind of product or service one is indulging would be a great idea.

Sharing BTS:

Showing the audience that how a product is being packaged or prepared would be a good idea. So sharing these behind-the-scenes would be of much help for creating interest among the audience about the product.

Creating suspense:

Repeated sharing of Instagram stories quoting “something is cooking”, “the wait is finally over” etc. would help a product to become popular among the audience. For social media marketing agency, Instagram has emerged as a hotspot to share these kind of stories and earn higher ranking in the search results.

Social valiance of the product:

Sharing videos of public reviews or through renowned youtubers can be helpful. This will establish a firm position of the product which a company is selling and could be the best example of effective conversion optimization.

Specifying dates and events:

Informing the users or followers about important dates and events regarding the product will add extra perks on its selling value.

Continuous research:

To see which would be the best fit for creating the craze for the product, it is essential for the company to post more and more with new creative ideas and once a post gains much popularity, the company can use it to increase the demand for the product.

These facts helps in the formation of effective Instagram stories but still problems persist with many since some of the companies are being too much general while creating their contents. The common errors are:

Posting formal topic:

Some companies posts stories in the most formal ways which makes them look less attractive and cannot engage a huge amount of followers.

Inconsistency in posting:

The demand and reach of a product suffers if a company is not maintaining a repetitive way to popularize their product.

Not implementing certain features:

There are some important features existing in an Instagram story which most of the company forgets including in their posts. As a result, the posts also suffers a consequential loss due to this.

Not using any video contents:

Some companies are not in favor of sharing video contents to the users. This negatively affects the branding of the product. So indulging in a good video content marketing strategy is very essential to popularize a specified product or service among the masses.

Major differences between Instagram posts and stories:

Existence of Instagram posts also points for an engaging audience but stories have certain social media marketing advantages which one cannot neglect. The basic differences between them are:


Instagram posts are more persistent and permanent than Instagram stories. But a post may become age old in due course of time while the stories are more updated.


The Instagram posts are generally much more rigid and three is less to explore. While, on the other hand, one can use of variety of features during the time of creating stories.·     Attractive: Unlike posts, Instagram stories are much more attractive and creative that magnetizes many followers towards them.